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Thursday Morning Notes


Happy Thursday everyone!  Matt is out doing whatever it is that old people do, so here I am trying to give you a quick update in order to get you all riled up for a big day at work.  Or, at least keep you mildly entertained until Bryan the Intern brings the pain later on this morning.  Anyway, enough with the small talk, let’s get to the news! 

(1)  The big news of yesterday was obviously the commitment of Donald Williams, a three-star recruit according to Rivals.  I had a chance to talk with Williams’ high school coach, Jason Forbes, tonight and I came across a lot more impressed with Donald than I initially was when I heard the news of his commitment earlier today.  Obviously, Forbes isn’t going to say anything bad about a guy that he coached, but he had some very impressive things to say about Donald tonight.  In addition to saying that Williams was a “big-time player” that always plays his best against the top competition, he had a couple of other interesting things to say:

 – He said he is a “deadly shooter”.  I can’t emphasize enough how emphatically he was telling me what an incredible shooter that he was.  Coach Forbes went on and on about his ability to shoot the three and said that he’s never seen anyone who could stroke it like Williams.  He then told me that at 6’4″, he was a tremendous athlete and could get up above the rim as well and will be an offensive weapon.

 – Coach Forbes said that Williams is absolutely a “3” man.  I asked about reports saying that he could play point guard and Coach Forbes said strongly that he could not see Williams playing that position.  He even went as far as to say playing shooting guard was a bit of a stretch.  Forbes said that Williams was without a doubt a “3” and that his skill set does not lend itself to playing much at either guard spot or being much of a ball-handler.

 – Williams said absolutely nothing about Kentucky until about a month ago, according to Forbes and he was uncertain as to how the interest started between the two parties.  Until that time, Williams was planning on walking on at Marquette because, despite offers from St. Johns, Central Florida, Southern Miss and Tennessee-Chatanooga, he was determined on playing for a major program.

 – According to Coach Forbes, Williams has already been told by the coaching staff that he will REDSHIRT THIS SEASON.  It was pretty much a non-issue for Williams because he would get to play for four years and his main goal was to get on campus and play for Kentucky because….

 – Williams is in love with Kentucky’s tradition.  After Coach Forbes mentioned Williams’ desire to play for a major program, I asked if that was what led him to the Cats.  Forbes, in a tone that made me feel like a complete moron for even asking the question, said “Are you kidding me?  It’s Kentucky.  Who wouldn’t want to play in Rupp Arena?  Who wouldn’t want to play in front of all of those fans?”.  Well said, Coach.  Sorry for being an idiot.

(2) Another note that got a bit lost in all of the UK-U of L craziness today was the note that Joe Crawford inked a deal with the Lakers.  Assuming that Phil Jackson is biased against Kentucky and will not start Crawford over Kobe Bryant despite him being a much better player, Crawford will find himself competing for time with Sasha Vujacic, Dwayne Mitchell, Coby Karl and possibly that Yue character from China. cEither way, congrats to the man with the nastiest feet on the planet.

(3)  Don’t forget to sign up for the College Football Pick ’em Contest.  The group ID is “Kentucky Sports Radio” and the password is “Stevie Got Loose”.  Make sure you get registered and do your best to finish second to the football prognostication force that is Rubber Buns and Liquor.

(4)  You may or may not be aware of a certain lawyer/blogger that is ushering in his 30th year today.  I’m not sure who he is, but the rumor is that he shares his name with that cokehead Jacksonville Jaguar wide receiver.  Whoever he may be, feel free to buy the man a drink if you so choose, but definitely make sure you stay tuned this afternoon as I finally exact my revenge on him for the embarassing photos posted on this very site on my 25th birthday.

Stick around kiddoes as we will have all kinds of wholesome goodness today besides the public shaming of Matt Jones, including a Louisville preview from Mike Rutherford of the Card Chronicle, who you might remember from the early days of Kentucky Sports Radio on the air, and other Kentucky sports news presented in the most ridiculous manner possible.  In the meantime, check out all of the greatness from Wednesday below including the debut of Bobby Perry, a home run from Intern and a Need-To-Know Wednesday.  That Hilbert guy even stopped doing profiles and wrote something that’s halfway decent. 

See you this afternoon…

Article written by Thomas Beisner