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Top Ten Dunks of the Season

So apparently there is this thing called “UK Rewind” over on the UK Athletics website.  Cool.  They’ve pieced together a little video that puts together their Top Ten Dunks of the 2011-2012 season thus far.  Let me spoil the surprises.  Anthony Davis catches a lot of lobs.  I mean A LOT.  Terrence Jones puts folks on a poster and then gives a sly smile. Mike Kidd-Gilchrist does something that ought to be illegal to a defender.  Darius Miller defies gravity.

And you may be surprised by which dunk they give #1 billing.  There’s no need to argue over which is better out of #1 and #2, so let’s call them 1a and 1b.

Article written by Chris Thomas

33 Comments for Top Ten Dunks of the Season

  1. Mr Schwump
    11:43 am December 17, 2011 Permalink

    Uhhhhhhhhh, let’s try the Top Ten Made FTs of the season.

  2. GoCats2
    11:47 am December 17, 2011 Permalink

    #1 you are the Washington Generals #1 fan. Excitement is bad, fundamentals are good.
    I will take the Miller Dunk as #1 simply because it was against better competition but you cant go wrong with either one.

  3. MeToo
    11:47 am December 17, 2011 Permalink

    the schwump strikes again. funny actually.

  4. KYStout
    11:58 am December 17, 2011 Permalink

    There is simply no doubt that the MKG dunk is the best so far this season.

  5. Mr Schwump
    11:59 am December 17, 2011 Permalink

    2, ah you guessed. My real name is Red Klotz.

  6. lurking with intent to loom
    12:01 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    #5, But your friends just call you “Blood”??

  7. buzzard
    12:09 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    I like the Miller dunk best. MKG had the ball the whole time, and it was a great dunk no doubt, but Miller had to make a great one hand catch and then complete the slam. I wish we played IU today….hope we play them in March…at the Chicken Bucket.

  8. Fundamentals wins games
    12:09 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    2) if you havent noticed we missed 8 free throws in the final 4 game last year. What did we lose that game by again? This year the NC game we missed 5 free throws and we missed the ones to ice it. we were very fortunate to block a shot and win by 1. Then in the IU game we missed 7 free throws and what did we lose by? Wake up!! free throws are the difference between winners and losers. I figured Cal would have figured that out by now since he lost the National Championship because of missed free throws. Lebron is Very “Exciting” how many rings does he have? Kobe and Tim Duncan are very fundamental and make free throws and if im not mistaking, they have a few rings. So tell me free throws dont matter.

  9. H
    12:15 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    I don’t get why #1 was surprising. Thats the one I totally expected to be 1. Pretty cool thing although they could have probably picked better Davis dunks than those first couple.

  10. H
    12:18 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    8) Just curious, I wonder what the FT % is for the other “contenders” this year? Why don’t you research that. I agree, we gotta get better with the clutch ones though.

  11. road_warri0r
    12:26 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    All was good except to me no 1 and no 2 should have been reversed

  12. Coach K
    12:36 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    why can’t dookies dunk like that?…..oh, and DUKE Sucks!

  13. Homer Simpson
    12:39 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    The answers to life, are not found at the bottom of a bottle. They are found on TV.

  14. checkmyswag
    12:44 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    i like how jones flexes on people even if he didnt get the dunk

  15. go cry more
    12:48 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    #8 find a new program if all you want to do is hate, theres a reason cal is the coach and you are not

  16. go cry more
    12:51 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    plus if these guys need to work on free throws they should prob be doing that on their own time, not at practice

  17. superduperuperUKfan!!!
    12:53 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    top ten dunks in all of college hoops and UK has all of them !!!!!

  18. checkmyswag2
    1:02 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    TJ prolly flexes on his own Mama. He’s just that stupid when it comes to flexing. If he would
    stop ONE THING that would make him so much better as a player, it would be to concentrate
    more on transition between dunk and next play without the stopping to look violently
    stupid. He wastes valuable and important time with that little stop he always does.
    At least the other guys can flex and run at the same time. Apparently, TJ can’t.

    100% agree w/ #8. Why go for fouls if you can’t shoot FTs? It’s stupid.

  19. Tim
    1:05 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    #8 of course free throws matter. Do you think they try to miss them, have you ever played at there level. Doron is one of be FT shooters in country, his misses had nothing to do with fundamentals. Why don’t you just go and be a Texas Tech fan. People always complaining if we lose a game. We have not had it like this since 1997 and 98 give me a break and just be glad with what we have.

  20. Fundamentals wins games
    1:07 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    16) good luck getting 18 year old guys who just got to college, to practice free throws on their own time. There are too many other things in college they would choose to do first than practice free throws.

  21. WOOHOO!!!
    1:10 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    15) people are entitled to their own opinions and don’t you want to see a championship before you die? last years was the best year to do it with how all the chips fell into place and one or two more free throws would have won it.

  22. fundamentals wins games
    1:13 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    19) not complaining after one game it was the final 4 and almost UNC and the IU game if you look at our losses we have had recently a few more free throws would have been a different story.

  23. blueink
    1:27 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    the 2 pt dunk shot is my favorite

  24. Tim
    1:37 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    In the Indiana game a few more rebounds would have made a difference as well. I know Cal believes we will hit them when if counts. He has said that at different times, and we didn’t in the Indiana game. I just believe hitting them under pressure comes with experience. We are not going to be in that many situations so there is no way to immulate that kind of pressure. I’ll just live with what we have and be glad we have the best program in country, and take my chances with the teams we have. It’s better to be where were at than the NIT. Cal is only in his third year here and already has final four in two years. I can live with his coaching style. Just saying. I know we all love Kentucky, but i’m sure he is doing a better job than any of us could do. Well except for the end of the game at Indiana. I doubt that we will ever not pressure the ball in that situation again. We will be fine.

  25. Ryan
    1:38 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    They should’ve included the Gilchrist dunk against IU. Though it wasn’t a spectacular dunk. Gilchrist took half of IU’s squad off the dribble, and flew to the basket for a two-handed jam. The entirety of the play made it pretty awesome; a lot better than most of the dunks on this video.

  26. GoCats2
    1:48 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    #8 relax I never said that Free Throws do not matter. Of course they matter. I hate missing free throws more than missing lay-ups. None of that is the point. Its a highlight video of exciting dunks, this is not about free throws. I was telling our friend Mr. Scwumpp to enjoy the video.

  27. Nate Johnson
    3:00 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    My least favorite dunk was when Derek Anderson posterized me in Cheat ’em Hall.

  28. umm
    3:00 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    Where was MKG’s dunk against Transy? Sure it was a exhibition, but it would have been my #3 so far.

  29. Bryan the Intern
    3:29 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    8 ) Tim Duncan is a career 68% foul shooter. His free throw shooting is not what won him championships. Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili won him championships.

  30. 19snl60
    3:47 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    they shoot free throws all the time on their own time. just that games are more pressure on these kids. they will calm down and make them

  31. BCO
    4:33 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    Something I just noticed on the Miller dunk is that the St Johns player calls a timeout as soon as it happens LOL.

  32. Hawkeye Tim
    5:42 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    Free throw commentators—

    Just a guess here but you’ve never played basketball at a higher level than JV. But keep giving advice.

  33. Layla
    12:44 am December 19, 2011 Permalink

    Anthony Davis!