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This Message Brought To You By Rusty Shackleford


Psssstt! Kentucky fans! This is Geoff Calkins of the Memphis Commercial-Appeal. I’ve hacked into this “Fake Gimel” account to ensure the Big Blue Authorities do not Google my real identity. From what I can tell, UKAA doesn’t care what Fake Gimel writes about, and should ignore this post.

Its time you learn the truth. John Calipari is a scoundrel. A cheat. A liar. I’ve watched and talked about him for years now, so I’m a bigger expert on Cal than Cal’s own dogs.

Of course he knew that someone other than Derrick Rose was taking Derrick Rose’s SAT test in May of 2007. He’s the head coach with a sinister agent: William Wesley, the Notorious World Wide Wes. And he ordered his agent into action.

Do you really believe that Derrick Rose went to Detroit to watch the Bulls play? Ha! You just swallow the lies fed to you by a media that protects and nurtures the glamorous “Bouncing Back” Kentucky coach! Nobody would ever go to Detroit unless there was some sort of evil motive. Detroit is second-largest stronghold of corruption in these Unknowing States, following Washington, D. C. only because of the relative weakening of the inauspicious Auto industry and of Motown.

Why would you ever enter the evil city limits that contain Eminem? When you are visiting someone far more powerful and scheming: Dubya Dubya Dubya.

OF COURSE THERE ISN’T ANY PROOF! Of course I don’t have “anonymous sources” telling me what really happened. Is there any “proof” of the moon landing? Is there any “proof” that the alien technology at Area 51 has been moved to several shadow military bases across the world? Is there any “proof” that the US Government organized and executed 9/11 as an excuse to invade Afghanistan and Iraq?

The “what if’s” and the “why wasn’t Rose responsible enough forward/answer his mail” and the “one ETS handwriting expert didn’t invalidate Rose’s SAT, only questioned it” questions? They are the feces that is created when shame eats too much stupid!

And you sheep of the Bluegrass just love to wallow about like pigs! I suggest you start reading this site on a regular basis; they have the right idea, and update regularly.

Article written by The Fake Gimel Martinez

I may be fake, but my passion for UK sports is real. Probably put all my best work at and, so go there when I start coasting here.