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Treat your kid to the experience of a lifetime at Camp One


Are you or your child age 7 to 16? Do you love basketball? Do you want to learn it from UK’s NBA stars? Then Camp One is for you.

Join former Kentucky greats and current NBA players Patrick Patterson, John Wall, DeMarcus Cousins, Darius Miller, and Eric Bledsoe for basketball instruction and a great time at the inaugural Camp One, aka “The one and only camp you need to improve your game!”.

“When??” “Where??”

Lexington Session (June 10-12)
Lexington Christian Academy
450 West Reynolds Road
Lexington, KY 40503

Louisville Session (June 24-26)
HOOPS Academy
12101 Sycamore Station Place
Louisville, KY 40299

“Okay, great! How much?”

$175.00 per camper, which includes interaction with and instruction from your favorite UK Pros, an exclusive “Camp One” t-shirt, an exclusive autographed Camp One Team Photo, Chance to win other prizes and one of a kind gifts, and most importantly, IMPROVING YOUR GAME!

“I’m in. Where do I register?

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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24 Comments for Treat your kid to the experience of a lifetime at Camp One

  1. brain
    6:20 pm April 18, 2013 Permalink

    You gotta shave your line beard to get into the one in Louisville.

  2. UKFaniac
    6:28 pm April 18, 2013 Permalink

    You can go to “The Billy G Experience” in Hazard for $32.00. Your kid will learn many important life skills.

  3. Will
    6:33 pm April 18, 2013 Permalink

    Could i pass for a 16 year old if im 23?

  4. Brad in Portland
    6:34 pm April 18, 2013 Permalink

    Oh, I thought it was a night with Karen Sypher.

  5. L1C4
    6:36 pm April 18, 2013 Permalink

    Cow and Uncle Wes paid a ton of money and cut several corners (see the fact that Bledsoe can’t read but was eligible) for that team. They didn’t even make the final four. When you have an actual coach and not a mascot, you can win without having 5 or 6 pros on your team. When your L1C4 you do it the right way and it is more rewarding than Cow’s one and done factory. We are the champs. Suck it!!

  6. lonnieb
    6:48 pm April 18, 2013 Permalink

    @5 L1C4

    Funny how your better players are leaving early now that they had one good season…..see thats how it works….good season=players go pro.

    Why do you keep referring to UK as 1 and done factory…you know Pitino offered 12 of the top 50 players last year right…..he just didnt get them.

    So keep taking transfers and kicking guys off the team to make room for them….plus winning with 5/6 pros is all in how you look at it…….Ill bet big time money that before this roster is gone from UL they will have had 5/6 pros on their team this year. (Smith, Dieng, Siva(he wont get drafted but will be invited to camps in the fall, blackshear, behannan, and the best prospect on the team is harrell) Thats six….the sad part is that it took him 5/6 pros and only 1 is a freshman….so look at it anyway you want

  7. Reality Check
    6:51 pm April 18, 2013 Permalink

    1 player (Dieng) is leaving early and he is a 23 year old junior.

  8. lonnieb
    6:58 pm April 18, 2013 Permalink

    And for further info for you to break down the only 2 teams since 2003 that didnt eventually have at least 5 NBA players on the roster was 2011 uconn and 2003 syracuse and they both had 4 that got drafted at some point.

  9. lonnieb
    6:59 pm April 18, 2013 Permalink

    Who cares how old he is?

  10. Bottom Line
    7:01 pm April 18, 2013 Permalink

    The Cards won with very few pros and UK lost to Robert Morris. LOL!!!

  11. Lonnieb
    7:06 pm April 18, 2013 Permalink

    How is 5/6 less pros…………..they also did it with the worst college basketball talent in the last 15 years

    Oh yeah….I just got fouled by siva and smith while i was typing…but it was the witchita state game officials and they must have “let the fouls go” the last 8-10 minutes of game

    Keep fouling

  12. theSkinny81
    7:09 pm April 18, 2013 Permalink

    5/10 – ……. but………. whatta ’bout Rick’s NINE pro’s on the ’96 team…….???????????

    I think….. that was his……… first NCAA championship….????????????

  13. Bottom Line
    7:10 pm April 18, 2013 Permalink

    11) Worst year ever, yet uk lost in the first round of the NIT to Robert Morris. A uk team with more future pros than most teams. Just shows what a terrible coach Cal is.

    It was them rayufs, them rayufs. They foul all the time. Typical, UK fan, hick like response.

  14. L1C4
    7:11 pm April 18, 2013 Permalink

    We are the champs and uk was a disgrace this year. And if you aint down with that, we got two words for ya……suck it!!!

  15. Lonnieb
    7:11 pm April 18, 2013 Permalink

    Watching Louisville reminds me of this place I play in here in louisville oddly enough. There was this guy….we all know him if you play a lot of ball…you know the guy that “plays hard” aka beats the crap out of everyone to the point that the good players quit driving to the basket b/c they want to leave in one piece.
    We asked him why he played that way…and he literally said he thought that on D he was supposed to prevent people from scoring….me and my friend said you mean try to stop the other guy from scoring…he said no I want to prevent them from scoring b/c if they dont score they cant win……he said you cant foul out and the other team gets just gets to re-check the ball….why would I not foul?

  16. Billy Bob UK fan
    7:15 pm April 18, 2013 Permalink

    It taint fair. Them Cards foul too much. Boo hoo. I’m a crybabby, [email protected]

  17. Lonnieb
    7:17 pm April 18, 2013 Permalink

    what does uk having a bad season have to do with louisville winning. You keep referring to us being bad…we were awful that does not mean the college basketball was not terrible…i know its weird when we are not the best team these days but it does happen.
    I live in the ville by the way…and not in the poor part west of I 65 like bottom line…..definitely not a hick. There was more than one segment on ESPN this year about ville fouling so much and getting away with it. That does not mean much but it just says that other people noticed as well

  18. Biff Switters
    7:37 pm April 18, 2013 Permalink

    KSR should offer some scholarships (covering cost of the camps) to up and coming young Kentucky basketball players. Make it a competition among elementary schools! That would be incredible publicity!

  19. tuxedo park
    8:18 pm April 18, 2013 Permalink

    if UK was a disgrace this year then U of L was a disgrace plus a 3 pointer.

  20. theSkinny81
    8:41 pm April 18, 2013 Permalink

    Wow, even in victory (Twenty. Seven. Years. Later.) the Louisville fans show zero class (or grasp of grammar and spelling.)


  21. Linda
    9:00 pm April 18, 2013 Permalink

    Don’t you Louisville people have your own site?

  22. Buckets
    9:29 pm April 18, 2013 Permalink

    LOL at the no-life U of L losers that troll a Kentucky fan site. They obviously have nothing better to do with their sad, pathetic lives. You won. Congrats. We won it the year before, and we won our third title in the 50s. Again, congrats. And how hilarious is it that all the U of L trolls say how Cal can’t coach. Well, our coach who can’t coach just won us a title. We’ll likely win it again this coming season.

    So we’ll take our coach who can’t coach. He’s had one bad year (Pitino’s had more than one bad year at U of L) but other than that, he’s doing just great. So again, congrats. Now get a life and get some better material other than the tired, typical “UK fans are kicks” schtick. I have all my teeth, an education and more than enough money to buy and sell your pathetic @ss and the trailer park you live in. The fact that you are here trolling says a lot about you, mainly that you are a complete loser. Now run along, little boy.

  23. Buckets
    9:30 pm April 18, 2013 Permalink


  24. gokycats33
    10:04 am April 19, 2013 Permalink

    I’d send my son to one of them, if it wasn’t for them being on weekdays. I just can’t take off work to take him up there and stay the whole time. I’d love for him to go up there and learn some stuff!