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Trade Winds A-Brewin…



As reported by ESPN, the Clippers and the Celtics are considering an unusual trade involving Eric Bledsoe, Kevin Garnett, DeAndre Jordan, and Doc Rivers- yes, the Celtics coach himself. The earth-shaking trade is really confusing, so I’ll let ESPN do the explaining:


The initial talks with Boston, sources said Saturday, are focused on the Clippers satisfying Boston’s compensation demands to let Rivers out of his lucrative contract and corresponding trade proposals aimed at bringing Garnett to town with Rivers.

The Clippers, sources said, are willing to surrender cash and multiple draft picks to secure Rivers’ services and offer young center DeAndre Jordan as the primary piece in a deal in exchange for Garnett.

But sources said Saturday the Clippers, at present, are refusing to include the highly coveted Bledsoe with Jordan in the same trade in hopes of keeping Bledsoe for a separate transaction.

Sources say the Clippers want to keep open the option that they could package Bledsoe with Griffin in a sign-and-trade offer for Howard after the Lakers’ center becomes a free agent on July 1. ESPN The Magazine’s Chris Broussard reported Friday that Howard and Clippers star Chris Paul have been in consistent contact in recent weeks in hopes of landing on the same team via free agency.


Got that? Me too. Kind of. We’ll see how it shakes out for Eric in the next couple of days.



Article written by Kristen Geil

13 Comments for Trade Winds A-Brewin…

  1. Big Mike in The Wood
    6:44 pm June 15, 2013 Permalink

    I don’t follow the NBA but those sound like the dumbest possible trades in the world. Trade all your rising stars for experience veterans with questionable legs at the end of their careers?

  2. UKBlue
    6:53 pm June 15, 2013 Permalink

    This whole trade would be stupid for the Clippers especially if the reports are true they could include Blake Griffin. Either way, Bledsoe about to get PAID with his next contract !!!

  3. Y***tzee
    6:59 pm June 15, 2013 Permalink

    In BREAKING NEWS, Clippers agree to send Bledsoe’s Left Arm to lakers for Steve Blake.

  4. lonnieb
    7:09 pm June 15, 2013 Permalink

    Who in the world would trade blake and bledsoe for howard…..howard most overrated player in league(though blake a close 2nd in this category…dunking does not equal wins)…..i have a feeling they will regret letting bledsoe go as i think he is gonna become a stud

  5. Bozic
    7:28 pm June 15, 2013 Permalink

    Algebra 3 is getting a makeover at Harvard and MIT

  6. JaredCarterIsMyHomeboy
    7:38 pm June 15, 2013 Permalink

    Thats just dumb. Why would anyone want Dwight Howard as a team mate over Blake Griffin and Bledsoe?

  7. Culver
    7:49 pm June 15, 2013 Permalink

    I’ll take Griffin over Howard any day of the week! Would be a complete insane move on the Clipper’s part, but heck, we’re talking about the management of the L.A. Clippers for crying out loud! There’s a reason that organization has been the laughing stock of the NBA for many years…until recently when Griffin showed, not Paul. Just DUMB f-ers running things!

  8. Rumors
    9:36 pm June 15, 2013 Permalink

    Rumor that Bledsoe plans to buy a Med school after he gets traded to Boston.

  9. Bowel Movement
    9:41 pm June 15, 2013 Permalink

    9) Like that think tank will be smart enough to hold onto his money. He will be broke, like 70% of NBA players after they retire.

  10. theSkinny81
    10:02 pm June 15, 2013 Permalink

    If it’s a70% chance, as you claim, then why even bother to comment? Does that same statistic apply to Louisville players, too?

    No, because they don’t get drafted…. Better be a mega-super “think tank” to manage all that foreign cash, huh…? Damn, Louisville… the Harvard of the Anal Receptacle of Indiana. Who knew?

  11. theSkinny81
    10:03 pm June 15, 2013 Permalink

    ^this rant was directed at #10…. 😉

  12. Bledsoe
    11:20 pm June 15, 2013 Permalink

    I took algebra 3 before algebra 2. I got all A+’s in summer school to gain eligibility. I had teacher’s change my grades and it was proven. But none would talk because they wanted to save their own skin. Cal promised he would get me eligible when no one thought I would make it. Cal is the man. NCAA also let us off the hook.

  13. Bird in Kentucky
    7:33 am June 16, 2013 Permalink

    I wish the Celtics would do something, time to get back to the finals.