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Thursday Afternoon Fun


The Bobby Knight Project
I have to say that Jason Whitlock is one of my favorite sports writers. I rarely agree with his opinion and would probably find him obnoxious in person, but I think his writing is refreshingly honest and he delves into topics that others find too controversial or too non-PC.

In his column this week for the Kansas City Star, Whitlock takes on Bobby Knight and describes him as a “lazy, unprepared, uninterested, uninformed, horrible color analyst”.He and sports radio host Kevin Keitzman have teamed up to start a movement to remove Knight as an analyst for ESPN.

Keitzman (who apparently isn’t a big fan of Whitlock of vice versa) even purchased Brent being Musburger who I actually find comforting to listen to on football broadcasts but annoys me greatly on basketball ones) and have asked people to sign a petition that they’ll give to the Big 12 commish during the conference tournament.

I’m not sure it will do any good as far as removing Knight. ESPN may never admit it, but controversial figures obviously boost ratings. I would be much more likely to listen to Bob Knight call a game between two teams I don’t care about than Dick Vitale call a game between two teams I don’t care about. I want to see what Knight it going to say and even though he sounds bored and condescending at times, his no nonsense approach is refreshing when compared to the fawning that other commentators tend to gravitate too. Plus my grandmother would kill me if I ever spoke badly about Bobby.


Instead of raising the roof, let’s raise the floor
Obviously, we play at Vandy this weekend and inevitably talk turns to the monstrosity that is their arena. I think the uniqueness of the building makes it more memorable, and therefore contributes to the myth that Kentucky doesn’t play as well there.

Yes, there have been some tough losses there as of late, but Memorial neither holds our worst SEC arena record of all time (that belongs to Thompson-Boling) nor our worst SEC arena record of the last 10 years (we’re 3-7 at Florida’s O’Connell Center). So we’ll let the nerds have their raised floor and bizarre bench set-up, and we’ll take a win out of Nashville on Saturday.

And although the benches in the in-zone  endzone is unique in division-I, the raised floor can also be seen at Williams Arena (Minnesota), Hinkle Fieldhouse (Butler), and the now-demolished Robertson Memorial Fieldhouse (Bradley).


Double your Pleasure
With Wall’s performance on Tuesday night, there was some talk in the comments section about triple and double-doubles in Kentucky’s History. As most know, the only triple double recorded for Kentucky was Chris Mills in 1988. He had 10 assists, 10 rebounds, and 19 points against Austin Peay and added a glimmer of shine to one of the worst seasons in UK history.

As far as double-doubles go, here are the top 10 Kentucky performers:

      Player      # of Career Double-       Doubles
Dan Issel 63
Cotton Nash 45
Jim Andrews 43
Tom Parker 31
Kenny Walker 31
Rick Robey 30
Mike Pratt 29
Patrick Patterson 28
Sam Bowie 28
Jamal Mashburn 26


And here are the players with the longest consecutive double-double streaks:

Player Double-Doubles in a row Year
Dan Issel 12 1968-69
Dan Issel 12 1969-70
Jim Andrews 10 1972-73
Demarcus Cousins 7 2009-10

Article written by Katie Martin