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The Move into Television


If you havent heard already, beginning this week, I was hired by Insight Communications to help create and host sports programming on the new channel CN2. I am very excited for this opportunity and wanted to take a minute to explain what it means for those of you that read this site. CN2 is a channel that will be available to all Insight customers, meaning those of you who live in Louisville, Lexington, Northern Kentucky, Bowling Green and the Evansville areas. This is not the usual Insight public access channel that you are used to, but rather is a totally new entity, that will eventually cover news/sports and weather 24 hours a day. If you live in these areas, it will be on Channel 2 on your cable system. Some of the programming will also be available on the web at and we hope to continue to expand the market even further. I will be helping create programming that focus on UK sports with the exact same attitude and mindset that we have created here on KSR. That means following the team in-depth, but also with humor, irreverance and from a fan’s point of view. We launch the sports programming this fall, with the goal of building towards having a nightly sports show, in which I talk about local sports with various co-hosts, guests (including former players, coaches, etc) and give you a wrap-up of news of the day. Our goal is to try and bring the mindset that helped launch KSR into the television world and give fans coverage that they actually want to see.

With that in mind, some changes will occur. I am cutting back my law practice, and focusing more narrowly on the sports world. Jones and Bruce will still continue with Johnny and a new attorney and I will still do some legal work, but the age old question of “how much does Matt have time to practice law?” will be answered with, “not all that much.” It is a decision that I honestly never thought I would come to, but with this opportunity and the potential for some others down the road, it just makes sense. What will not change however is There is now more time to invest on the site and we will do so. The opportunities with CN2 will only help benefit the site, as it will give us more access, features for the readers and ability to give information in ways that we never have before. Plus the writers and members of KSR will hopefully make appearances on the ICN2 network with opportunities like the videotaping of our podcasts and other appearances on programming. All in all, KSR will hopefully only get better in the next few months, as I am able to focus more fully on the sports side of things.

I cant tell you how excited I am about this opportunity. I have wanted to enter the tv world for some time, but not surprisingly, breaking into the mainstream media world hasnt been the easiest for the KSR crew. But with this opportunity, we now have a new channel ready to cover sports from a different perspective and in a different way. The channel is starting from ground zero, but has a commitment, both financially and creatively, to make this work and give us the opportunity to do things a different way. It will be a long haul and a steep learning curve, but my commitment to put on great shows in the KSR style that you have grown to enjoy, is strong. This is the next step for us and I cant wait to get started. Our view is that sports programming in this state needs more absurdity, irreverance and BTI jokes. Thats what we begin today.

Article written by Matt Jones