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The least intimidating team photo of all-time


Behold!  The Duke University basketball team photo for this year.  I don’t really get the GoodFellas connection or how it pertains to OverratedGuys, but this picture make me feel much better about myself.  I’m 26.  Out of shape.  Not a fighter and not really prone to getting upset.  I also hate confrontations.  I probably bench press somewhere between 45 and 90 pounds.  However, with that being said, I will go on record and say that, besides Nolan Smith, I’m fairly certain that I could beat the hell out of every person on Duke’s basketball team.***  Or at the very least, I would have no reservations about at least giving it a whirl if they came in the stands and tried get all Ron Artest-y on me.  The collective intimidation factor of this year’s Duke basketball team is somewhere between a middle school volleyball team and the Teletubbies.

***Except maybe the guy who looks like Webster on the far right.  He gives me a “maybe I should be suspicious of him” vibe like in Men In Black when Will Smith shoots the cardboard cutout of the little girl with the quantum physics books.

Besides, everyone knows this is what champs look like anyway.  No plaid tablecloths here.

Article written by Thomas Beisner