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The Season Never Ends’ Friday News and Views


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News? Views?

— How ’bout those ladies???!!!! A UK women’s basketball record 14,508 people packed into Rupp Arena as UK Hoops stretched its undefeated record to 9-0 with a win over Duke. The Cats won 72-65 over the nation’s fifth-ranked team in the first game played at Rupp in three years. The young ladies stole the show for Kentucky, as freshmen Bria Goss and Azia Bishop combined for 31 points, 14 rebounds, four blocks and four steals on 15-24 shooting from the field. Junior guard A’dia Mathies hit a career-high tying four 3-pointers for the second straight game and scored a season-high 23 points. She also had four rebounds and four steals. Senior guard Amber Smith had four assists to continue her streak of dishing out at least four assists in every game this season. The win gives Kentucky its first ever back-to-back victories over ranked teams. We can hear you now.

— The real question about UK Hoops now is how far can this team go? The Cats already have wins over two top ten opponents and there are two McDonald’s All-Americans on the bench who haven’t played in a game yet this season. One of those is Samarie Walker, a transfer from UConn, and she’ll be available for game action after the fall semester. Of his team’s potential, Matthew Mitchell said, “I think we can be good.  The trick with us is trying to make them understand that this was a great night.  This means a lot only if we continue to work really hard, we continue to win games, we continue to get better as a team.  I don’t think we are nearly as good offensively as we can become. So I think the ceiling is high for this team. I think we can be good.”

— Moving over to the men’s side of things, Kentucky has a huge game against Indiana on Saturday and I’d like to let it be known that I’m slightly worried. Emphasis on slightly. I fully expect the Cats to go in there and win by 15-20 points but don’t underestimate the Assembly Hall factor. All hatred aside, the Indiana crowd makes a pretty intimidating environment and it’ll be the first true road game for three of Kentucky starters. I can’t wait to see how the team plays in front of such a hostile crowd. #AnthonyDavisSaysShutUp

— That chick from Harry Potter isn’t worried, though:

I have an inbox FULL of these. They aren’t going anywhere.

— Jeff Goodman took a break from making UK SID jokes to team up with Gary Parrish for’s Player of the Year Watch. Jared Sullinger tops the list but two Kentucky players are in the top ten. Anthony Davis and Terrence Jones are No. 5 and No. 8, respectively.

— A couple of UK football players picked up more All-SEC honors. Danny Trevathan and Ryan Tydlacka were named All-SEC by Trevathan was named to the conference’s first team and Tydlacka to the second. Trevathan ended his UK career ranked 10th all-time on Kentucky’s career tackle list with a total of 374 stops. Trevathan had a total of 20 games with double-figure tackles in his career, including a career-high 17 tackles in 2010 against Auburn, the eventual national champion, and also against Mississippi State, Ole Miss and Georgia.

— Kentucky freshman quarterback Maxwell Smith was named All-Freshman SEC by SEC coaches and Smith finished the season completing 84-of-153 passes for 819 yards, four touchdowns and four interceptions in eight games, including three starts for the injured Morgan Newton. Smith’s best game of the season came in Kentucky’s 30-13 win against Ole Miss, when he completed 19-of-36 passes for 283 yards and two touchdowns. His 283 passing yards set a single-game school record for a true freshman quarterback.

— Hold the phone on Chuck Hayes to Sacramento. After reports that both sides are very optimistic in getting the deal done, Minnesota has snuck into play for Chuck’s services. The Kings offered Hayes a four-year $20 million contract — that’s a lot for Chuck — on Thursday and now the Timberwolves are putting together an offer of their own. Hayes’ agent said the two teams are on equal ground in attaining his client. Please go to Sacramento, please go to Sacramento, please go to Sacramento.

— Tayshaun Prince, another former Cat/NBA free agent, will be staying at home for the upcoming half season. Tayshaun signed a four-year deal with Detroit worth $27 million. At his age, this was probably his last chance to leave the D. He was rumored to be going to Miami until the Heat signed Shane Battier on Thursday. Now, it looks like Tayshaun will finish his NBA career with Brandon Knight as his point guard.

— One other NBA tidbit to note: The Lakers had a trade in place for Chris Paul but the NBA intervened. Paul to Los Angeles appeared to be a done deal until NBA commissioner David Stern stepped in and said “not happening.” Stern told the league-owned Hornets to keep Paul after NBA owners protested the trade. The NBA is all kinds of messed up.

— Shout out to KSR’s good friend Big EZ for his appearance on SportsCenter Thursday afternoon. He’ll be stopping by today with a KSR post about the Indiana game.

Go Cats!


Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

42 Comments for The Season Never Ends’ Friday News and Views

  1. BloodyBlue
    11:11 pm December 8, 2011 Permalink

    Cats only favored by 9 by Vegas boys
    that stinks!!!!!!!
    scary i must say

  2. Brandon
    11:18 pm December 8, 2011 Permalink

    1. what are you talking about? how does that “stink”?

  3. TRex
    11:29 pm December 8, 2011 Permalink

    NBA= never basketball again
    after killing the Paul deal to LA

  4. Michael Kidd-Langford
    11:45 pm December 8, 2011 Permalink

    BBN, I have three letters for you: T C B. (For the Elvisly-challenged that means Taking Care of Business.)

    Let the IU fans flap their gums on their little website. Our Cats will march right in there and take care of business.

  5. Chad
    11:47 pm December 8, 2011 Permalink

    So the heat can go out and get Chris bosh and LBJ but the lakers aren’t aloud to get Chris Paul. Makes absloutely no sense whatsoever

  6. Dulvett Jenkins
    11:48 pm December 8, 2011 Permalink

    #5 its because the league actually owns the hornets. and im sick of the season never end’s news and views.

  7. Chad
    11:49 pm December 8, 2011 Permalink

    And cats will TCB & FSU Saturday.

  8. Deepblue
    12:03 am December 9, 2011 Permalink

    Hermionie throwing up the three goggles. Sexy.

  9. Coach Cal for President
    12:12 am December 9, 2011 Permalink

    If I were an NBA superstar, I’d take my millions and tell the NBA to kiss my orfis.

  10. tdogg4033011
    12:14 am December 9, 2011 Permalink

    5) thats what I was thinking

  11. TRex
    12:39 am December 9, 2011 Permalink

    Cats should be favored by 16 at least!

  12. Jack Hammer
    12:40 am December 9, 2011 Permalink

    5) And the Lakers were giving up an All-Star and the Sixth Man award winner. Miami gave up nothing.

  13. UK
    12:43 am December 9, 2011 Permalink

    the game 2 years ago was wall cousins and bledsoe’s first game in the “hostile environment” that is assembly hall….i believe that turned out just fine

  14. Eric K
    1:43 am December 9, 2011 Permalink

    CATS by 15 GO CATS!!!!

  15. wildcat golf
    2:07 am December 9, 2011 Permalink

    Don’t know if it’s been posted yet, but Dicky V is on the bandwagon…

  16. Kaboom
    3:01 am December 9, 2011 Permalink

    God I hate these darn hoosiers so much after this past week I know our boys are gonna take shove blue fire down their throats and remind them why they have no voice the other 360 days of the year!

  17. Pancreas
    6:28 am December 9, 2011 Permalink

    Don’t you think naming a coupon code after yourself is a little pretentious, Drew?

  18. GoHoosiers
    7:29 am December 9, 2011 Permalink

    Only a day away from you hill people getting your first loss. Can’t wait to throw stuff at your squad as they enter the arena.

  19. make-a-swish foundation
    7:34 am December 9, 2011 Permalink

    That girl is a babe…full blown

  20. Kidnut
    7:34 am December 9, 2011 Permalink

    We should face it…the IU game is going to be difficult, UK will need to put forth full effort to make sure the upset doesn’t happen.

  21. Jamin Leger
    7:35 am December 9, 2011 Permalink

    C’mon Drew, did you even attempt to watch the UK Hoops game against Duke? I’ve made an effort to watch and support the women anytime they are on TV. Their games are always exciting, not like the “typical” women’s games. But this game was spectacular. It reminded me of the 98 Duke game for the men. And seriously, Azia Bishop needed her own shout out. She was a beast against arguably the best women’s post player in college basketball (Williams for Duke). Support for UK Hoops will never change until the media, blogs, and marketing changes the way it covers them. Seriously, 14.5 K in Rupp for a women’s game? That’s awesome, go BBN!!

  22. BoomKentucky
    7:54 am December 9, 2011 Permalink

    The Lakers might have been getting the worst part of the deal. No telling how healhthy Paul is and if he would resign with the Lakers at the end of the year. The only way the deal would have worked for the Lakers is if they signed Howard. Horents were getting a lot of good pieces. GO Cats!!!!

  23. Ukalltheway
    8:10 am December 9, 2011 Permalink

    13,) what about the league owns the hornets do you not understanf. They have the ability to accept or deny a trade.

    23.) the hornets were only getting odom, gasol was going to houston. Paul > gasol. But with that being said the lakers woild have freed up a lot of money. They would have probably gotten howard.

    I know it sucks becausr i was kind of hoping to see a laker and heat dream team final, but the ownersdo have a point. At some point the big three teams will do go too far and the league will suffer. I believe you should have the right to sign and live where you want as a free agent. However, if the league is already going under you at se point, as a leader, do what is the best for your brand.

  24. Ukalltheway
    8:13 am December 9, 2011 Permalink

    19.) despite common belief obly a third of kentucky is hilly. I live in western ky and it is about flat as indiana womens’ chests.

  25. Bastard Yak
    8:22 am December 9, 2011 Permalink

    5)Miami Heat picked up Bosh and James through free agency. The Lakers getting Paul was through a trade. NBA owns the Hornets, NBA decided they didn’t want to make the trade. That’s the difference. Now if the NBA had told FREE AGENT Chris Paul that he couldn’t sign with the Lakers, then i would see your point.

  26. buford pusser
    8:25 am December 9, 2011 Permalink

    # 19 As I recall, it is hilly in Bloomington ! Go to hell

  27. GoCats2
    8:47 am December 9, 2011 Permalink

    I dont usually go to other teams websites but Inside the Hall has some funny comments about UK as well as some good responses from UK fans.
    The best one was when an IU fan said “all I want for Christmas is to beat UK.” and a UK fan responded by saying, “IU fans want to beat Kentucky for Christmas and UK fans want a National Championship. See the difference?”

  28. Cristoforouk
    8:52 am December 9, 2011 Permalink

    24 – Did you not see all the pieces the Hornets were getting from Houston? Martin, Scola, Dragic, 2 draft picks. Hornets would have turned out really nice with this trade.

    The NBA is SO dumb. So instead of helping the small guy, you will just force Paul to stay there for this year and then walk away to LA or NY for NOTHING after the season is over. And then the Hornets will be way worse off because of David Stern and the NBA owners. Incredibly short sighted.

  29. coolio
    8:55 am December 9, 2011 Permalink

    24. Um….no. Besides Luis Scola, Kevin Martin, Lamar Odom and Goran Dragic, Hornets would’ve also received a draft pick from Houston. So not just Odom.

  30. Al's IndiCats
    8:55 am December 9, 2011 Permalink

    28 that is HILAIOUS!

  31. coolio
    8:56 am December 9, 2011 Permalink

    Yeah, what 29 said.

  32. HotCalendarGirl
    9:08 am December 9, 2011 Permalink

    Am I hot or what?

  33. 3 fan
    9:08 am December 9, 2011 Permalink

    How much money does Drew make hawking those stupid calendars?

  34. ajlageman
    9:18 am December 9, 2011 Permalink

    She’s not doing the 3 goggles…She’s giving me a target. Wawoweewoah!

  35. bigabes4uk
    9:23 am December 9, 2011 Permalink

    33- Yes, very much. So is Harry Potter girl- ummmmm

  36. Rex Grossman
    9:39 am December 9, 2011 Permalink

    Calipari will be doing interview on Dan Patrick radio show within the next hour or so. The show is on fosxports tv as well.

  37. Al B. Sure
    9:51 am December 9, 2011 Permalink

    Great job, UK Hoops! Can’t ask for much more from a Kentucky basketball team than to defeat UofL and Duke in back-to-back games, and the fact that both were highly ranked is just the icing on the cake!

  38. Jeremy
    9:51 am December 9, 2011 Permalink

    Indiana hate day guys?!? Please? !?! Lol

  39. Nassau65
    10:01 am December 9, 2011 Permalink

    33. damn skippy you are. smokin.

  40. Joeb
    10:03 am December 9, 2011 Permalink

    Props to the women of UK Hoops. I’ve long been unimpressed by women’s basketball, but last night’s game in Rupp was one of the most exciting, up-tempo games I’ve ever seen. Good to see that they’re getting some well-deserved attention.

    And yes, the calender girl is very hot.

  41. Harv
    3:05 pm December 9, 2011 Permalink

    Can you please not mention football for about 9 months please?