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Top 10 Cats-Tide Moments

Very exciting, if at times frustrating, game today against Alabama. Here are my top 10, off the cuff moments…

(10) During pre-game warmups, I had a blast watching a matchup that is in the hearts and minds of all UK fans…Jared Carter v. Shagari Alleyne. These guys often go one-on-one on one block and Woo v. Carter on the other. But today, I focused on the former version, likely because it was more absurd. Usually, it is a struggle for futility, but today Shagari scored five straight….maybe that was a sign…

(9) Donna looked a little like a prettier Bruce Pearl at the end of the game. She was sweating profusely and literally looked like she had played the game. Very intense.

(8) Shagari Alleyne literally has the biggest feet in the history of mankind. I was mesmerized after the game and asked him about them….he smiled and said, “they are New York style.” Not sure what that means, but I like it.

(7) ON predictions this afternoon….Barry Booker, 0-2…Matt Jones 2-0. In order to pay back this wager, I tried to get in the JP shot at halftime of the UK game as Barry talked with the barely alive, Dave Neal. Barry allowed me to be in the background, but Dave told me to leave. He is very mean.

(6) If you are watching tonight and see Rekalin Sims interviewed on television, watch for any odd facial expressions he was giving. The entire time the camera was on, Ramel Bradley was next to him, punching him in the leg. Rekalin tried not to lose his composure, but he could barely keep from laughing. These two seem to really like each other.

(5) Let me just say one thing….when you are in a post-game locker room, there is a lot good….the players are happy, the mood is jovial and it is a neat experience for someone who loves the game….bad part….the players’ feet absolutely STINK.

(4) For whatever reason, I decided to tape a conversation that some Knoxville media had with Bruce Pearl after the game. I asked him about the fact that all six games have featured poor shooting…he seemed genuinely interested and asked if I would do some study on this and the OVC tournament at the Gaylord Center. In the heat of the moment, I said yes….but I cant think of anything I would like to do less (except maybe clean the UK players’ feet).

(3) Food between sessions…Mexican…..please dont let John Clay or Tom Leach sit near me in the evening session.

(2) Very, very disappointed at the UK cheerleading uniform decision today….someone should lose their job.

(1) The buzz backstage is Bobby PErry….with out of Kentucky media types asking who he is. I have always contended with this kid that he is a good player, worthy of UK, who is forced to be more of a threat than he can be by circumstance. Today he showed some of his potential.

More to come…

Article written by Matt Jones