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This Guy Didn’t Think Anthony Davis Was Good Enough

The AP All-American Team was announced today and not surprisingly, Anthony Davis was named to the First team. He joined Thomas Robinson, Draymond Green, Jared Sullinger and Doug McDermott on a relatively uncontroversial group that represents a solid cross-section of college basketball. But Thomas Robinson was the only player that was a Unanimous selection to the team. Why? Because two writers, Scott Mensch of the Great Falls Tribune and Scott Reid of the OC Register didn’t vote for him. Lucky for Reid, he doesn’t have a picture online that I can see and he only has 10 twitter followers, having not posted since 2009. That means he is not only clueless, but he is also disconnected from reality, likely from stalking the Real Housewives throughout Orange County.

As for Scott Mensch…well he lives in Montana and thus clearly deserves to be one of the 65 voters who decides the award. As we can tell from his picture, he is a master athlete and his basketball analysis simply cannot be questioned. Who better to vote on the most important award in college basketball?

Article written by Matt Jones

65 responses to “This Guy Didn’t Think Anthony Davis Was Good Enough”

  1. Isaac in San Fran

    first? never done this btw.

  2. Isaac in San Fran

    sweet. i retire from “first”-ing undefeated.

  3. Bankshot

    Are these guys related to Jerry Tipton?

  4. Shawn

    Didn’t know Kige had a brother.

  5. Calipari's Blue Ballers

    Wow, these guys are more incompetent than the referees in the NCAA tournament. I didn’t think that was possible.

  6. Cats4life

    Has he stated his reasons at all?

  7. Bkidd

    Matt needs to have them on the show tomorrow so that they can explain their stupidity.

  8. catfan65

    This is the same asshat that had UK #5 in his preseason poll.

  9. geteight

    im guessing these are the same 2 guys who week after week refused to give the other 2 first place votes in the AP poll to the cats.

  10. Ciggy

    Don’t you think it’s a bit silly to put twitter links and stuff for the folks up? Then again, I sort of get you, they are utterly retarded and shouldn’t have the ability to vote on it.

    Seems just like you might be a bit petty over it.

  11. catfan65

    Preseason he had Duke #3 and Michigan #4. He really knows what he’s talking about.

  12. Derp!

    Man, let it go. Not everyone loves Kentucky like us. You can’t expect every single person to grovel at his feet (even though they should).

  13. Carl

    Let him know how you feel: [email protected]

  14. soggyUKgrad

    this guy must be a very influential journalist….after all, he does have 109 twitter followers. hahahahaha

  15. B


  16. JeffInLex

    Matt, you are a sarcastic sum bitch… AND I LOVE IT!

  17. TheSkyIsBlue

    Did you perhaps mean Scott Mansch of the
    Great Falls Tribune? If so, his email is [email protected] , roast him cat fans.

  18. Legion

    Oh c’mon just bc UK is the #1 overall seed and the top nationally ranked team with a player that is setting blocked shot records doesn’t mean that he is a first team all American in everyone’s eyes. Next thing you know you will also expect the team to win the national championship and for this player to be drafted first in the NBA draft. Geez… you are such crybabies!

  19. Humping yo leg

    Who cares really? AD doesn’t! He will still be a millionaire in about three weeks.

  20. Ty

    whats wrong with calling out something so insane? this is just retarded. He is saying Davis isnt one of the 5 best players and he gets a vote. totally absurd.

  21. Nassau65

    me thinks he should stick with baseball, i mean he already has the cap and the bat.

  22. pioneer

    This is precisely why the associated press is a complete joke. Print media is worthless in the 21st century. Who cares what those clowns think? He prolly hasn’t even seen a Cats game all season. I mean Montana is not exactly a large market mediA outlet now…

  23. Aspencat

    Scott Reid at least has UK as the #1 team in the country (as of march 12)….oh wait what?

  24. catfan65

    What’s the use of the internet if we can’t publicly shame these idiots. I suppose the fact that Mansch has obviously never been laid without paying for it should be punishment enough though.

  25. Cherith Cutestory

    Is he holding a Louisville slugger?

  26. Bob

    These idiots should have to justify their votes or have their voting privileges revoked. What an absolute joke.

  27. Lamb'sRunner

    If the tards pull of a stunner an win, will Cal be bashed by most of our fans?
    Also, how would Matt’s show go on after that?

  28. Carl

    #12 It’s not about groveling. It’s about doing the right thing. Davis deserves the vote, either Mansch is not watching college basketball or he had an ulterior motive. Either way, he’s behaving in an unethical manner by participating in the process and not voting on the most talented, deserving players. No player in college basketball alters the offensive strategy of opposing coaches the way Davis does. Whether you think he is the best player is up for debate but there is no doubt he is the best defensive player in America.

  29. Earl

    This guy really puts the Ass in associated press

  30. Joe Don

    It’s Joe Don Baker everyone

  31. OSUGrad

    You losers are in for an [email protected] beating if you somehow get past Louisvlle.

  32. Bigfoot

    O$U sucks and KU will spank your red ass back to buckeye paradise. EAD

  33. Think Much?

    Would love to play OSU. They are not that good. Terrible shot selection sometimes…

  34. Chicago Chris

    They should have to justify not voting for Davis or lose their vote permanently. Political statement voting has no place in All-American teams (hate Cal, anti one-an-done, no freshmen, whatever).

  35. Chicago Chris

    We beat a better version of OSU with a weaker version of UK. Come on, now.

  36. Reality Is

    Sullinger is fat. He has the vertical of an elephant.

  37. JimBobCooter

    OSUGrad is an IU fan who is role playing.

  38. hole

    31..Anything like last year?

  39. longtime

    Damn. I just got home to Great Falls from Catlanta. It was the most fun I’ve ever had with my clothes on.
    I’m a Cat from birth (Maysville), moved out here a long time ago, and now I have to read about the local faux sportswriter who obviously has no clue about basketball.
    On behalf of the only Cat fan in Great Falls, please accept my most humble apology.

  40. hole

    Sullinger couldnt do anything against Jorts..Im sure he’ll do much better against Davis..

  41. Adolph Rupp

    One monkey banging away at one typewriter would eventually get it right too.

  42. Scott Mensch

    I don’ t have any answers for you, I don’t know the meaning of life, now piss off (so obviously
    I don’t know anything about bsketball)

  43. blueswade

    That guy’s a little batty.

  44. Issel's two front teeth

    Every time, somebody mentions OSU, all I can picture, is Knight’s ball sack in Craft’s face as the winning shot went through the basket last year! hahahahahahahahaha! lol

  45. mocha

    Guy looks like Kige Ramsey, Sr.

  46. OSU Fan

    Dont pay attention to the post from above. I am as hard core with my buckeyes as u all are in BBN. I would love a shot at a rematch because if we r going to win anything, I want to be able to say we did it against the very best. Last years sweet 16 loss was the best game of the tourney and am hoping for another one Monday night. We have to get by KU first but I really see no way the cards can win this one. So we have to hold up our end, but hoping for the chance. As for the all American team….. How AD isn’t unanimous is crazy. Robinson deserved it as well but I even question my own boy Sully because he didn’t have quite the year everyone though he would so I’m thinking there are more deserving candidates even though he is playing better of late. Well true Buckeyes will be pulling hard for u on Saturday so that we may get another shot. Good luck BBN…. UK 73 UL 58

  47. Joe Don

    you are redeemed OSU fan….may we dance the dance into the night on April 2

  48. nc cat

    THAT’S MENSCH? Bwahahahaha……….looks like the local Ace Hardware paint expert! They’ve got to be kidding!! oh..hahaha…wiping eyes!

  49. Preacher Scott

    He just commented that he didn’t know where Kentucky was, he lived too far away.
    And he said he had never heard of this ‘Davis’ kid because he played ball for
    Kentucky, that State he had never heard of. So, he’s just too ignorant to know
    and he can’t help it. He should have to apologize though, for just being stupid.

  50. Lakesidecatsfan

    If you haven’t read Arron Torres’ article about Kentucky starting to become a Dynasty, please do so. Best article I have ever read that was written by an outsider!

  51. Bill Russell

    Those two voters obviously knew something about college basketball because they knew enough to vote for Thomas Robinson. I’m guessing they knew some other 1st team names.
    Look, if those guys don’t believe Davis is the Player of the Year, that’s fine; but to not say he’s one of the top 5 is beyond asinine- it is blatantly biased, and they deserve to be publicly condemned. I have a feeling they’re about to be very embarrassed.

  52. JuiceDog1


  53. 00BBN00

    I don’t care what their reasons are. I just wonder who they put AHEAD of Davis.

  54. DavisBrow

    I think this deserves on air calling tomorrow. They should have to answer for this. If they are fine putting their opinion out to public by writing, they should be required to explain their votes. Besides, nothing is better than cold calling media organizations 🙂

  55. Clark Nantz

    I’m sure he also had his bracket with Gonzaga or (insert your obscure Canadian player filled team here) winning the national championship.  Unfortunately, all of the Canadian wannabes that populate the state of Montana will be left crying in their beers as they watch Kentucky win the championship and Anthony Davis win another player of the year award.

  56. John Ellis

    I assumed the vote that left Davis off was Knight.

  57. Clark Nantz

    Can’t forget about giving Scott Reid some love …his email is: [email protected]
    He covers USC/UCLA for the work of fiction that masquerades as a newspaper.

  58. Dave Ball

    and who did these geniuses of the hardwood vote for in Davis’ absence??? Ty Zeller??? Harrison Barnes??? some nifty investigative journalism would produce their lists…get on it…

  59. JoeJoe

    According to Wikipedia, the word Mensch means “a person of integrity and honor.” However, the opposite of a “mensch” is an “unmensch” (meaning: an utterly unlikeable or unfriendly person). So, in summary I believe this [email protected]$$ reporters real name is Scott UnMensch. He is clearly misrepresenting himself.

  60. The Rocket

    Registered Sex-offender, for sure!

  61. Real Cats Fan

    Thomas is a heckuva player, but do they test for steroids at the college level? The boy looks like he should be a football linebacker. Just sayin’……

  62. Cat fan for life
  63. Catman

    Guy’s obviously been spending too much time on Brokeback Mountain.

  64. bw

    Here is Scott Reid’s explanation — saying Green & Robinson were the best two players in the country and Tyler Zeller was POY in the ACC which is year in and year out the best conference, then no room for any other front court players.

  65. BigBlueBabies

    Geez, you UK fans literally complain about every single thing that you can. Davis still made the cut but two guys out of 65 have a differing opinion and you google them just so you can attack the way one of them looks, dresses, and even his state. What a bunch of freaking cry-babies!!