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The Week that Was….

For a week during the usual period of sports desert that is the summer in Lexington, this week truly was filled with juicy news. If you didnt visit the blog on a daily basis, and why wouldnt you, then you may have missed some things. So here is an update.

The Shagari Safari finally ended as the tallest, most awkward player in the history of Kentucky basketball decided to take his abnormally large adam’s apple away from Lexington to pursue his Quixotic attempt at averaging 5 points a game at another school. The usual niceties were mentioned in the press release, but the decision came down to this. Shagari didnt go to class, he was lazy and Tubby had given him many more chances than he deserved and finally said, “enough is enough.” Shagari is a likeable guy with a good personality, but his work and school ethic was non-existent. When you are a star, you can get away with that….when you are Shagari, you find yourself sitting behind Woo….that is the difference.

Uber-summer recruit Dan Werner headed into his final week of the recruiting process, visiting Florida, Seton Hall and making a final trip to Raleigh to figure out where he will be next year. I have spoken on a couple of occasions with his father and have followed this recruitment like it was the Watergate affair. Going into the NC State visit, it was down to Florida and UK and unless something changed today, that is still the case. Dad loves Kentucky, but it has seemed to me like Dan is very enamored of Florida. Still this could go either way…..but if the Cats get Dan, this recruiting class will contain five guys who embody the type of attitude that Tubby wants at Kentucky and unlike some past recruits, the guys can also play. Could be a key class for the Tubby era.

Speaking of the Tubby era, some folks apparently want to end it as seen by the “Concerned Citizens” group who tried to buy an ad in the Kentucky Kernel asking Tubby to resign. Showcasing only the best of the UK fanbase, this group finds that Tubby is not “worthy of the tradition” that two-time NIT coach Rick Pitino began and is seeking to have him leave the program that he is “running into the ground.” The Kentucky Kernel became relevant for the first time in recent years by denying the request and the controversy has helped internet message boards continue the played out conversation of Filling the Tub versus Draining the Tub. It seems that most people are ignoring the controversy, instead focusing on more important matters such as Deal or No Deal. I join these people and hope that the “Concerned Citizens” enjoyed their fifteen minutes.

Roger Clemens came into town, giving the city of Lexington a great deal of publicity and making a Legends game “the must-see” event of the night in sports. Roger pitched well, allowing only one run, but the big news was the media attention….bringing Taylor Hicks twin Pedro Gomez and Jeff Brantley among others, to town to witness the festivities. The Lexington Legends, showcasing the business savy that has helped keep ESPN radio 1300 at the bottom of the ratings, ended up with no actual Clemens jerseys for sale at the game, thus disappointing all the fans and leaving thousands of dollars on the table. Luckily it was 25 cent hot dog night, so I am sure that made up for a lot of the lost revenue.

And finally, Rekalin Sims took his out-of-shape self to Fresno St, declaring that he had found a home for a player who enjoys nothing less than rebounding. While there, Sims will join the NCAA probation tradition that is Fresno St basketball and will compete for top prize in the “One-year Kentucky basketball obscurity game” with Nate Knight and Carlos Toomer. We wish him well.

Should be another great week here on KSR blog….stay tuned.

Article written by Matt Jones