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Top 50 SITCOM Characters of All Time…

I came upon a great list today as a writer for the Jacksonville newspaper compiled the list of the Top 50 Sitcom Characters of All Time. It is quite a list and its top 10 is sure to spark debate:

1. Barney Fife
2. Lucy Ricardo
3. George Costanza
4. Ralph Kramden
5. Homer Simpson
6. Basil Fawlty (Faulty Towers)
7. Cliff Huxtable
8. Cosmo Kramer
9. Louie DePalma (Taxi)
10. Ed Norton

I can generally go with this list with a few changes. I like Fife at number one, but I would probably stick Homer Simpson second. Costanza seems a little high at 3, but he is top 5 material. I guess you have to put Lucy in there, although I have never found that show even remotely funny as it hasnt aged well. The guy from Faulty Towers is an attempt for the writer to look intelligent. I am not sure that DePalma was even the best character on Taxi and Ed Norton is too high. I like Cliff Huxtable as well, but I think you gotta have some “Cheers” folks pretty high on the list. Plus Archie Bunker should be top 5 easily. And if you want sheer brilliance, Ricky Gervais’ character in the British “Office” is top 10 worthy.

Your thoughts???
Your thoughts?

Article written by Matt Jones