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The situation involving alleged espionage by that New England football team

Sorry, I refuse to say “Spygate”.  I still think that we can come up with something better, but now we’re moving past the whole situation, I guess.  It looks like we are standing exactly where we were a few weeks ago when it comes to this Patriots situation.  After meeting with Matt Walsh, Roger Goodell decided that there is nothing new to what he already knew and no additional punishment will be made.  Ok, whatever.  I’m over it at this point.  But, with this decision, the blame game immediately kicked into high gear and has turned into bit of a triple-threat match of finger pointing.

Ok, try to follow me here.  The Boston Herald originally wrote the story that the Patriots were spying on the Rams before their Super Bowl matchup.  Well, The Herald apologized today, but not before this exchange between Trey Wingo and a columnist of theirs:

Tom Brady, however, just doesn’t like ESPN.  He thinks that they’re out to get the Patriots and they hold responsibility for what this story has become.  Listen to this clip here of Brady explaining how ESPN is basically MTV and distracted the team all year  If you listen to it, make sure to be patient because it’s long (that’s what she said) and it doesn’t hit that part until the middle (again, that’s what she said).  You’re probably better just taking my word for it.

So, with so many differing opinions, I guess now it’s up to America to decide who they think is in the wrong here.  Is it the Boston Herald for breaking the story?  Or, is it ESPN for running with it and putting it on the front page?  I guess we’ll never kno….wait.  What happened to the Patriots?  They were the team illegally taping, right?  When did they stop being in the wrong?  Hmm…I must have missed something.  I think they’re the only team that consistently do things considered to be “low-class” and still be respected for doing things “the right way”. 

Oh well, I guess there is only one thing I can be certain of:  We need another dose of Scoops Callahan…and fast!

Article written by Thomas Beisner