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Today on KSR: Fouls pile up in Kentucky’s loss to Auburn

Kentucky’s winning streak came to a screeching halt yesterday on the plains as Auburn walked away with a 9-point home victory. There are multiple ways that you can look at this game. Do you look at the 44 free throws attempted by Auburn? Do you look at the Cats getting abused on the glass? Or do you look at the performances from Ashton Hagans and Nick Richards?

There is a lot to digest the morning after, but let’s make this post a way to do just that, along with other news to start your Sunday.

Fouls by the Numbers

© John Reed | USATSI

As someone that broadcasts a lot of high school basketball, there is no fan that is more frustrating to listen to than the “we have __ more fouls than them, call it even!” Obviously, depending on styles of play, fouls can be called at a higher/lower rate.

With that being said, it is very rare that you see a free throw margin like what we saw yesterday. We here at Kentucky Sports Radio dot com think all officials are great at their job, but it is interesting to see these stats from the guru himself Corey Price.

While the free throw total was drastically in Auburn’s favor, I personally don’t think the officiating was as one sided as some on social media are making it out to be. In fact, there is one area that stands out as the true difference in the game…

Rebounding woes come up big

Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Rebounding was the main reason Kentucky left Auburn with a loss. The Cats were destroyed on the glass, being out rebounded 42-28. The biggest difference? Nearly half of the Tigers rebounds were offensive. You just aren’t going to win games doing that.

Calipari’s teams have rarely been dominated on the glass like they were last night. In fact, it went down as one of the all around worst rebounding performances in the Calipari era.

Austin Wiley was the biggest difference on the interior as it seems he got any rebound that he wanted for the Tigers.

When these two teams meet again on February 29th, you can almost guarantee that rebounding will be shoved down the throat of the Cats by the coaching staff.

Hagans struggles again vs. Auburn

© John Reed | USATSI

Very similar to the last matchup with Auburn, Ashton Hagans really struggled in the loss. The sophomore finished with only 5 points and 3 assists while also trying his career high with 6 turnovers. He fouled out of the game tallying only 21 minutes which included a +/- of minus-11.

On Hagans after the game, head coach John Calipari said he, “Struggled. I don’t know. You can ask him. Struggled. Struggled. It’s hard. Tyrese [Maxey] isn’t ready to lead a team yet. Possessions matter. They really do.”

Hagans has had moments this season where he can completely change the outcome of a game. Look back to last Saturday to see that first hand, but consistency has been his biggest challenge. While Kentucky has two other point guards that can play, the defensive prowess of the Georgia native is what cannot be replaced. His consistency is the most important thing for this team’s success over the next two months.

UK Hoops hosts Florida this afternoon

(Britney Howard | UK Athletics)

In what will be their second game without Rhyne Howard, the Kentucky women will look to win their third straight game and sweep the season series against Florida at Memorial Coliseum this afternoon. In last month’s game, the Cats outscored the Gators 23-11 in the final quarter and left Gainesville with a 20 point victory.

This afternoon’s game will tip off at 1 p.m. If you are in the area, this is a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon. The team is a lot of fun to watch and Memorial is one of the top atmospheres in the SEC.

SEC Saturday Scores

© Vasha Hunt | USATSI

  • #22 LSU 73-63 over Ole Miss
  • Georgia 63-48 over Texas A&M
  • Mississippi State 86-73 over Tennessee
  • South Carolina 76-54 over Mizzou
  • Arkansas 82-78 over Alabama
  • Florida 61-55 over Vandy

Super Bowl Sunday

Tonight also marks Super Bowl XIV between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs. What more can you want? The NFL’s best offense will match up against the best defense with young stars littered across both sidelines.

While there isn’t a Kentucky player playing in the big game, former WKU tight end Deon Yelder will suit up for the Chiefs. Yelder has an amazing story as he walked on at WKU after attending Southern High School in Louisville. He put together a great career on the Hill before signing an undrafted free agent deal. He is definitely a guy you want to cheer for.

As a WKU alum, I have to pick the Chiefs so we can see a Topper win the Super Bowl. Also, as a Bengals fan, I am pretty sure it is against the fan code to pick the 49ers in a Super Bowl. Definite bad blood surrounds that team in that game.

The game kicks off at 6:30pm on FOX. Demi Lovato will sing the National Anthem and Jennifer Lopez/Shakira will be the halftime show for those that prefer that portion of the game.

Well, it was a tough day for the Cats yesterday, but a big opportunity for the women to pick up a big home win this afternoon against Florida. Enjoy the Super Bowl and Go Cats!

Article written by Sam Gormley

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14 Comments for Today on KSR: Fouls pile up in Kentucky’s loss to Auburn

  1. classof68
    10:25 am February 2, 2020 Permalink

    Losses pile up too. But at least we have 4 or 5 players who think they’re going to be NBA stars some day.

    • runningunnin.454
      10:56 am February 2, 2020 Permalink

      Nine ranked teams lost yesterday, eight of them to unranked teams, and several of them were at home. The top three ranked teams in the Big East lost at home to unranked teams.
      We lost on the road to a ranked team in a game in which the officials controlled the outcome.

    • WKY Cat
      12:18 pm February 2, 2020 Permalink

      That’s awesome 454. If we were even close to being as good as we were early in Cals tenure then we would be wiping the floor with teams and excited about the possibility of winning a championship since every program is down. But unfortunately we fit right into the category of being down(by UK standards).

  2. mashburnfan1
    10:54 am February 2, 2020 Permalink

    Very well put article Sam. The fouls were only 28 to 20 which means our fouls were committed with them shooting. They missed a bunch of free throws so most of our fouls were with them shooting which comes from the offense rebound and them attacking the basket. Just like IQ is good at drawing fouls they had a senior that was good at drawing fouls when he went to the hoop. I rewatched the game and there were not many bad calls, I do think a foul on EJ on a lob was weak but our guys tried to avoid contact on drives and theirs did not. Last 7 games they are 4-3 vs UK with far less NBA players

    • mashburnfan1
      10:59 am February 2, 2020 Permalink

      And a couple of that 28 were on purpose at the end of the game. But mist fans will still make up excuses like they do all losses. We started at 6, to many road Saturday games, still recovering from huge TTU win, we were looking ahead, refs hate Cal, Auburn coaches cheat in recruiting, weather in Montana was bad etc. I love when any recruit commits somewhere else all say they paid him yet our own coach has wins vacated at both prior places he has been.

    • runningunnin.454
      11:30 am February 2, 2020 Permalink

      When the other team shoots 44 FT’s, you have a legitimate gripe. The officiating grew incrementally more one-sided as the game progressed, culminating with Auburn shooting 16 FT’s to UK’s 4 in the last 6 minutes of the game. Auburn went to the line on 8 of their final 12 possessions.
      Auburn was allowed to play with abandon, while UK’s aggression on defense and the boards was stymied. UK had 2 players foul out, and 3 players with 4 fouls while Auburn had but the one player with 4 fouls.
      Maybe you dozed during the game.

    • CrystalBall
      11:45 am February 2, 2020 Permalink

      Very informative, runningunnin.454.

    • 4everUKBlue
      12:19 pm February 2, 2020 Permalink

      They shot 20 more free throws than we did, we are not 20 points better than them and they are not 20 points better than us. It’s simple math really, you should be able to figure that one out. Oh and here’s a little tidbit to go with your Auburn Coaches cheat.

    • 4everUKBlue
      12:21 pm February 2, 2020 Permalink

      Recognize any schools we’ve played recently mashbum? I’d like to make an excuse for you but there is none, you’re nothing more than a Cal hater just like Righteous1, you both got your wish last night so now you get to gloat. You never have anything positive to say when we win, you just sit and hope we lose so you can be the pompous, arrogant ass that you are.

    • 4everUKBlue
      12:22 pm February 2, 2020 Permalink

      I noticed you didn’t have a comeback for RG’s comment.

  3. bige
    11:59 am February 2, 2020 Permalink

    College refs are control freaks and the reason I don’t watch much CBB any longer. Huge UK fan but it gets old watching college refs screw teams and screw up games. Tuned in for about 5-10 minutes yesterday and saw a bad call and total miss and thought ‘oh, that’s right, the refs are still in control.’

    There is something weird about it. NBA refs are so much better. It’s as if the the college ref is the mall cop security guard making sure the kids don’t get out of line and the NBA refs are the security detail for the game itself.

    • WKY Cat
      12:21 pm February 2, 2020 Permalink

      I agree 100%. I struggle to watch UK games and lost any interest in watching other college games. The refs are ruining it. Thank goodness Stoops has given us something to enjoy watching.

    • 4everUKBlue
      12:23 pm February 2, 2020 Permalink

      NBA already had one of their ref’s busted for cheating, that may have helped some.

  4. grammarpoliceUK
    7:18 pm February 2, 2020 Permalink

    Well, was gonna fill out my will tonight, but apparently according to some on here the sun isn’t going to rise tomorrow, so no use in doing that. Guess I’ll find something else to do. Oh, how about this: UK winning at a clip as good or better than anytime in our history! SMH!