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Tiny voices of fury


Ah, message board comment-makers. Got to love ’em. I guess this can be positively construed as flattery; negatively as, well, people hate us and love to see us fail. So, flattery.

Below is a smattering of comments from the ESPN story about the basketball museum closing:

(All spelling, grammar, syntax errors belong to the original speakers.)

“WO CARES IT IS KENTUCKY”–Indiana Damon (Bailey?)

“im glad it closed. the program is a joke anyway. glory days of UK basketball are gone, but I would prefer for them to be winning over UT.”

“haha, this is funny. You can’t spell “suck” without “UK!”””If you can’t keep a simple little museum going for just about THE ONLY thing that Lexington has going for itself, then you, Rrrrroberto, are in denial. Where else are you going to put a museum on Kentucky basketball except in a place RIGHT BY THE ARENA THEY PLAY IN. Gee, Rrrroberto, maybe they should TAKE AWAY that “stairwell.” God knows it was the “stairwell” that got in the way of supposed interest in the UK bball program…(What?)..Haaaaaa !!! Poor planning and management can be overcome, but face it, there was NO interest from a fan base that Kentucky’s own loves to brag about……this IS a huge embarrassment. You SHOULD be sorry.” (To clarify, Rrrrrroberto made an innocuous statement about the museum’s location that must have really pissed this guy off.)

“Who cares? Kentucky is a forgotten program and after last few terrible seasons they’ve put up who would go tour the place anyway………18-12 with a gift NCAA tourney appearance last year……………. ..they suck……..not even their name can save them this time….people are figuring it out and know not to waste money…………..”

“I’m sure if Kentucky was still good, and actually won something, people would pay to see their museum.”

This is BUST OUT LAUGHABLE… much for the vaunted pussyCAT fanbase. I guess it must have been all those “OTHER” entertainment choices that did the museum in. As important as UK bball is to Lexington, this is an embarrassment for the UK self-proclaimed greatness of their “so-called” fan base. Look for CAT fans to deviate from this story through denial, lame excuses, obfuscation and deflective criticism.” (From the same dude who lost it on poor Rrrrroberto.)

“Seriously, nobody cares about Kentucky and its garbage sports teams………My nickname’s only purpose is to make fun of all these nugz that are inmates and gang members that play college sports and get a free ride for 4 years along with free meals, trips, and clothes………ever ybody hypes these guys up and they all get arrested or kicked out of the program. NCAA needs to clean up college sports and it can start by weeding out all these selfish nugz……..(Evan again. Yikes, that was quite a rant.)…….. Kentucky and Indiana now go hand in hand. Nobody cares and stop putting their terrible teams on TV………….

If every recruit has Kentucky on their list than HOW COME UK NEVER GETS ANYONE GOOD !!!!!!!!!!!!! Joe Crawford was a real gem , huh?? And that ball hog Bradley?? These guys are average college players, not top recruits. Patrick Sparks must have been on lots of lists too if he was on Kentucky’s………. …give me a break……If UK has all the tradition, go explain that to UCLA, Duke, UNC, I guess Indiana, Louisville, etc……………UC LA= way more tradition than UK will ever have………”

Kentucky ain’t even the best team in this state. The Cards and even WKU are better!
We are gonna wipe the floor with them this year (again) and bring home title #3 to the big city-and not cheating to do it!Louisville–the best college sports town in America!
There mueseum sucked because they one cares about the Mildcats any more!”
–Cards fan…he gets better

“First of all, we got screwed on a flag penalty in Rutgers to years ago from playing in the NC game against Florida. I’m not saying we would have beaten them for sure, but we wouldve taken 2 of 3. Our offense was incredible. Last years team would have made a run to if Krags wasn’t a newbie in the system. We had the athletes to do it.
As for basketball we are as deep as any team in the nation. I’ll be on here when we take the NC, will you?
And I think we were actually named the best college sports town in the nation, it wasn’t something that we just put on the billboards and silos for no reason.
(Funny you say that, because that’s EXACTLY what you did)
Anyway, I think we all agree that UK is irrelevant as is there old coach Flubby and there new coach the drunk”

Check it out here. This is in progress, so it can only get better (or worse).

Article written by Evan Hilbert