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Torrel Harris Talks About His Son’s Tough Decision and What’s Left

Earlier in the week, we had interviews with CJ Leslie and Terrence Jones. In the third of these interviews we recent UK visitors we talk to Torrel Harris, father of Tobias Harris.

Tobias visited UK during Midnight Madness. Since then he has visited Louisville and will be visiting West Virginia this weekend. He is currently ranked as Rivals’ #1 PF and #5 overall prospect for the class of 2010. Here’s a few of the highlights from my discussion with his father, Torrel Harris:

DR: Can you start off by telling me how the UL visit went since you guys just finished that one up?

Torrel Harris: Our UL visit was good. It was a good visit. We toured the school, met [University of Louisville President Dr. James R. Ramsey], sat down with [Athletic Director Tom Jurich], watched practice, all of the practices that they had, which was great. Practice was great. Pitino is a great teacher. Our trip went real well. We like the University of Louisville but it’s not my decision, it’s Tobias’.

DR: Can you talk about the planned visits that you guys have left?

Torrel Harris: Yeah, we go to West Virginia on Friday. Then we have Maryland and Georgia Tech.

DR: Tobias is still shooting for November as far as deciding and signing?

Torrel Harris: Yeah. When he completes all the visits, he’ll have a sense where he feels the most comfortable because he’s been to a lot of schools since he was a Sophomore. When he visits all the schools, he’ll know where he feels most comfortable. When you’ve been to them all you see all great coaches, all great staffs, all great fans and that’s why they’re in our top seven, all of these schools. So it’s just a matter of where he feels the most comfortable at and I think that’s what it’s going to come down to because they’re all great programs. To me as a father, any school in our top seven that he picks, I’m good with it.  That was my process as a father to help him get to that seven, me and my wife, and we did that. So any of those schools out of that seven we’re good with it. It’s his choice from then on. Picking from these seven schools, I’m not going to be involved because when you have children you don’t want them to come back and complaining and say ‘I went to this school because you told to go to this school’ because they’ll blame it on you [Laughs]. All I’m going to say is ‘That’s the school you picked, make the best of it.’

DR: Without saying a school, because I know that you aren’t going to say a school, do you feel that he has any leanings at this point?

Torrel Harris: No, I don’t think he’s thought about it that long yet. I think Tobias just goes and has a good time and has the experience there at the school. He may be going through things as an individual, just going through the thinking process, but he hasn’t ever came out and said which school was better than the other one. He just says ‘Wow, this is a nice school I like this school,’ but then again, every school we go to is the same thing. We haven’t visited any school where he’s said ‘I don’t like that school. I won’t go there.’

I’ve made it no secret on here that a big time Tobias fan. His work ethic and skill set, combined with Calipari’s knack for developing Pro’s, could be like catching lightning in a bottle.


– Make sure that you are following Tobias on twitter for a little insight into his everyday life (which is working out, working out, sleeping and playing basketball).

– Don’t forget to check out Tobias’ journal over at Anthony Wireman, who runs AllKyHoops, is a good friend of this site and he’s very excited about some of the insight he is possibly going to get from Tobias’ West Virginia visit this weekend, so check it out.

– Other UK targets on visits this weekend: Terrence Jones (UCLA), Doron Lamb (UConn), Jelan Kendrick (Alabama).

Article written by Dustin Rumbaugh

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