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Tim Tebow is after your manhood

Foreskin?  I ain’t scared of no foreskin.

Tim Tebow took a break this spring from ripping out the hearts on the football field and decided to just go straight to vandalizing the delicate areas off of the field.  According to this article in the Orlando Sentinel, Tebow spent his spring break at a Christian mission in The Phillippines and part of his duty while there was to perform circumcisions.  Ouch.  I guess he drew the shortest straw.

I have to give props to Tebow for doing something good on his break and making sure that the genitals that ended up in his hand were actually there for a medical reason, which is not something that happens too often on spring break.  But – and this is a HUGE “but” – the dude has no experience whatsoever and when it comes to my most private of areas, I’d prefer an expert.  Or even a novice.  Well, really just anyone but Tim Tebow. 

So, we have yet another thing to make fun of Tebow for, which is always good when a guy is completely and totally unstoppable.  It’s nice to have things like this to skew the facts about and then taunt him with.  The way I see it, by the time the fall rolls around, we can take this story and morph it into something twisted about his kiss with Tony Joiner last season turning into some spring break tryst full of groping and awkward morning-after emotions.  I’m open to any suggestions.

But, in reality, what he was doing was a good deed and I can’t knock Tebow for that.  I can, however, knock him for being a douche and being overdue on a beatdown from the Cats.  See you October 25.

Article written by Thomas Beisner