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Things Went Well

Reports are in and it looks like the Cincinnati Reds’ honoring of UK’s national title went well. John Calipari came out and threw a first pitch strike, with a crowd that included “a surprising number of UK fans decked in blue”, according to a KSRer in attendance. There were scattered boos, but the cheers far outweighed them and a good time was had by all.

Longtime Reds announcer Marty Brennaman said at the beginning of the radio broadcast that Reds fans who complained “should be ashamed of yourselves”, a sentiment with which most Cincinnati media seemed to agree. See, we can all be a happy family once again…at least the Reds fans among us can. I, however, must now go back to cheering on my Braves and wondering if Jair Jurrjens will be this awful forever.

Article written by Matt Jones

66 Comments for Things Went Well

  1. Dickie Z
    7:53 pm April 24, 2012 Permalink

    Jurrjens is turrible.

  2. Lena
    7:56 pm April 24, 2012 Permalink

    I adore Marty Brennaman. A wise man he is.

  3. Of Course They Did
    8:06 pm April 24, 2012 Permalink

    Good, now matt can stop complaining about Northern Kentucky fans.

  4. uklaw95
    8:06 pm April 24, 2012 Permalink

    Did Paul Daugherty ask Davis, MKG, and Teague if they had been to class in the last week since he didn’t think they would finish the semester?

  5. Vtb
    8:07 pm April 24, 2012 Permalink

    Rule of thumb for other gms when contacted by the braves about a trade: don’t do it. They have a knack for trading players who are about to fall apart. That should have been your first warning sign with jurrjens.

  6. crackerhillbilly
    8:16 pm April 24, 2012 Permalink

    As a KY-based UK fan who visited Fountain Square twice in the mid-70’s to cheer on our Big Red Machine, I’m glad most Reds fans got their heads out of their arses and cheered our Big Blue Machine. Of course, I could say that’s as close to the NCAA trophy as UC fans will ever get, but then that would be vindictive.

  7. Eric
    8:19 pm April 24, 2012 Permalink

    Jair sucked it up last night. Really wishing he could go back to how he was playing in the middle of the season last year!

  8. Sheriff Buford T. Justice
    8:20 pm April 24, 2012 Permalink

    Fairly certain that they sent Jurrjens down to AAA.

  9. mhuffyhuff
    8:21 pm April 24, 2012 Permalink

    Coach Cal is always a class act. I’m glad the trophy made it here to the northern part of the state! Thank you Marty Brennaman for all your kind words. Love those boys in the picture from Dixie Heights High School in Edgewood, KY Go CATS and Go Redleggers!

  10. FrigFullofBeer
    8:22 pm April 24, 2012 Permalink

    Doesn’t matter if Reds fans booed or not, Cleveland is better anyways!!! Go Cats and go Indians

  11. jhn
    8:27 pm April 24, 2012 Permalink

    GOBB! Go Reds!

  12. Section 133
    8:29 pm April 24, 2012 Permalink

    How can anyone in KY be a Braves fan? Marty Brennaman has done UK basketball and football TV broadcasts in the past. Good for him. Go Cats, Go Reds.

  13. I know him!
    8:31 pm April 24, 2012 Permalink

    I know the kid in the UK2k shirt!

  14. Pascual Perez
    8:36 pm April 24, 2012 Permalink

    Do you remember when I was a veteran with the Braves and got lost driving to the stadium?

  15. Ridge Runner
    8:38 pm April 24, 2012 Permalink

    12…there are more of us than you may think who are Braves fans.

    Actually, anything past the Ohio River & up…is yankee country…Heck, we are even in the SOUTHeastern conference ya know…haha!

  16. Ridge Runner
    8:39 pm April 24, 2012 Permalink

    14…yes, driving on the bypass in Atlanta and not knowing what exit to take to get to Fulton County Stadium.

  17. John Ellis
    8:41 pm April 24, 2012 Permalink

    Cal looks ten years younger, I hope he’s enjoying himself. Only long term issue with UK could be his burning out.

  18. Boomdaddy
    8:42 pm April 24, 2012 Permalink

    Go Cats! Go Reds! Piss on the Braves. Don’t hate them as bad as the damn Yankees, but still hate em.

  19. Me
    8:42 pm April 24, 2012 Permalink

    Really… “awaiting moderation?” Heck, I didn’t even say anything about Matt or Obama.

  20. John Ellis
    8:43 pm April 24, 2012 Permalink

    PS Cincy had the greatest player in BBall history – Davis met him winning his award – and two titles, albeit fifty years ago. They should enjoy that still and forget the Thuggins years.

  21. UK Homer
    8:45 pm April 24, 2012 Permalink

    I can see how some Kentuckians (especially in the southern part of the state) could be Braves fans. For many years the Braves were always on TBS and if you don’t live near Cincy they were often the only game to watch. The Reds truly appreciate Kentucky…if you’re watching tonight’s game on FS Ohio, then you’re hearing a lot of love for UK. Just saw an interview with Coach Cal and Jim Day. I think they recognize a very large portion of their fans reside in the Commonwealth. Go Reds!

  22. UK Homer
    8:54 pm April 24, 2012 Permalink

    By the way, I think it’s safe to say that the Cincinnati Reds “get it” when it comes to NCAA Basketball.

  23. Al B. Sure
    8:54 pm April 24, 2012 Permalink

    Jair Jurrjens was sent down to the minors.

  24. Ridge Runner
    8:55 pm April 24, 2012 Permalink

    21…There ya go. You have it explained well. Also, the Braves used to be one of the worst teams in baseball pre-1990 and folks who suffered through that (like me), felt like they grew along with them.

    Joe Torre managed a playoff team unexpectedly in 1981 but other than that we were in the basement.

  25. Ridge Runner
    8:56 pm April 24, 2012 Permalink

    23…Yeah, something mechanical going wrong there he needs to work out.

  26. Ridge Runner
    8:59 pm April 24, 2012 Permalink

    22…I think it’s just a way to get more fans in the gate from across the river = $$

  27. Al B. Sure
    8:59 pm April 24, 2012 Permalink

    Jeff Piecoro, host of “Reds Live” on Fox Sports Ohio also is currently the color analyst for the University of Kentucky radio network. He also, by the way, graduated from and played wide receiver for UK. He started his broadcast career at WTVQ- TV in Lexington. Just pointing out another Reds-UK connection.

  28. Ridge Runner
    9:01 pm April 24, 2012 Permalink

    Johnny Venters, Atl. One of the best HOLDS leaders in the game from Kentucky.

  29. ATLCatFan
    9:07 pm April 24, 2012 Permalink

    Jair costs too much $$$ to hang out in AAA for too long. Dude was an all star last year but hasn’t been the same since he got hurt last year. Hopefully he figures it out soon.

    Go Braves. And go cats, of course.

  30. BlueMist
    9:15 pm April 24, 2012 Permalink

    Braves fan here too. I hate to see chipper agonize with old injuries this year but its his last and won’t be the same without him.

    yes, go Cats!

  31. Tribrow
    9:26 pm April 24, 2012 Permalink

    How are you going to stand next to Cal and the National Championship trophy in a knockoff UK2K shirt?

  32. Drew G.
    9:27 pm April 24, 2012 Permalink

    28.) Ridge, I’m a big Reds fan and dislike the Braves. I do recognize that Kentucky is a very divided state when it comes to baseball though. 40% Reds, 20% Cardinals, 20% Braves and 10% Misc would be my guess.

    Johnny Venters is really the ONLY connection the Braves have to Kentucky. The Atlanta Braves won’t be honoring Kentucky basketball but the Reds did and need to be recognized by us for it.

    Honestly, I get tired of hearing how the Reds “suck.” They aren’t the best franchise but certainly not the worst.

    About the Braves, the TBS TV contract is the reason their fanbase grew so much. It seems very bandwagon to me for people to be like “I like ’em cause they’re on TV!” You’re also right about the Braves stinking outside of that 1991-2005 stretch. Maddux, Glavine, Smoltz was pretty deadly (along with Turner’s payroll). Should have won more than 1 world series with all that talent.

    Go Big Blue and go Reds.

  33. lexslamman
    9:29 pm April 24, 2012 Permalink

    The Reds suck. Their fans booed the Cats, Kentucky should turn their back on the Reds, they are an irrelevant team anyway.

  34. Pat Riley
    9:29 pm April 24, 2012 Permalink

    Cincy fans complaining about the Cats is but a glimpse into the a fan base and city who piss and moan about everything coming and going. Speaks volumes about their city, race relations and lack of total concensus on other issues besides the resounding and comfortable thought of “this is how we have always done it”. I’ll be cold and dead before I ever cheer for any of their sports teams. We should take out money and loyalties to places that far better appreciate them. Go Cats and most of all Go Tribe

  35. Ed comb
    9:31 pm April 24, 2012 Permalink

    Glad they finally got to see a championship trophy in the shit hole that is Ohio. Maybe Xavier and cinn could fight on the field after the game.

  36. Mudcreekmark
    9:41 pm April 24, 2012 Permalink

    Back in the day, I would guess 90% of all Kentuckians were huge Reds fans. Then cable TV came along and the fair weather fan was born. Shame on all of you.

  37. Ridge Runner
    9:44 pm April 24, 2012 Permalink

    32…I won’t knock the Reds. Great tradition and franchise. I knocked them when I was a teenager and well. thats what kids do growing up in a state with no pro team. You pick one by various means to follow and knock those who others pick. Yup, it’s cool they honored them but c’mon $$ had something to do with that gracious invite as well.

    I’m not saying my God, that the Braves (or any pro team) would honor a team that far away geographically as UK is. But there is more loyalty in the south to southeastern teams in general having lived there.

    Cincinnati is considered by many to be just outside that line and in turn, that “yankee-know-it-all” menatality gets to people in southern Ky and the south overall.

  38. tyrus
    9:46 pm April 24, 2012 Permalink

    Dale Murphy is my all time favorite Brave. Been a life long Reds fan that attends several games a year but I wouldn’t live in that city if they paid me.

  39. Rob Job
    9:49 pm April 24, 2012 Permalink

    How bad does the guy on the far left who was cut out feel?

    On a side note, I’m originally from E Ky who moved to the northern Ky are for law school a couple of years ago to attend Chase. I’m not at all surprised by the Cincinnati response to this. I fight with classmates constantly about UK basketball. I’d say less than 10% of the greater Cincinnati area are pro-UK. And it’s not that they’re UC or X fans. The majority are Ohio St fans….and that, my friends, is where your problem is.

  40. Ridge Runner
    9:52 pm April 24, 2012 Permalink

    One more thing about this notion all Ky Braves fans were suddenly born because of TBS.

    Hang on a minute now. My father who is deceased and me as a young boy listened to the Braves from an AM Radio at night in the early 70’s. Much like I listened to Cawood.

    So don’t assume stuff gang.

  41. BlueMist
    9:59 pm April 24, 2012 Permalink

    I have to agree with ridge about how most Braves fans feel. I know that my family and freinds do living here in Corbin.

  42. Dave
    10:03 pm April 24, 2012 Permalink

    The Reds should have given the local Cincinnati D-1 teams equal time on the Jumbotron by showing the ;ast few seconds of the Cross town shootout.

  43. Drew G.
    10:09 pm April 24, 2012 Permalink

    40.) Ridge, you seem like a good dude and I like ya. We’ll agree to disagree.

    I lived in Atlanta for 6 years. It’s a GREAT place to live but as far as sports go…it’s pretty half-assed sports town. Of course, after living on the east coast and west coast and in the deep south, there’s no place I’d rather live than Kentucky (despite not having a pro team).

    Most people in Atlanta thought it was funny that I liked the Reds but that was during the Braves glory years that I mentioned and the Reds were really struggling. Also, most of them thought Kentucky was 100% hillbilly. I’m not sure they really consider Kentucky “southern” just like the north doesn’t claim us either. Of course, it’s a big city and there’s a lot of different opinions there. I kinda just think Kentucky is hated by everyone but us!

    Totally agree that $$ was part of the Reds invite.

    Also totally understand why people would connect with the Braves here. In my opinion, Kentucky is half southern and half midwestern…depending on where you are in the state.

    Can’t wait to see the Reds back in the World Series. I was 7 when it last happened. I’m sure you can’t wait to see your Braves back there too. It’s been too long for both of us!

  44. Catlanta
    10:10 pm April 24, 2012 Permalink

    braves fan since 1977 and I too listened late at night to Braves when they were awful from my bedroom in Elizabethtown. WSB in Atlanta at the time.

    Careful Reds fans, don’t become a cincinnati type person. root for your team but don’t be mean.

  45. jbirch
    10:11 pm April 24, 2012 Permalink

    Jair jurrjens does not suck

  46. UK Homer
    10:12 pm April 24, 2012 Permalink

    39 – You may be right about 10% of Greater Cincy being UK fans, but the MAJORITY BEING OSU FANS?!?!?! Maybe in Mason or further up 71. I work in downtown and can say that Cincinnatians hate OSU as much as anyone. If I were to guess, I’d say 45% UC, 25% X, 25% UK/OSU/ND, 5% other.

  47. Ridge Runner
    10:13 pm April 24, 2012 Permalink

    43, no worries Drew..I hear ya bud. Besides, there was only one Johnny Bench and we all loved him!

    Yes, good luck to the Reds. They got a good team this year again. I think my Bravo’s are on spent time as they may be lucky to finish above 500 -seriously.

  48. Ridge Runner
    10:15 pm April 24, 2012 Permalink

    44, I hear ya about the WSB Radio. Wonder if they still carry the Braves games as they did back then. Ahhh….memories.

  49. KYWildcat04
    10:23 pm April 24, 2012 Permalink

    @39…. Bullcrap, NKY is all blue!!

  50. Drew G.
    10:26 pm April 24, 2012 Permalink

    47.) Ridge, that seems to be the consensus of most Braves fans. My best friend still lives down in Atlanta. He’s really down on the Braves too. I just don’t see it that way. I think there’s a lot of talent in their line up. Chipper is old but, other than him, it’s hard to find a weak spot in their line up. It really just comes down to pitching for them. I think the offense killed them last year but that seems to have improved so far. Can they shut down teams enough while riding this new offensive wave.

    I really don’t know if Fredi González is the right manager to replace Bobby Cox though but it’s only his 2nd year. There was going to be some bumps in the road replacing him.

    They’re a playoff team, in my opinion. Nationals are good this year but the Braves could certainly get a wildcard and it helps now that there’s two wildcard teams. Good luck, man.

  51. E_Pow
    10:32 pm April 24, 2012 Permalink

    T.Z. … sucks for you that Orlando cut your head off.
    J.H. … we need more people like TriBrow, who point out the fact that you are wearing a knockoff UK2K shirt.
    Coach Cal… he is GOD.
    Me: Holy crap I’m touching the NCAA Championship Trophy!
    E.H. … Epic Swag.

  52. Chop
    10:33 pm April 24, 2012 Permalink

    If from southeast Kentucky.. Big braves fan. Have been since the Otis Nixon an Bon Horner days… I don’t hate the reds but I’m def not a fan… Bout 50/50 braves and reds around my county

  53. Chop
    10:34 pm April 24, 2012 Permalink

    I’m -/ not “if” typo my bad

  54. Cats Fan From Cincy
    10:45 pm April 24, 2012 Permalink

    There was definitely a UK contingent there early. When Cal took the field, there was maybe 8-9,000 in the stands, and a solid 3,000 were in blue. You can tell many UK fans bought from scalpers because most of the stands behind the home bench were UK fans. I heard a few boos but they were drowned out when they announced Cal’s name.

    During the 3rd inning, they announced Cal and the trophy would be available for pictures in center field. With that, you saw thousands get up from the seats. The line to get a pic with Cal streched from center field, all the way down left field, and partially down the third baseline.

  55. Reds Fan
    10:52 pm April 24, 2012 Permalink

    That is crazy talk that Northern Kentucky is not pro UK. I would say 98 percent bleed blue and many are season ticket holders for football and basketball for the Big Blue Nation. Their is a heck of a lot less UK fans in Louisville than Northern Kentucky. I grew up in Florence, KY and many are also big Reds fans. Marty Brenneman is also a big blue fan. Us Kentuckians cannot stand UC and hope they stay across the river. A UC fan sighting in Northern Kentucky is a lost tourist.

  56. Drew G.
    11:02 pm April 24, 2012 Permalink

    Also, I should return the compliment and give the Braves a shout out for their own tradition.

    The 14 straight division playoffs, 1995. Classic world series match ups with the Yankees. Dale Murphy, Hank Aaron. How about the Milwaukee years? Back to back pennants and a world series up there.

    I don’t know their history as well as I know the Reds but I know they are in the 10,000 win group along with only 5 other teams (Reds too). Despite Cincinnati Reds being the first professional team, the Braves are the longest running franchise name in the MLB. I think Cincy changed their name to the Redlegs in the 50’s because of the “Red/Communist” connection. I know all this cause I’m a dork and read a lot of sports history books.

  57. Rob Job
    11:09 pm April 24, 2012 Permalink

    I didn’t mention n ky other than saying that’s where I reside. Greater Cincinnati encompasses more than Florence.

  58. ajh
    11:10 pm April 24, 2012 Permalink

    Yeah…northern ky is like 90% UK fans. I live here in cincy. What an awful fanbase and sports town. The ppl suck here. They truly do. In about every way possible. I need to move. Fast. Just left the reds game. I would say about 40% uk fans.

  59. ajh
    11:13 pm April 24, 2012 Permalink

    Im a braves and reds fan ironically. Whoever the guy is that said the braves were gonna be a .500 team this year, you must be still feeling the effects of 420. They may have the most dangerous lineup in baseball

  60. Lexslamman is super smart
    1:18 am April 25, 2012 Permalink

    “lexslamman Says:
    April 24th, 2012 at 9:29 pm
    The Reds suck. Their fans booed the Cats, Kentucky should turn their back on the Reds, they are an irrelevant team anyway.”

    Boycott FedEx or UPS! Let’s gag dick vitale! Blah blah blah.

    None of us are as dumb as all of us.

  61. noky lovesuk
    3:45 am April 25, 2012 Permalink

    #39 should be drug tested

  62. Yoda
    8:51 am April 25, 2012 Permalink

    The comments on here about “know it all / yankee” Ohioans in Cincy crack me up. I was born and raised in southeasten KY in a small town, and through my time in the military lived in Jacksonville, FL and Virginia Beach, VA (both “southern” state cities). I now live in Cincinnati, and without question, Cincinnati is more hospitable and “small town” than either of those two locations. If Kentuckians would get over the whole Ohio River divider, they’d see that Cincinnati is influenced by proximity to Kentucky greatly. Cincinnati is touted to be a “Big City with Small Town values” and I would say in my experience is very true. Go Big Blue and Go Redlegs!

  63. UK Homer
    9:28 am April 25, 2012 Permalink

    62 – So true. The people who hate Cincy the most are the ones who haven’t spent a lot of time there. It’s more like Lex and Lou than a true “Yankee” city. I’m not going to say it’s perfect, but there is pretty much something for everyone in Cincy/NKy

  64. ajh
    9:44 am April 25, 2012 Permalink

    woah woah woah. Cincy is NOTHING like Lexington. Let’s get that straight. And i mean NOTHING.

  65. Cats Cats Cats!
    11:43 am April 25, 2012 Permalink

    64 = idiot. I chose my Cincy suburb because of how much it reminds me of Lexington – the place I went to school. Go make some more stupid absolute statements…

  66. Catlanta98
    2:33 am April 26, 2012 Permalink

    Go Braves and Go CATS!!