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Time to Show those Boston Folks a Thing or Two

Wanna get me worked up? Then say one of three things…..try and tell me the British Office is not the best comedy ever….hint at the fact that “Crime and Punishment” is not one of the ten best novels of all time….or make fun of my home state of Kentucky. If you do the latter, especially if you are a “too cute for my own good” Northeastern liberal (putting we Southern liberals always on the defensive), then you officially have to be struck down. This is where we are now in the “Athlon Sports School Spirit” contest.

Last week, we told you that you needed to vote for UK Wildcat Randi Bishop. And you did…..from the moment we put this on the site, Randi went from down 10,000 votes to now up 20,000. All thanks to the Big Blue Nation. Well this upset some folks from Boston, the home of the other top contender, a gorgeous young lady named Molly from Boston College. Thus on Barstool Sports (a site I like and one we have linked here often), they had this to say about the Bluegrass state:

Ok so BC cheerleader Molly is getting worked over right now in that hot cheerleader contest. In fact it looks like the not so hot Randi has mobilized the entire Blue Grass State behind her (UK Athletic department – has taken a seemingly insurmountable lead. Basically we are like 30,000 votes behind or something crazy like that with a week to go. But keep in mind you can vote 30 times a day so the lead isn’t as huge as it really seems. And personally I refuse to wave the white flag quite yet. So we’re going to try and finish this strong by reminding people to vote every day. I don’t care how many hicks and inbreds they got in Kentucky. The Stool and the hotness of Molly can still beat them….I think. And just to show people we mean business, Molly even got all dressed in her Halloween costume not only to remind people about our Halloween Party at Jose Macs on Friday, but to keep people voting for her until Friday. The comeback starts now. And I don’t even care whether you hate BC or Barstool Sports or Molly. This is more than some stupid contest. This is about the future of America. Do we really want to live in a world where hot chicks lose to average looking chicks in anything? Because if that’s the case we might as well just all move to the Middle East and make chicks wear burka’s and shit like that.

Now I have had enough. The folks from Boston not only have the indecency not to mention the KSR mafia (my feelings were hurt), but they also put down the state as a whole. It is time to send in the big guns. While Molly from BC is beautiful (and her pics on Barstool Sports are something to behold), we still must rise up for our girl Randi. Vote again at the link below (you can vote 20 times a day), and make this a beatdown like the ACC, and those whiny Boston fans, deserve.

And oh yeah, Molly….give me a call….I will console you.

Vote for Randi

Article written by Matt Jones