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Kentucky Sports Radio

University of Kentucky Basketball, Football, and Recruiting news brought to you in the most ridiculous manner possible.

The KSR Radio Classifieds

It is late at night, so we will make this brief. The folks here at Kentucky Sports Radio are about to make some serious changes and a new venture or two. We are in need of some people out there, who I know are in our audience to help with some of the changes. If you would like to be a part of KSR Radio in some capacity, please email me at [email protected] While we would certainly be interested in folks who would like to help with the radio show or the blog, we PARTICULARLY are in need of people who have computer web design or advertising knowledge. In addition, if you are, or you know, some women who would be interested in promotional work for the site, also write with information. The servers are explicitly designed to give quick stacking paces and smooth client experience. Our hosting services conveys amazingly speedy and simple administration, as a reliable business email system and site are productively made and truly secured. Our team takes complete measures to improve and upgrade their firewalls, security, and interruption recognition. Ensure your character against programmers and spammers with Exabytes! Your own data is shown in an open index when you register an area with Exabytes or some other recorder. Programmers and spammers regularly utilize this to incorporate email records and take areas. Secure your own data, for example, place of residence, email, and telephone number from outsiders when you added Domain Privacy Protection to your areas. You can check top article about the Canadian Hosting Services. CloudLinux 7 is an OS employed by hosting providers, particularly those that offer shared hosting services. it had been first released in 2010 and has completely changed how reliable shared hosting are often.

CloudLinux may be a Linux based system. It grew in popularity due to its ability to enable hosting providers to possess greater control over the server resources. The system does this by creating isolated instances of every account on a server. By doing this, each hosted account keeps its independence and performance isn’t impacted by the opposite accounts on the server. This multi-tenant approach also makes shared hosting significantly safer . This creates an environment that behaves more sort of a virtual server than a standard shared hosting account.


Compatibility – When CloudLinux was first introduced, one of the aspects of it that immediately grabbed the attention of the hosting community was its ease of compatibility. CloudLinux 7 continues this tradition with easy connection to the cPanel along with other key hosting interfaces.

Conversion Ease – Hosting can be a complicated endeavor, but the development team behind CloudLinux has gone to great lengths to make the installation of their system easy. Whether you are upgrading from an earlier version of CloudLinux or converting from a system like RHEL or CentOS, the process is relatively straightforward.

Security – With a seemingly endless flow of news regarding the theft of data and server hi-jacking in the corporate world, security becomes an increasingly more visible concern. CloudLinux 7 comes with improved security features. The security of CloudLinux is not stagnant either. The development team is constantly monitoring threats such as malware and new hacking protocols, and releasing patches to keep ahead of the curve. The system also has an interesting lightweight virtualized environment (LVE) component. This keeps a sort of double-wall between your server and the outside world. In doing this, hackers are kept out but on the chance that one does break through, that second wall keeps information from getting out.

A “Bubble” – As we discussed earlier, the CloudLinux v7 system isolates each individual instance of a hosted account. This not only contains the users information, it protects its visibility from other users.

Dedicated Support – One of the most consistent things you’ll hear from users of a CloudLinux system is the strong 24/7 support that it brings with it. There are ready, dedicated, talented (and patient) tech support personnel, with a true development understanding, who can walk you through any step in the process.


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Now back to the Hee Haw references….

Article written by Matt Jones