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Thursday Night Ten


Its a Thursday Night, so why not ten random thoughts on Christmas Eve for UK fans:

1.: What I am most interested in seeing tomorrow night is how Calipari will work the big man rotation during the game. The perimeter substitutions still wont be clear without Wall in the game, but how Cal uses the big men will be given some light. One has to think that he will almost always have two of the Patterson/Cousins/Orton/Stevenson/Harrellson combo in the game. Who will get the most minutes? Is Patrick always at the 4 or does he get some time in the post spot at the 5? Will Perry jump ahead of Jorts in the rotation? In whatever amounts to crunch time, is it Cousins or Orton? All interesting questions.

2. If I never see Doug Gottlieb on television again, it will be too early. Unlike most of my televisions dislikes which are personal (if you are nice to me, I like you…I am easily bought off), I have never met Gottlieb or tried to have him on our shows. Rather he just strikes me as obnoxious and hypocritical. No one is quicker to write people off as having bad character than Doug…who himself was charged with ripping off a teammates’ credit cards in college. The less Gottlieb the better.

3.: The chat with Jeff Goodman today on the LIVE BLOG was great. He has the Cats in the Final Four, Billy Clyde getting another job soon, Matt Pilgrim being a chemistry killer, John Wall as a special talent unlike any other and other interesting comments. Definitely worth a read if you missed it.

4.: Who is the musical group you are most embarrassed about liking? I am not easily embarrassed, but if I were, then the amount that I have been jamming Rod Stewart recently could turn me red. You?

5.: Keep an eye on Ole Miss this year. This is the season they make a run and the games between them and Mississippi State will be the best that rivalry has seen…potentially ever.

6.: Put me in the corner of wanting to see Mike Hartline Saturday for most of the game. Newton is the future and I have confidence in him. But Hartline gives you the best chance to win now…and the Cats HAVE to win.

7.: Alan Cutler is the podcast guest this week and Woo has already promised “hard-hitting” questions of the moustached one. I am pre-emptively giddy. The podcast will also soon be making a trip to Richmond, and Drew should be ready to face the wrath of the EKU women he scorned in his post.

8.: I am going to the UK Women’s team opener tomorrow at 11 am at Memorial. One might ask why the game is at that time, but since I have to be in Lexington for Jones and Bruce duties anyway, it will mean I get to catch the game. It is the first UK women’s game I have attended live…and I am looking forward to it.

9.: Watching the Heat-Cavs game, I am amazed at the sheer quantity of tattoos on display. I have never considered tattoos but I have to think that most of these on the players are meaningless. In fact having Laodu translate NBA Chinese character tattoos might be a good segment on future blogs.

10.: One more question (you have to answer the music one as well). What random moment in UK basketball history makes you happiest? Now I want you to stretch deep on this one…dont just pick a win or Magloire putting Wojo in the rack. Think of something few people remember but you. Mine is Jamaal Magloire related, but no with Wojo. I loved when the Cats played Miami (OH) in 1999 in the Sweet 16 and as Magloire ran off the court, the Miami Redhawk got in his way and he knocked it down without breaking stride. That replay is not on Youtube but should be soon. Yours?

OK, apparently it is on tape:

Oh and here is a dunk from Dwayne Wade about 20 minutes ago….sick:

Let me know….its Thursday night and I am ready to reminisce.

Article written by Matt Jones