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The newest name to learn—– Damion James

So the UK recruiting merry go round continues. When one name jumps off, another jumps on. And the latest such name is Damion James, a forward that originally committed to Oklahoma but decided he didnt want to be coached by a 15 year old and has left the program since the hiring of Jeff Capel. With that decision, most Kentucky fans have taken the mindset of an NC State fan looking for a head coach and have assumed that James is of course headed for Kentucky. Message boards have been buzzing about the possibility of his future enrollment at Kentucky and some have even inquired about test scores. So the question is, what is the real status of this “recruitment”?

Well first of all, it is important to note that it was only TODAY that James was given his release from Oklahoma. Thus no school technically could begin the recruitng process for James until today. So, that must mean that James has indicated that Kentucky is one of his top choices, right? Well not exactly. James’s coach said “every school in the country wants him and we will go from there.” Well while it is true that Kentucky is one of the schools in teh country, that criteria puts the Cats in the same ballpark with Eastern Washington in terms of likelihood of enrollment.

Thus no matter what you heard, it isnt time to get excited about Damion James yet. We will know a great deal about whether Kentucky will actively recruit him in the next couple of days….but until then, everyone should take one step back. James is not only not a Cat yet, it isnt clear whether he is even considering being one.

And in marathon news, Day 3 found the toughest strain on the official KSR body. Two miles sounds short, but not when you havent run since high school. I found myself in the Hartland area of Lexington, watching as 16 year old girls doubled my speed, but were nice enough to wave in the process…..or maybe they were taunting…..I guess I will never know.

Article written by Matt Jones