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Time For a Change

I hate to do this and it is something that we have put off for as long as possible…..but now it is time. We have attempted to allow comments on this blog for sometime without requiring people to register before making a comment. That policy has ended tonight. Thanks to a few weeks of having people who seemingly only come to comment on the blog in order to curse, call people names or make childish comments, we will from now on require registration before posting. This will make it easier for our moderators to keep the boards interesting and the comments at a level that we can all be proud of.

In order to register, simply follow the instructions required. If you have registered before and stopped logging in, then you may have forgotten your password. If that has happened, you can either register again under a different name or write me at [email protected] with what you want your new password to be and I will reset it.

Again I hate that we have had to do this, but ultimately we have had no choice. This will cut down on the sheer number of comments, but will amp them up in quality significantly. We have lost many of our best posters over the past year thanks to all the drivel that random people post in order to flame. This wont eliminate it, but it will make it better…..and in the end that will make the blog a better place.

Article written by Matt Jones