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Three Quick Points….and Then We Move Forward


This has been a long and difficult day for all of the Big Blue Nation, as the Gillispie debate rages on. The words of Patrick Patterson’s mother on here today were interesting and sparked debate, but at this point the time for debate is soon to pass. Beginning in our late post tonight (when I go over my favorite SEC Tournament moments), it is time to shift gears to the Tampa show and get behind the Cats as we try and make a run to the NCAA. Until then, three quick points:

(1): I dont understand the animosity when former players voice their opinion on matters relating to UK sports. My assumption is that virtually everyone on here is a UK fan and has spent a great deal of time either writing or talking about their opinion on the state of the program. Why then, is it somehow taboo for former players to do the same? Over the last couple of weeks, we have seen comments from Mike Casey, Kenny Walker, Jay Shidler and Bobby Perry, all of whom LOVE the UK program that they gave four years to during their career. When they speak out, it is out of love for the program and even if you disagree with their comments, to say you “dont care what former players say”, while at the same time giving your personal comments, strikes me as more than a little bizarre. Which brings me to…..

(2): Folks should stop attempting the age-old practice of trying to pinpoint what “a real UK fan would do.” People who support the coach often say that a true fan would not criticize the coach and people who dont say a true fan should expect more from the program. Both points are silly. A true fan is anyone that CARES enough to have a passionate feeling about the program….and virtually all of us on here have that. Just because someone disagrees with your opinion, doesnt take away their fanhood. I know plenty of GREAT fans who still are 100 percent behind Gillispie and plenty of GREAT fans who think he should be replaced. Their stance on that (or any other issue for that matter) doesnt trump their fanhood.

(3): I am more than a little bit frustrated with the continued attempts to label this site as anti-Gillispie. I like Billy Gillispie and think he is a good coach. I dont think he is “in over his head” or believe that he cant get it done at UK. I do wonder if UK is a good fit for him and what the future will hold, but that doesnt mean that I am calling for the coach to be fired as some have suggested. What we do here is run a free UK site, full of UK news, views and silliness and attempt to entertain and inform the UK fanbase. But what ends up happening too often is that when someone doesnt like a particular piece of information we give them (like the comments from Tywanna Patterson), they turn it on us and act as if we are the ones responsible.

Folks, here is a little secret….if we had not interviewed Mrs. Patterson, someone else would have. In fact, when I talked to her, she already had a number of calls from other journalists wanting to talk with her about the Barnhart meeting. She chose to talk to us, likely because she knew that we would print her full quotation and let her say exactly what she wanted to say. To blast us for that and think it is part of some “agenda” is silly. If I express an opinion you dont like, that is fine. But to get mad when we give some tidbit of news or showcase some discrepancy in a story is like yelling at Fox News for saying the Dow went down….it misses the overall point.

My goal with this site is the same as it has always been, to entertain and inform the UK audience from a “fan’s” perspective. That is all we do….I dont expect the readers to agree with everything I write, and that is certainly their right. But I dont like the implication that I am trying to hurt the UK program or do any harm to something that has been like a part of my family for my entire life. I never dreamed this site would get this popular and I realize just how lucky I am to have gotten to experience all that has happened since it the site has blossomed. I certainly never dreamed that it would become a “news” source that would be quoted on television, radio and in newspapers and I understand the responsiblity that comes with it. But that doesnt mean that at its core, this site is still not just a bunch of guys trying to make each other laugh, and as the years go on and the traditional media outlets become less and less relevant, what we do here will become the norm, rather than an aberration. I likely wont still be doing this then, but until the point when I walk away, just know that my goal is still the same… entertain, inform and give an outlet for UK fans as passionate as me….all for free. When it becomes a burden or if I ever actually have an “agenda”, then it will be time to give it up. But now is not that time.

Now it is time for one of my favorite times of the year….the SEC Tournament and we will now shift gears into that wonderful event. The crowd is smaller (just me, Mosley, Bobby, and Macon Vol Fan this year) but the four days of live blogging and absurdity will continue. And like always, I hope you will enjoy

Article written by Matt Jones