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The NBA – It’s For Adults


Not Pictured: Anything that has to do with this post.

As Kentucky and John Calipari fans, one thing has become clear this season.  Never has our program been so close with the NBA. Whether it’s LeBron coming to games, Magic doing the John Wall dance, the constant rumors of Cal to the big leagues, or the mass exodus of Wildcats to the pros, the Kentucky program has come a long way since the days of Rekalin Sims.  Even some of the fans have started caring about the NBA again.  But I’m not here to opine on the relevance of the NBA to UK, but instead share a couple interesting stories floating around that other league.

-Yesterday, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar went on record asking for an increased age limit for the NBA – to 21 years old.  Abdul-Jabbar believes that high schoolers need more than just one year to develop the skills – outside of talent – to make them successful in the NBA and later on in life.  For every John Wall there is a Ricky Sanchez and chances are you don’t own a Ricky Sanchez jersey – because not even Ricky Sanchez owns a Rickey Sanchez jersey.  It should be obvious to anyone reading that an age limit of 21 will never happen, but what he talks about is worth discussing.  After all he is one of the games greatest, and he cites his relationship with John Wooden as a reason for this idea, so it can’t be all wrong can it?

-But perhaps in line with Abdul-Jabbar’s request, Scores Gentleman’s Club has found a way to impose their own age limits on the NBA experience.  They have officially offered LeBron James free lap dances for life if he comes to New York next year, believing that this offer “might push James over the top.”  Yeah, because I’m sure “prices of lap dances” was on the top of LeBron’s Cons list for moving to New York.  While LeBron has yet to comment on the offer, Rick Pitino has expressed his interest in the Knicks job.

Article written by Will Lentz