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The night is winding down

The night here at the SEC Tournament is winding down and we are moving to the end of another exciting….well not really exciting, more like mediocre day of basketball here at the Gaylord Center. But that doesnt mean that the stuff outside of basketball was not great. My top 10 highlights:

(10) On the second interview with Barry Booker today, he nearly lost his lunch when I asked him what happened to Joey Waldrop. One of the great moments of recent basketball history occurred last year when BArry and I saw Joey try to dunk….not renewing his scholarship was a decision by George Felton that really broke my heart.

(9) The sight of Rekalin Sims nearly vomiting when Woo cut off the nasty tape off his foot was also priceless. These guys usually dont have to dress in such cramped spaces at home and it looked like this was not a sight he normally beholds.

(8) Interviewing Wimp Sanderson was a really neat experience for me. I remember watching Wimp as a child and I thought his jackets were of the highest quality at the time. He was very kind and told me to talk to Sonny Smith who he said “would make my ears bleed.”

(7) I loved watching Smooth all day. Bradley had the infectious energy that makes him so likeable to me. I think the team really feeds off his emotions, and seeing him excited is always good.

(6) The security guard that looked like Woo. I dont know that I have ever liked a person with the same degree of irrational exuberance that I do Woo… see that he has a twin is just more than I can fathom.

(5) There was an old woman in the stands who got in an argument with an usher that was going fairly serious. Seeing the argument, I decided to do my journalistic duty and find out more. I taped part of the confrontation, and later when I saw the woman in the hall, she came up and asked if I was in the media. When I said yes, reluctantly, she said, “well there needs to be an expose on these ushers….people need to know what is going on.” I am not sure what she thinks is going on, but I do hope someone reports on it….but not me.

(4) I saw Big Baby walking backstage in a t-shirt that was a little too tight. As he was walking, he was distracted by the sight of an attractive girl and said, “I gotta go….duty calls.” Not sure what he means, but I love it.

(3) I know I talk about this all the time, but watching these media people attack food is really unbelievable. Tonight was Chinese (which was mediocre), and the MOMENT it got released to the public, these buzzards began circling and literally joshing for position before the Kung Po chicken got taken. When I commented on the absurdity, one guy told me, “see if you think that if you are stuck without a fortune cookie.” Thankfully I was not.

(2) Watching Auburn play basketball is one of the saddest things imaginable. No one cares….Jeff Lebo loses hair by the minute….and the Elvis guy even seemed glum. It is pathetic.

(1) And the highlight of the day….the UK cheerleading uniforms. Believe me, I see these girls all the time at games…..they have NEVER looked better.

Until tomorrow….

Article written by Matt Jones