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Tubby’s Sweet New Contract Has Built-In Extension Clauses

University of Minnesota officials released details of Tubby’s new contract extension yesterday, and it’s always good to see a guy like Smith rewarded for his hard work.  Specifically, the contract contains “a $600,000 base salary plus 5 percent annual raises he’s been entitled to since 2008 and supplemental compensation of $1.2 million for duties like fundraising, community involvement and endorsements,” according to

The extension also contains a termination clause of $1.5 million if Tubby is fired before April 30, 2013, and he can’t be dismissed without cause between the Gophers’ first and last games of the season.  The contract has a $2.5 million buyout max.  Also, interestingly, the new and improved contract has certain built-in triggers that automatically extend the contract by one year should any of them be met.  They include: “[winning] a Big Ten regular-season championship, a Big Ten tournament championship or [reaching] the round of 16 or further in the NCAA tournament in any given year.”  The Big Ten championships are a pretty lofty goal, considering that Indiana is a unanimous pre-season top three team nationally, and Thad Matta always seems to do well at Ohio State.  Throw in Tom “Never Count Him Out” Izzo and the Spartans, and the Big Ten is a perennially tough conference.  However, the Sweet Sixteen seems imminently reachable for a coach like Tubby, and we all know that anything can happen in March.  He hasn’t won a tournament game since his arrival there, but he’s a talented coach, and it seems like it’s only a matter of time.  It’s funny to think that a coach can get a whole extra year on his contract for winning two games in a row in the tournament, but that’s the way it works.  The Sweet Sixteen is very big deal for any school, and it shows how spoiled we are that we would have been (rightfully) disappointed with a third-round loss in any of Cal’s three years here.

Also, if Tubby wins the National Championship, he’s in for a cool $1.5 million.  Hey, just in case, right?  But really, it’s great to see him get an extension that provides added bonuses like these, and we wish him all the best.  Unless we play him in the tournament.  Then it’s on like Donkey Kong.

Article written by Corey Nichols

20 Comments for Tubby’s Sweet New Contract Has Built-In Extension Clauses

  1. Big Blue 66
    8:42 pm August 4, 2012 Permalink

    due to his hard work…..really, I bet MN didnt exactly think they would be winless in the tourney with Tubby right now.

  2. Wild Turkey 101
    8:42 pm August 4, 2012 Permalink

    Money for nothing.

  3. yeah, yeah
    8:43 pm August 4, 2012 Permalink

    Tubby my not have a mask or gun, but that dude is straight up – holding up Minnesota.

    Could you imagine if we were paying a football that kinda jack and were getting those results… oh, wait, nevermind…

  4. ke
    8:57 pm August 4, 2012 Permalink

    lazy, loser, ten loss tubby. why does this site continually kiss his lazy,program killing ass?

  5. Gavin S.
    9:01 pm August 4, 2012 Permalink

    If you bet $10 pre-season in Vegas for Minnesota to win the NCAA tourney you would probably yield you that same $1.5 mil.

  6. Gavin S.
    9:03 pm August 4, 2012 Permalink

    Geez, I was way off.

    Indiana 7/1
    Louisville 8/1
    Kentucky 10/1
    UCLA 12/1
    Syracuse 20/1
    Ohio State 20/1
    Michigan State 20/1
    Kansas 20/1
    Duke 20/1
    North Carolina 25/1
    Missouri 25/1
    Florida 30/1
    UNLV 30/1
    Arizona 30/1
    Michigan 35/1
    North Carolina State 35/1
    Memphis 40/1
    Pittsburgh 50/1
    Field (Any Other Team) 50/1
    Georgetown 60/1
    Texas 60/1
    Gonzaga 60/1
    San Diego State 60/1
    Notre Dame 75/1
    Cincinnati 75/1
    Vanderbilt 100/1
    Kansas State 100/1
    Wisconsin 100/1
    West Virginia 100/1
    Illinois 100/1
    Seton Hall 100/1
    Washington 100/1
    Virginia 100/1
    California 100/1
    Wichita State 100/1
    BYU 100/1
    Butler 100/1
    St. Johns 100/1
    Baylor 100/1
    St. Joseph’s 100/1
    Ohio 100/1
    Tennessee 100/1
    Iowa State 100/1
    Florida State 100/1
    Stanford 100/1
    Drexel 100/1
    Arkansas 100/1
    VCU 100/1
    Providence 100/1
    Saint Louis 100/1
    Alabama 100/1
    Creighton 100/1
    Davidson 100/1
    Xavier 100/1
    Texas A&M 100/1
    Minnesota 100/1
    Villanova 100/1
    Iowa 100/1
    Marquette 100/1
    Murray State 200/1
    New Mexico 200/1
    Oregon 200/1
    Oregon State 200/1
    Miami, Fl. 200/1
    Oklahoma 200/1
    Mississippi State 200/1
    Northern Iowa 200/1
    South Florida 200/1
    Southern Mississippi 200/1
    Temple 200/1
    St. Mary’s-California 200/1
    Oklahoma State 200/1
    Clemson 200/1
    Purdue 200/1
    Maryland 200/1
    Long Beach State 300/1
    Utah State 300/1
    Marshall 300/1
    LaSalle 300/1
    LSU 300/1
    USC 300/1
    Central Florida 300/1
    Dayton 300/1
    U Mass 300/1
    Georgia Tech 300/1
    Ole Miss 300/1
    Northwestern 300/1
    DePaul 300/1
    Colorado State 300/1
    Virginia Tech 300/1
    Georgia 300/1
    Richmond 300/1
    Belmont 300/1
    Nevada 300/1
    George Mason 300/1
    Colorado 300/1
    South Carolina 300/1
    Rutgers 300/1
    St Bonaventure 300/1
    Harvard 300/1

  7. MartyFeldmanEyes
    9:20 pm August 4, 2012 Permalink

    I might just take some of that 10-1 action on the Cats!

  8. What-What
    9:21 pm August 4, 2012 Permalink

    It really is amazing to see someone get rewarded for doing nothing. Zero wins in the NCAA since his arrival! Wow…I got in the wrong profession!

  9. Bradley
    10:27 pm August 4, 2012 Permalink

    The Sweet 16 is the opposite of “imminently reachable” for Tubby and Minny. Hell, just making the tourney has been a major task for him there. Nice guy, mediocre coach.

  10. You must be kidding
    12:38 am August 5, 2012 Permalink

    This may very well be the dumbest article I’ve ever read on KSR !!!!! Corey,……surely you jest? Piteeful indeed. Ten Loss is the worst coach I’ve ever seen in my 6 decades. At least he is no longer embarrasing the Kentucky Basketball program. We went from the worst coach in college bball history to the best. Long live Coach Cal!!!!!

  11. unreconstructed
    7:42 am August 5, 2012 Permalink

    Minnesota got more money than brains…

  12. joanne
    7:57 am August 5, 2012 Permalink

    #10 You may be the dumbest commenter ever on KSR.

  13. Jack Cruse
    9:03 am August 5, 2012 Permalink

    Why the KSR suck-up to TLT?… The guy that lead UK from the penthouse to the outhouse.

  14. Litig8tr
    9:38 am August 5, 2012 Permalink

    When we finally ran the bum off, I predicted that he would never finish in the top half of the Big 10. He hasn’t and never will. He pads his record with pre-conference cupcakes, which is the only reason he gets his meaningless 20 wins.

  15. Big Blue Fan
    10:00 am August 5, 2012 Permalink

    “The Sweet Sixteen is very big deal for any school, and it shows how spoiled we are that we would have been (rightfully) disappointed with a third-round loss in any of Cal’s three years here.”

    Thats what Separates UK from most other college programs. We don’t accept failure except in football .

  16. NoOffense
    10:10 am August 5, 2012 Permalink

    After dismanteling the UK program, he went to Minn where he finished 11th in the Big Ten. LOL!!! I predict he’ll never get to the sweet 16 again.

  17. Lou Fag
    10:49 am August 5, 2012 Permalink

    I hate Tubby
    Yes I do
    I hate Tubby
    And so should you.

    Full of filth
    And lack of class
    Tubby Smith
    Can kiss my ass!

    [email protected] knuckle$

  18. barn
    11:39 am August 5, 2012 Permalink

    wow. minny bball coach is a better gig than being a weatherman

  19. John Ellis
    12:54 pm August 5, 2012 Permalink

    Tubby was a class act and still is. He’s right about not kowtowing to high school kids and their ‘entourages’, he’s from a military family who expect respect for age; much as I enjoy the results of Cal’s kowtowing. I can hope that Lou Fag’s post is a parody of a typical anti-Tubby yahoo, but if it’s not it will serve as one. Last I heard Tubby still maintained his foundation in Lexington and plans to retire there. Had he put with the White’s shop-lifting and other garbage from his recruits he no doubt would have won a great deal more, but at the cost of his integrity. The university reneged on it’s promise of upgraded facilities, and promising again, which I understand has been a problem with recruiting the top players. He had a great team coming back (in retrospect), I’d have been happy if he was still UK coach.

  20. John Ellis
    12:59 pm August 5, 2012 Permalink

    Under Tubby UK continually played the #1 schedule and the NCAA screwed us in seeding anyway (Rondo’s second year UK was 13th nationally in RPI but got the lowest 8 seed, against overall #1 UConn – who they almost beat). Can hardly blame anyone for not taking on a tough schedule after that. And I’ll say for the millionth time that an Elite Eight since the expansion of the tournament is the same difficulty as a Final Four used to be. Was Calipari “a loser” with the Wall team?