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The News and Views’ Wednesday News and Views

Don’t let the title confuse you. Today’s News and Views is dedicated to none other than the News and Views. The weekday night post has been a staple for many years at KSR but it never gets the love and recognition it truly deserves. So many influential people, events, births, deaths, and UK-themed desk calendars have had the privilege of hosting a News and Views throughout its history. Not to mention, a lot of hard work goes into its production. One night post can almost be as exhausting and time-consuming as writing an English paper (so I’m told, I never did one of those, obviously.) It’s not easy to leave behind a fun night with friends and family to go sit at a computer, but it’s all done out of respect for the News and Views and the honor it brings to those who type it. And for that, we salute the News and Views and everything it is. It’s one part recruiting and one part forecasting. It’s one part linking and two parts Justified. It’s one part opinion and not enough parts Louisville hatin’. And, most of all, it’s news and it is views. To put it simply…

The News and Views is very similar to making love: Some of you prefer it late at night, others prefer it first thing in the morning, and it always lasts longer when Beisner does it.

Now to the news and views, if that makes sense…

— The highlight of the day came from the blog SummerHoopScoop and it had nothing to do with actual recruiting news. A fictional recruiting guru named Jonathan Paige created the recruiting blog as an experiment to see how fans and the media would treat his #scoop in the recruiting world. He gave his opinion on various recruits, paraphrased reports from other journalists who attended camps, and broke stories from fictional sources. One very, very, very popular Kentucky sports blog (the best one out there) even used a Shabazz Muhammad rumor in its Afternoon Notes. Gotcha, Beisner! The SummerHoopScoop developed a pretty big Twitter following too, including Jeff Goodman, ESPN’s Joe Kaiser, Adam Zagoria, and Brett Dawson. After three months of toying with the basketball world’s emotions, “Jonathan Paige” revealed to the world that he knew nothing and it was all created out of boredom. It all just goes to show you how the times are changing in the media world, and that recruiting news can be completely fabricated and we’ll all believe it. Rodney Purvis just committed to Louisville.

— We’re just a day away from the 2011 NBA Draft and all the lottery pieces seem to be falling into place. Barring a trade that would shake up the order, it’s looking like Brandon Knight will end up in Utah with the third pick and Enes will go to Cleveland with the fourth. The Cavs have said they will take Kyrie Irving with the top pick and Derrick Williams is almost a lock to Minnesota. There is still a chance Utah could select Enes at #3 over Knight and that would likely send Brandon to Toronto at #5. Either way, be prepared to be wearing a Utah Jazz t-shirt a year from now. Then again, the management in Utah is willing to move a lot of pieces around in a trade so things could it mixed up. We’ll find out for sure tomorrow night.

— When Enes Kanter does hear his name called, he has requested that David Stern introduce him as “Enes Kanter from Instanbul, Turkey and the University of Kentucky.” Do the right thing, Stern – or receive a Tombstone piledriver.

— We all hate the Lakers, but Los Angeles would be a good fit for DeAndre Liggins. The Lakers have the 56th pick overall and Chad Ford thinks they’ll take DeAndre. I can’t think of a better situation for Liggins because he has the perfect defensive/role player mentality to compliment the big egos and scorers in LA. I’ve almost given up all hope of him being drafted in the first round, so I’m moving my hopes to Chad Ford’s prediction at #56. It’s much better than going undrafted, which is what some analysts project. Don’t count out the Spurs with the second to last pick in the draft either. That would be another good scenario for DeAndre.

— The other Wildcat anxiously awaiting the draft says he’ll be going home to wait for his name to be called. Josh Harrellson told the KY Kernel he’ll be watching the draft from St. Charles with his friends and family. Jorts will work out with Boston today before heading home for the party. None of the mock drafts include our man Jorts but he says coaches have been impressed by his shooting and some think he will be drafted late in the second round. Everyone in #BBN has their fingers crossed for Jorts. This could be the highest-rated second round in television history.

— One quick recruiting tidbit (not from SummerHoopScoop)… 2012 big man Robert Carter hasn’t received an offer from Kentucky despite conflicting reports. Carter says he has not personally spoken with UK’s staff. Carter is a 5-star according to Rivals and the 16th best recruit in the class. I think he’ll be getting a phone call eventually.

— In “Can we please let it go?” news, the Gainesville Sun says the Florida Gators listed five vacated wins in the basketball media guide. Florida used an ineligible player in five games in 1987 and the university failed to put an asterisk next to those games in the guide. Therefore, the school’s basketball record does not match up with the NCAA’s record for the Gators. So, there’s another one out there. The NCAA dug itself a pretty big hole by calling out Kentucky – and we’re driving the matter into the ground. What’d ya say we drop it? No? Okay, we’ll give it until the end of the week.

— In the same ESPN article about Florida’s discrepancies, Eammon Brennan called Not Jerry Tipton a clever Twitter responder. Normally, we’d call that good publicity. I don’t know what it is when Eammon Brennan says it.

— Ever wonder why Brian Lane is coaching at Transy and not on television? Well, it all started with a rejection letter from Duke. Coach Lane was seeking a graduate assistant’s position on Coach K’s staff, but some guy named Jay Bilas already had dibs. Lane tweeted this photo of the original 1991 letter:


What was once a disappointment for young Brian Lane, was a blessing for the Pioneers. Speaking of the Pioneers, see you in Rupp in a few months.

— I have extremely good news for you folks going to New York in November for the Kansas game. is running a great deal for the next day or so on all flights from August 23 – November 16. I just paid $160 roundtrip from Louisville to NYC before taxes and fees. It doesn’t get any cheaper than that. See you at Jack Demsey’s. You too, Samantha Ryan.

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Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

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  1. crybaby
    11:28 pm June 21, 2011 Permalink

    I like the Lakers so shut up!!!!

  2. mocha
    11:30 pm June 21, 2011 Permalink

    Matt, 1080, 10

  3. mocha
    11:33 pm June 21, 2011 Permalink

    I want my post please….

  4. Chubby Chandler
    11:37 pm June 21, 2011 Permalink

    John Calipari, 1080, 10:15

  5. big blue
    12:04 am June 22, 2011 Permalink

    It’s okay, Drew. The next time you can’t think of something/someone creative to name the daily News and Views after, you can always name it after itself. No one will ever think less about your ability to give readers an intriguing dedication.

  6. hmmm
    12:19 am June 22, 2011 Permalink

    Krebs,1080,11 am. Is he ever on time? If he filled in Matt, it would be an afternoon shoe. J/k fav walkon of all time.

  7. TheVig
    12:19 am June 22, 2011 Permalink

    If this isn’t an “outing” of who NotJerryTipton is, then Drew Franklin is just as solid a team player as John Hood.

  8. hmmm
    12:21 am June 22, 2011 Permalink

    show not shoe lol

  9. CC
    12:37 am June 22, 2011 Permalink

    When do tickets go on sale for the MSG game?

  10. KC
    12:48 am June 22, 2011 Permalink

    UNC football received a notice of allegations from the NCAA.

  11. LCAT
    1:14 am June 22, 2011 Permalink

    how did you get a 160 dollar roundtrip? show me

  12. Ryan
    2:14 am June 22, 2011 Permalink

    When do tickets to the game go onsale?

  13. The Coin Vault
    2:58 am June 22, 2011 Permalink

    I’d rather get SAH than be a graduate assistant to krysaskldfjwekiekwansdqo…

  14. RondosDribblingHand
    3:11 am June 22, 2011 Permalink

    Is there something wrong with the podcast? I can’t listen to the show from today or yesterday. It’s just a blank square.

  15. KBIT
    3:28 am June 22, 2011 Permalink

    As to your point and statement concerning making love, I’ll take it any time I can get it…morning,night,mid-day, Im not picky personally !!!

  16. Ky76
    6:56 am June 22, 2011 Permalink

    BTI/1080/5:00 A.M

  17. Faustian Fan
    7:06 am June 22, 2011 Permalink

    Nice gratuitous slam on John Hood. Very constructive.

  18. redhead
    7:54 am June 22, 2011 Permalink

    John Calipari – 1080 – 10:15

  19. Al's IndiCats
    7:56 am June 22, 2011 Permalink

    Rita Rottencrotch, Methodist Hospital, 9

  20. Yesterdays
    9:37 am June 22, 2011 Permalink

    We should domo kansas next year. They have some talent, but no stars.

  21. RondosDribblingHand
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  23. Bob
    11:46 am June 22, 2011 Permalink

    is that Instanbul or Constantinople?

  24. hmmm
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