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Thurman Munson’s Friday Notes


While watching the Yanks and Sox tonight (I know, I hate myself for doing it too, but I had little choice), they mentioned that Thursday was the 30th anniversary of the first game after Thurman Munson was killed in 1979. Munson was of course a legendary Yankee who died while trying to land his own plane during the season. The death struck the Yankees hard and the game that occurred afterwards was on Monday Night Baseball and was one of the more memorable in history. Munson’s number 15 was thereafter retired and has never been worn since in Yankee Stadium. He was 32 at the time of his death.

Nothing huge going on, so some random notes….

— Football camp started and the news was rather thin. Alfonso Smith put on 20 pounds of muscle, Christian Johnson lost 30 pounds of fat and a lot of the Freshmen talked to the media for the first time. Football news is always low during camp, but because of Twitter, small updates will become news. Sign up for our Twitter site (KySportsRadio) and you can get them as well.

Brandon Knight says that his top three schools are Miami, UCONN and Kentucky. His mother of course has already visited Kentucky and is planning on seeing the other two as well. With that list, you have to like Kentucky’s chances…although Miami is selling its academic reputation, which is better than you think, as part of the process.

Adreian Payne will likely be Kentucky or West Virginia….which you probably knew.

— Why is it that in places like baseball, the guys that use steroids are huge but in places like basketball, its always the skinny guys who get caught taking banned substances? Rashard Lewis should stop taking whatever makes him grow that goatee.

— Our man Maggard is really losing it on his site (which seems to have become a ghost town after the disasterous decision to take away the free board…which lasted about a week). I went there a minute ago and four of the top six posts were about Dustin Rumbaugh (didnt the Frosted One vow never to mention this site again?), and they include the rantings of a mad man, going so far as to suggest Dustin made up his interview with Adreian Payne’s coach (Dustin has his audio transcript of the interview, which we would put on here but (a) I dont know how and Hubby is with his girlfriend and (b) I like the paranoid rantings that this brings). Beisner said earlier that this has the makings of a “Breaking Bonaduce” type meltdown, and he may be right….although I can confirm that Dustin isnt as creepishly hot as Bonaduce’s wife.

— So Midnight Madness is officially October 16, the day before the road game at Auburn. I was pumped about going to the game, but book duties will keep me here for Midnight Madness, which will be a show unlike any other.

UK-UCONN gametime has been set for 9:30 on December 9 at Madison Square Garden. Georgia-St Johns will open the doubleheader in a game that will be watched by players’ friends and families. I cant wait for UK in NYC…going with the folks and it will be a great event.

— Out of curiosity, does anyone under the age of 45 listen to Terry Meiners? Someone told me the other day that I was the “Terry Meiners of the young generation” and I didnt know if that was a positive or a negative. I have heard of Terry and I know he gets great ratings on the radio…but I dont know anyone who listens to him and have literally never heard his name brought up once in a conversation that I have been a part of. He is almost like “CSI” or “Two and a Half Men”…allegedly they are popular but I dont know anyone who likes them.

Daniel Orton is staying in San Francisco for another two weeks with Hell’s Trainer. He better come back looking like Micah after all that work.

Media Day for football is today from 10 am to noon. I have a hearing in Louisville, but watch as Beisner gives you all the news you need from the event.

— Quick television and book notes: I am reading the advance copy of Clay Travis’s new book which he sent me about the Vol season last year and it is amazing. Great stuff for any SEC fan. Entourage is disappointing, but “Mad Men” is starting up again in a week, so get caught up if you arent a fan of the show yet.

Calipari leaves for China today, where he is doing a series of camps with Del Harris…who doesnt exactly get the same sexy reaction that Lebron got when Cal said he was hanging with him.

LIVE BLOGS coming over the next two weeks:

Tuesday the 11th: Gregg Doyel
Monday the 17th: Clay Travis
Thursday the 20th: Tucker Max

All three massively entertaining and capable of saying anything at any given moment.

— Speaking of Tucker Max, KSR will be giving away tickets to Tucker’s movie premiere in Lexington on September 10th. Stay tuned to find out how to get tickets for the event on what should be a crazy night.

— You can officially stop sending DeMarcus Cousins pictures with him smiling. Its clear that we broke him. [email protected] for anything else that you have that is stellar.

More all day as Tomlin judges the Blogger contestants, Media Day notes are given and we get ready for the weekend….

Oh and why not a picture of Kige (doing the Demarcus Cousins) and Rafeal Little, just because it is awesome: kigerafy

Article written by Matt Jones