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The NCAA strikes again with another “WTF” moment…

Dear NCAA,

Did Jay Bilas teach you nothing a few weeks ago when he called you out for your hypocrisy when it comes to using athletes’ jerseys to make money for the NCAA, while simultaneously not allowing athletes to profit off of their own image? Apparently not. 




The NCAA struck again with yet another “WTF” (that means what the F, Mom) moment. Another story that wreaks of the NCAA’s shear absurdity has started to gain traction over the last 24 hours. Buckle up and prepare to be disgruntled on this Sunday afternoon as we share a tale of the NCAA with you…

Steven Rhodes is not necessarily the stereotypical college freshman. Rhodes is 24 year old and will be entering his first year of college at at Middle Tennessee State University this fall. Rhodes took a slightly different route than most to get to this point, joining the Marine Corps first and serving his country before getting his education. Rhodes just recently finished up his 5 years of active duty as a Marine and made plans to play college football for MTSU as a walk-on this fall. The 6’3, 240-pound athlete has been used primarily as a tight end or defensive end thus far in fall camp. The opportunity appeared to be an unlikely dream come true for Rhodes, who thought he might have missed the chance at college athletics when he took the path less traveled.

Until the NCAA reared its ugly head. 

Soon after arriving on campus and starting practice with the Blue Raiders, Rhodes learned that he was declared ineligible by the NCAA to participate this year, and according to the rules must sit out as a redshirt for this entire season. Why, you might ask? Rhodes was told that his participation in a military-only recreational football league in 2012 is what makes him immediately ineligible. 

“This is extremely frustrating. I think it’s highly, highly unfair,” Rhodes said. “I just got out of the Marine Corps and I wanted to play.”

Rhodes was blind-sided by the fact that the games in which he described as resembling intramurals would deem him ineligible. Rhodes described the games as follows, “Man, it was intramurals for us. There were guys out there anywhere from 18 to 40 something years old. The games were spread out. We once went 6 weeks without a game.”


To read more about Rhodes’ journey and disappointment, check out the Daily News Journal’s full article here. 

Article written by Ally Tucker

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49 Comments for The NCAA strikes again with another “WTF” moment…

  1. bluetooth
    1:06 pm August 18, 2013 Permalink

    the ncaa makes me wanna puke . if he wanted to play for north Carolina or duke nary a word would be said .

  2. Mark Liptak
    1:12 pm August 18, 2013 Permalink

    Compare what is happening to this guy to that thug at North Carolina, P.J. Hairston. The Sergeant isn’t allowed to play but Hairston apparently is (at least until he kills someone with his reckless driving…)

    The NCAA is a disgusting farce but that’s what you get when it’s being run by a bunch of eggheads who have no idea what the real world is about.

  3. Bob mcDowell
    1:14 pm August 18, 2013 Permalink

    Perfect example of the incompetence and in consistency . Do you think anyone on the NCAA board has any formal education??

  4. Matthew P
    1:19 pm August 18, 2013 Permalink

    I would play him and tell them to stick it up their ass. By the time they do anything about it, the NCAA will be an irrelevant entity. At least it should.

  5. Bobbum man
    1:21 pm August 18, 2013 Permalink

    2 hit the bail on the head, u got Hairston who’s had several incidents Guna drugs impermissible benefits etc etc and will be playing while a guy who dedicated 5 years of his life to serving the country will have to sit out. What can you even say its just silly at this point

  6. Bobbum man
    1:22 pm August 18, 2013 Permalink

    Supposed to be nail, let get a petition started on KSR for this kid to play! Great publicity for the site too

  7. Rise
    1:24 pm August 18, 2013 Permalink

    I played basketball on my Air Force base team for four years. Does that mean I wouldn’t have any eligibility left? NCAA is a joke. Hypocrites.

  8. Lil c
    1:26 pm August 18, 2013 Permalink

    Agree with #6!! F the NCAA! The entire BBN should back this guy.

  9. JQ
    1:26 pm August 18, 2013 Permalink


  10. illsign
    1:27 pm August 18, 2013 Permalink

    #6 has a great idea. Really lets get a petition going and who knows how far that coud go. Something like that could be huge because you know this will get national arrention

  11. JRock1966
    1:37 pm August 18, 2013 Permalink

    If ever there was a time for the Commander-In-Chief to get involved and use his executive order privilege, I think this may be it.

  12. UKBlue
    1:38 pm August 18, 2013 Permalink

    Final Nail meet coffin

  13. UKBlue
    1:42 pm August 18, 2013 Permalink

    JRock got it: Obama needs to call on a free Obama phone & get this done. The guy is useless, so he might as well at least try to make himself useful. Then again Valerie Jarrett makes all the decisions, so she needs to make the call.

  14. The Microwave
    1:43 pm August 18, 2013 Permalink

    This is inexcusably pathetic. How can anyone take the ncaa seriously when it is the governing body of tens of thousands of young athletes and they repeatedly punish the clearly innocent and exonerate the clearly guilty?

  15. Eazy E or Eric Wright it's all the same
    1:44 pm August 18, 2013 Permalink

    Here’s another recent one..

    Donte Hill’s appeal for one more year at ODU was denied because he played 8 minutes in a closed scrimmage at Clemson just before deciding to transfer to ODU in 2010. EIGHT minutes in a closed SCRIMMAGE. Seriously?

  16. #FreeRhodes
    1:52 pm August 18, 2013 Permalink

    #FreeRhodes…do it, Cats Fans!

  17. WKU grad
    1:57 pm August 18, 2013 Permalink

    Way to thank a young man for his service, Emmert. What a joke. How can anyone, anywhere, even begin to think this is right? I hope this decision helps put the NCAA out of business.

  18. Here's your new petition
    2:05 pm August 18, 2013 Permalink

  19. Dee W.
    2:18 pm August 18, 2013 Permalink

    That’s ridiculous…a rec league affects his college participation? Absurd. Totally absurd.

  20. Do whut?
    2:20 pm August 18, 2013 Permalink

    Did anyone actually read the article? Basically everyone is upset because the NCAA has a rule and enforced the rule. If it had instead decided to selectively enforce the rule then it would be hypocritical. As it stands in this situation it is merely doing what a governing body should do. The fact that his military games count against his remaining eligibility is merely due to a rules oversight and as one of those involved repeatedly points out isnt really anyone’s fault. As for Hairston the NCAA makes no rulings on whether or not a team may retain you as a player based on criminal conduct and leaves such decisions up to member institutions. If it ever starts singling out kids at one school over another over such matters you have a point but until then not really. As usual a KSR writer stokes feelings rather than logic. A dangerous game indeed.

  21. Rei
    2:34 pm August 18, 2013 Permalink

    Signed it tbh.

  22. Experience
    2:39 pm August 18, 2013 Permalink

    Free the Marine….KSR Order a code Red! Mark Emmert says “Son, we live in a world that has college athletics, and those teams have to be guarded by men with pencils. Who’s gonna do it? You? You, Calipari? I have a greater responsibility than you could possibly fathom. You weep for PJ Hairston, and you curse the Tar Heels. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know. That Hairston’s eligibility, while tragic, probably saved lives. And my existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves lives. You don’t want the truth because deep down in places you don’t talk about at parties, you want me on that wall, you need me on that wall. We use words like honor, code, loyalty. We use these words as the backbone of a life spent defending something. You use them as a punchline. I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom that I provide, and then questions the manner in which I provide it. I would rather you just said thank you, and went on your way, Otherwise, I suggest you pick up a NCAA football jersey (google Johnny football), and stand a post. Either way, I don’t give a damn what you think you are entitled to.”

  23. Teachable Mo'
    3:21 pm August 18, 2013 Permalink

    “shear absurdity”

    Is that like the Dance of the Seven Veils w/ a mannequin? Or is the another stock misspelling joke?

  24. CATandMONKEY
    3:22 pm August 18, 2013 Permalink

    #20…Penn State football would beg to differ with you.
    Not a player, but nonetheless a situation where the NCAA had NO authority, yet chose to levy penalties. SEVERE penalties. So please do not imply that the NCAA actually , consistently operates under any semblance of structure.
    For the record, I believe Sandusky deserves anything and everything that prison might bring.

    The NCAA makes our Federal government appear to be competent and forthright. Amazing.

  25. shmatts
    3:24 pm August 18, 2013 Permalink

    The NCAA sucks and got this one way wrong, but the fact that he was a marine doesn’t matter

  26. Rei
    3:37 pm August 18, 2013 Permalink

    @24. #20 is just trolling this board. He was praising Joker earlier.

  27. Mark Liptak
    3:39 pm August 18, 2013 Permalink

    #20 — The “Outside the Lines” report quoted former staffers as saying the NCAA does EXACTLY what you are talking about. That they single out coaches and programs they think are dirty, apparently without a reason for it.

    Selective enforcement.

    The NCAA is an embarrassment and a joke.

  28. Are you a dumbass
    3:43 pm August 18, 2013 Permalink

    20. Yea hypocritical isn’t letting 2 particular universities get away with all kinds of academic fraud and player benifits. I’m sure since your so enlightened about their “rules” you would know that a player that doesn’t attend classes or assignments should not be eligible to play thus forth any games won during those games should be vacated… No? How about a COLLEGE KID with 30,000 and not a question asked as to where he got that. Bet if I gave a UK player 30gs he would be ineligible before I walked out of the room. Ncaa is the DEFINITION of hypocrisy!!!!!

  29. Usernametaken
    3:50 pm August 18, 2013 Permalink

    The Hairston deal isn’t about criminal conduct. The bigger issue is his receiving improper benefits regarding the rental cars.

  30. CATandMONKEY
    3:50 pm August 18, 2013 Permalink

    If anyone gave a UK player even 30 bucks towards a bus ticket for Christmas at home, Pete Thamel would be on it….right after Jerry Tipton.

  31. Do whut?
    3:55 pm August 18, 2013 Permalink

    #26 defending Joker from unfair criticism isn’t “praising him” and simply disagreeing with you doesn’t equate to “trolling” (what are you 17?). As to all the other responses I didn’t say the NCAA wasn’t hypocritical. Just that it isn’t in this particular situation unless someone has evidence to the contrary. Once again this board falls victim to polarizing black and white, good and evil thinking. “Everything the NCAA does is tainted and wrong everytime!!” What’s worse is the general public with an assist from entities like KSR talks about the big, bad NCAA as if it’s some dark, secretive organization out to punish the innocent and reward the guilty meanwhile profiting off of poor, exploited student athletes. The NCAA is NOTHING more than its member institutions. Don’t complain to this mysterious bogeyman. Instead call UK and the hundreds of other schools actually responsible for such governance.

  32. J in Orlando
    4:22 pm August 18, 2013 Permalink

    20 I think your personal biases is blinding you to the facts. The NCAA does enforce this rule selectively, there are rec leagues recruits of other schools play in that have not affected their eligibility. Hairston is a criminal, but what should affect his eligibility is the fact he is being provided cars by boosters

  33. Troll alert
    4:36 pm August 18, 2013 Permalink

    31. Funny I see you on all these post yet you criticize “entities like KSR”. You sir are a hypocrit as well and your argument is invalid. If you have such a problem with this site and how they present news or it “general public” commenters then you can Fu*k OFF! If not then shut your fuggin meat hole hard!!! Got it?

  34. Do whut?
    4:47 pm August 18, 2013 Permalink

    #33 or shall I say internet tough guy I challenge you to explain how at any point during your entire diatribe you even neared a cogent thought. I have no idea why you’re so upset but I recommend you not take website comment sections so seriously.

  35. Do whut?
    4:50 pm August 18, 2013 Permalink

    #32 I have no idea to which biases you refer. In fact, in my opinion I’m the only poster being objective in relation to the story. I would, however, welcome any evidence of other players who have skirted around this rule. Although that still wouldn’t put the NCAA in the wrong for enforcing the rule as it is written in this case. It would just reveal hypocrisy.

  36. Mary Jo
    4:52 pm August 18, 2013 Permalink

    This is sick and sad….there are people without enought to do.

  37. BBN
    5:00 pm August 18, 2013 Permalink

    Hey, i hope none of our current freshman football players participated in a street football game in the summer. By NCAA standards they might be ineligible this year. The governing body for NCAA Athletics is a joke. They selectively target certain member institutions, while allowing others (looking at you Puke) to get away with infractions (Maggette). President Obama should invite this gentlemen to the White House and declare him eligible. Seriously, the NCAA are morons. If he got paid to play in the intramural league then I could possibly understand, but I’m sure he didn’t.

  38. BigBlue
    5:00 pm August 18, 2013 Permalink

    I hope MTSU just plays this guy and says to hell with it.

  39. Troll alert
    5:08 pm August 18, 2013 Permalink

    34. You can call me what even. If you don’t understand what I’m trying to say either you don’t speak plain English or your teachers did a shitty job of teaching you reading comprehension. If you can’t understand what I’m saying you need to go back to 3rd grade (if you’re not some 1st grader as it is). Like my grandma always said you can’t talk sense to a fool, so I’m done talking to you and may God have mercy on your helpless soul.

  40. J in Orlando
    5:12 pm August 18, 2013 Permalink

    35 Me for one, I was in a rec league and did not lose any eligibility (albeit my career in athletics was cut short to pursue academic interests)…or how about they use the same gusto when deciding to investigate the Maziels and Bridgewaters of the world…you know who knows alot more than you about these things? the NCAA enforcers who resigned because they didnt feel right about being ordered to go after certain programs and spare others for the same infractions. This rec league can easily be construed to not violate NCAA rules…

  41. Judy
    5:24 pm August 18, 2013 Permalink

    Until college coaches ( and many, many of them) get some balls and sue these idiots nothing will ever change. The NCAA sucks and is out for themselves lining their pockets. A large group of coaches could hire an extremely good attorney and put these idiots to bed or at less strip them of their power in a major way. I also think the college presidents and AD’s should be part of this group joined with the coaches.

  42. J in Orlando
    5:31 pm August 18, 2013 Permalink

    35 You should actually read the rule you are defending…informal games on a military base for no money (basically a series of pickup games…Ive played in them) are not the sort of “organized competition” in which NCAA bylaw is trying to prevent participation

    If the player played in Olympic style competitions, representing our country, they are exempt…but you are defending a rule that the NCAA is using to say someone who defends our country and plays a little pickup football doesnt deserve to come back and resume accomplishing their life goals.

  43. NotSatire
    5:52 pm August 18, 2013 Permalink

    Once the power conferences have taken shape, that may be an ideal time to just ditch the NCAA as the governing body of College Athletics. Slive probably has the plan in his back pocket right now.

  44. Do whut?
    7:06 pm August 18, 2013 Permalink

    #42 I’m also not defending the rule. I’m merely defending enforcing the rule as it exists. Folks are putting a whole lot of words in my mouth (or keyboard). The rule exists as is. The NCAA is enforcing the rule as is. Isn’t that all we can expect? In fact isn’t that what everyone is complaining about? That the NCAA should enforce its rules as written? Then why are we complaining when it does just that. Again everyone is playing the all or nothing game. As the linked article points out the prior exemption for military “leagues” like the one Rhodes played in was dropped by the NCAA due to an oversight. Regardless the NCAA’s enforcement arm can’t/shouldn’t just ignore it’s own rules. The NCAA has proven to be an inept, inconsistent and perhaps even corrupt organization but that still doesn’t put it in the wrong for appropriately enforcing its rules. This kid still has an appeal in the works so it may all be much ado about nothing but either way I’m not going to just jump on the bandwagon of “everything the NCAA does is wrong and everyone associated with it is evil”. And again I’m going to remind everyone that UK and the hundreds of member institutions are the NCAA so if you want sweeping change may I recommend talking directly to the schools rather than creating and chasing bogeymen.

  45. Mark Liptak
    7:25 pm August 18, 2013 Permalink

    44 says, “I’m going to remind everyone that UK and the hundreds of member institutions are the NCAA so if you want sweeping change may I recommend talking directly to the schools rather than creating and chasing bogeymen.”

    Don’t worry about it, with the advent of the Superconferences, the NCAA will be reduced to NIT status.It’s coming…sooner rather than later.

  46. Troy
    9:18 pm August 18, 2013 Permalink

    Can ANYONE name a SINGLE student the NCAA has actually HELPED ?!?!?! What’s purpose does this corrupt organization serve any more?

  47. Al Golden
    10:27 am August 19, 2013 Permalink

    Dont worry everyone! When the NCAA renders its final ruling in the debacle of an investigation against the University of Miami it will all come crashing down around Emmert and the NCAA. Depending on the severity of the sanctions and if it includes further bowl banishment the “U” is prepared to sue the NCAA for its inproprieties in collecting information to further its case. The NCAA actually sent a letter of recommendation to the sentencing judge in the Nevin Shapiro ponzi scheme case even before any of his statements to them were substantiated and then retained his attorney as a special consultant. The NCAA wants to declare a Marine ineligible but has no problem teaming with a convicted felon guilty of stealing almost a billion dollars to further its ultimate goal of compliance,

  48. Big Blue Coming At You
    10:47 am August 19, 2013 Permalink

    44. Not when the rules don’t make any sense. There are exceptions to rules because some rules don’t make any sense. When athletes play for money, the rules should be enforced. When they are playing pick-up games, the rules shouldn’t apply. If they were playing flag football would you feel the same about the rule? This was far less than a basketball player playing AAU basketball yet they aren’t ruled ineligible because of it.

    I image the stink people will make of this will weigh heavily in the decision of his appeal. The guy puts his life on the line for his country, plays some pick-up football games.

  49. do whut? has mommy issues
    2:45 am August 20, 2013 Permalink

    I can’t wait for the site upgrade so dumbasses like do whut? will get banned by IP address. Eventually after you get through using different phones and internet connections hopefully you’ll be totally banned or at least get tired of trying. What a pathetic life you must live! Seems like posting on this site is mainly what your day consists of. I feel sorry for your wife and kids, if you have any. You must have been bullied throughout your life. Maybe you should try making an imaginary friend.