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Trevor Lacey is transferring


Trevor Lacey is transferring from Alabama. This afternoon, the university announced that Lacey has been granted his release and will have two seasons of eligibility remaining. He started every single game for the Crimson Tide last season.

Does this picture seem familiar? Lacey chose Alabama over Kentucky back in 2011. How different things could have been…

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38 Comments for Trevor Lacey is transferring

  1. Jhines
    3:37 pm April 23, 2013 Permalink

    If we dont feel comfortable with Wiggins I would LOVE to bring in Lacey and have him practice with the team this year but not have to worry about playing time issues and have a good- great player in Lacey playing as a junior in 2014 adding experience combo guard scoring

  2. Chaz McMicheals
    3:38 pm April 23, 2013 Permalink

    I heard that he is coming to Kentucky this time. STOOPS BABY STOOPS!

  3. He Can Shoot
    3:38 pm April 23, 2013 Permalink

    Come on down? Be a good player for 2014 and help practice even more this year…

  4. asdf
    3:40 pm April 23, 2013 Permalink

    Plus, he and Willie have the same optometrist.

  5. Justin
    3:41 pm April 23, 2013 Permalink

    Ummm, Chaz, you know that Stoops is our football coach, right?

  6. ajh
    3:42 pm April 23, 2013 Permalink

    No thanks. Not interested.

  7. uk122
    3:43 pm April 23, 2013 Permalink

    2.) what does Stoops have to do with it? this boy plays basketball

  8. No UK = Bust
    3:44 pm April 23, 2013 Permalink

    Shabazz Mohammad = barely a lottery pick, bad season at UCLA

    Josh Shelby = Bust in NBA

    CJ Leslie = Transferring

    Trevor Lacey = Transferring

    Every UNC Player = lower draft pick

  9. Woods
    3:44 pm April 23, 2013 Permalink

    No way Cal should look at bringin him in. He was a decent player at Alabama but he shoots every time he touches the ball. I just don’t see the need to add him. He was only a 4 star player coming out of high school. He would end up being another Harrow.

  10. UKBlue1!
    3:45 pm April 23, 2013 Permalink

    I think I might need some therapy. I can’t get Wiggins out of my mind.

  11. Bob wiley
    3:47 pm April 23, 2013 Permalink

    #8- CJ Leslie is entering the NBA draft,not transferring.

  12. uk933
    3:47 pm April 23, 2013 Permalink

    Alabama won’t let him transfer to another SEC school

  13. patrickbeverly
    3:49 pm April 23, 2013 Permalink

    @9 he took the 3rd most shots on his team and was the 2nd leading scorer… as a true sophmore most sophomores in the country dont average 15 a game while averaging 4 assists with a 2-1 assist turnover ratio come on man. Oh he was only a 4 star boo hoo lol we as kentucky fans are so spoiled the kid would be in the running for All SEC first team as junior if he stayed at alabama, and i guarantee that he would get it as a junior in 2014 at Kentucky.

  14. patrickbeverly
    3:50 pm April 23, 2013 Permalink

    Plus everyone talks about how we need experience to make a deep run, well here you go this would be instant experience with a player who has proven he is not afraid to take and make big shots

  15. CATS
    3:52 pm April 23, 2013 Permalink

    They have released him already, they can’t tell him where he can and can’t transfer

  16. SexnNursinHomes
    3:53 pm April 23, 2013 Permalink

    and if he comes here to UK he will take Wiggins scholly.

  17. CATS
    3:54 pm April 23, 2013 Permalink

    Hes a more talented, taller Julius Mays

  18. ky colonel
    3:54 pm April 23, 2013 Permalink

    would have to set out a year i think…. which is fine dont need another body in warmups. could practice and make himself better for the year after when we will be down from the draft.

  19. texascat
    3:59 pm April 23, 2013 Permalink

    How can anyone leave Anthony Grant and that suit??

  20. brain
    4:23 pm April 23, 2013 Permalink

    Negative. He’ll never be at UK. That ship has sailed.

  21. Andres Galarraga
    4:31 pm April 23, 2013 Permalink

    Interesting. His high school teammate, Ricky Tarrant, just announced his transfer to Bama from Tulane. Surprised to see Lacey leave.

  22. MJ4UK
    5:44 pm April 23, 2013 Permalink

    Pretty sure SEC schools prohibit students from transferring between schools in the same conference….See 12.)

  23. TwanyLovesTheLadies
    5:47 pm April 23, 2013 Permalink

    22 – Did you forget about me already??

  24. MJ4UK
    5:54 pm April 23, 2013 Permalink

    Yeah but Lacey is not from Kentucky, Twany is.

  25. Burton
    6:02 pm April 23, 2013 Permalink

    #12 and #22… What about Twany Beckham coming from Mississippi State to UK? Transferring between SEC schools….

  26. MJ4UK
    6:03 pm April 23, 2013 Permalink


  27. Can't get right
    6:19 pm April 23, 2013 Permalink

    Didn’t the NCAA just address the whole putting restrictions on where a student can transfer? I may be wrong, but believe schools can no longer prohibit a transfer to a school based on being in state, a rival, or conference foe.

  28. MJ4UK
    6:27 pm April 23, 2013 Permalink

    Either way, I dont think it would be necessary to bring him on board. Malone, Long, and Lanter don’t need any more company on the sidelines

  29. seriously?
    6:49 pm April 23, 2013 Permalink

    a more talented, taller julius mays? you’d be willing to lose out on Wiggins for a taller, more talented julius mays? maybe we can get shagari alleyne to come back to. and bobby perry. and the dribbling midget from glasgow.

  30. mashburnfan1
    6:53 pm April 23, 2013 Permalink

    8. Goodwin projected as top 10 pick now may not be 1st round.
    Poythress projected top 10 would not have been drafted. Not to mention both players got worse as the season went on. Very weak class for NBA yet these results. Also worth a mention is that all players you mentioned WERE in the NCAA Tourney while we were losing to Bobby Morris.

  31. Jen
    7:06 pm April 23, 2013 Permalink

    Lacey could’ve had a national championship ring and saved us from having to watch much of this year’s mediocre guard-play. But, no, he had to stay close to home and play for Coach Takes-His-Jacket-Off-Five-Minutes-Into-Every-Game. Heck of a decision, Lacey.

  32. HackRichards
    7:08 pm April 23, 2013 Permalink

    ALL RECRUITS should look at this and realize had he chosen UK in the first place he would most likely be an NBA player NOW !

  33. Sammydog
    7:46 pm April 23, 2013 Permalink

    I thought Cal backed off on his recruitment of Lacey due to concerns about him.

  34. fireants25
    7:58 pm April 23, 2013 Permalink

    good fit here he sits out next yr and bam theres our 3 point shooter for 2014

  35. blueblooded
    8:31 pm April 23, 2013 Permalink

    22, 24, & 26 – Way to double down on your wrongness. Maybe if you put it in all caps AND italics, that will help your argument. Why would where your from change anything? It either is a rule or it isn’t.

    It all has to do with the letter of intent & scholarships They can leave anytime & go anywhere, but they can’t get a scholarship for a full year unless the letter of intent school signs off on it. Either way they have to sit out a year ( unless they graduated or receive a waiver from the ncaa), but they can’t be on scholarship for a full year at the new school unless the old school signs off. In the past, coaches/schools would try to restrict other schools or conferences & it usually turned into ugly PR for both parties. As someone else said, I think they are trying to (or already did) change the need for a school to sign off anyway.

  36. MJ4UK
    9:20 pm April 23, 2013 Permalink

    Makes a lot if difference. He can come home for a number of reasons allowable by the NCAA

  37. C-A-T-S
    1:15 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    We don’t want him since he didn’t come here when he had the chance. I would say that kids see that if you are as good as projected (aka Noel,Davis,MKG,almost every UK freshman) and come to UK cal gets you to the pros in 1 year. This year was an anomaly as Archie tried too hard and Poythress wasn’t into it. WCS was much better than expected. The kid was clearly underrated. Look what happened to the 40 yr old shabazz Mohammed. Come to UK and he would’ve gone #2. If this draft was decent he wouldn’t go top 15. I would suggest every 5 star kid talk to the recruits coming here and ask why. They’ll all say that cal puts them in the pros and playing at UK for cal boosts your draft stock. Archie shouldn’t even get picked in the draft (he’s athletic as shit, but can’t shoot yet), but he played at UK and I bet he goes first round. Hell if wiggins doesn’t come to UK he might have to worry about randle going #1. Last point – if you listen to analysts none of them talk about Jabari Parker going #1 or #2, they all know if you play at Puke you aren’t a 1 & done player.

  38. Tampa Satchel
    11:06 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    #37-“We” don’t want him and the reason is because he chose his home state school? Speak for yourself. I’d be willing to bet that most UK fans don’t make decisions like a scorned woman. If there is a scholarship and he can help the team, then there is a spot. If not, then not, but refusing to entertain the idea because you’re butt hurt at not being the one chosen by a teenage high school senior is pathetic.