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This Kid’s Monday News and Views


Its been an incredibly long weekend and I have lots of court tomorrow, so we will be doing today’s notes in quick-hitter form:

— The theme coming out of Lexington today was simple. The Louisiana-Monroe win was important and we should all be happy to move on. La-Monroe may very well win their league and they have the athleticism necessary at the skill positions to stop teams from simply running all over them. UK utilized their advantage on the lines to win the game, and Randall Cobb is a stud. But now, UK turns its attention to Mississippi State, which most believe is the most important game of the year. Brooks and company however were worried about a letdown on Saturday…luckily they didnt really get one.

— I didnt talk in my post-game comments about Randall Burden, so now seems like a good time. Burden has become this year’s “hit or miss” player unlike any other. Saturday night, for most of the game it looked as if Burden was not possible for Burden to be beaten in more diverse ways than he was producing and his name elicited some groans in the stadium. But then late he had two important pass breakups and ran an INT back for a touchdown. Burden has a great deal of talent and the staff loves him…but consistency is the theme he really needs to develop as the year goes on.

Randall Cobb, in addition to being amazing, was also named the “Punt Returner of the Week” nationally by some college football organization that I have never heard of. A good award for Cobb however and further proof that this is Cobb’s world, we just blog in it.

— On the basketball side, it is easy to forget that Kentucky is in the midst of some serious practicing right now. Two a days during the weekend and single practices during the week allow Calipari to use this time to incorporate all of his offensive and defensive principles. I spoke to someone close to the team this week that said Darius Miller has shown the greatest improvement over the past week and the staff is very impressed with his development. “A perfect fit for Cal’s offense” is the quote most-often used about him…hope to see more of that this week.

— Speaking of this week, the Blue-White Game is Wednesday and there are still good seats available. If you havent gotten seats, they will be available as walk-up seats at Rupp before the game. You should definitely plan on attending.

— Also attending the game will be Terrence Jones, who puts the “t” in truancy with his mid-week visit to Big Blue Nation. He will be taking in the event and as the year goes on, I get the feeling that the staff wants Jones more and more.

— There is some talk that recruiting dominoes may start to fall soon, as the kids complete their round of visits and start to make their choices. Kyrie Irving of course picked Duke last week and there has been talk that Adrien Payne might make a decision on Monday. Dustin Rumbaugh spoke to his coach, who said to stay tuned for “an update” on Monday, but didnt seem to suggest a decision was forthcoming. Either way, I expect news to be hot and heavy over the next three weeks in UK recruiting land.

— If you dont like Curb Your Enthusiasm, you and I probably wouldnt be friends.

— I really cant talk about my first live NFL game today with my Chicago Bears. It was a brutal beatdown and I will have my running diary of it late tomorrow. But for now, let me just say this…fat white people yelling “Who Dey” is not our country at its best.

Alan Cutler‘s press box apparel gets better every week. This week…a blue Kentucky sweatshirt that had to have originally been worn by Rick Robey’s grandmother to the 1977 Auburn game. It was too small, frazzled on the ends and was perfect for Alan’s general vibe.

— The story about Antoine Walker blowing 110 million dollars is crazy, but not surprising. Walker was always an odd bird and his time at UK produces more “you should have seen” stories than anyone not named Rashaad Carruth in recent years. However the part that was nuts to me is that he had 70 people in his entourage he was supporting. 70!!!! Do you even know 70 people? If I just had enough to pay for the Turkey Hunter, Hubby, DJ and Johnny Bruce to go see the Legends and Two Keys on Thursday (where by the way, the new Hamburgers they sell are TREMENDOUS), I think I could get by.

— I never met Cassity Hubbarth, although I did get an astounding number of “she’s over here, come by” texts and twitter messages. I guess we will have to wait for another day.

— Walker did however have one of the best quotes in basketball history when he first went to the Celtics. When asked why he shot so many threes, he responded “because there arent any fours.” Brilliant!

— Apparently the football team goes to the movies the Friday night before all Saturday home football night games. They went to see “Law Abiding Citizen” this Friday and one week saw the “Informant” (which is hilarious to think about if you have ever seen it). So here is my question for you:

“What obscure movie would you have the UK football team watch before the Mississippi State game?”

Give us a good answer and your explanation why in the comments. More all day, including recruiting news if and when, it happens…. student1

Article written by Matt Jones