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The KSR P.H.B. – Round Two – Marc Maggard vs. Jeff Goodman

If you’ve been paying attention, you probably noticed that this round was supposed to pit the wacky uncle of Kentucky basketball, Rob Bromley, against everyone’s favorite scout extraoirdinaire Marc Maggard. Well, the brass at KSR…ok it was me by myself, decided to right a wrong by inserting Jeff Goodman, who the fans pined for and should have been in the contest from the beginning. Bromley was the weakest remaining candidate, so I made the switch and now, folks, we have a Jim Ross slobberknocker on our hands.

Before that, we’ll get to yesterday’s business. Jerry Tipton’s negative nanciness trumped Chris Cross’ overall annoyingness. Cross was a darkhorse in this competition, but couldn’t overcome top-seeded Tipton, who will face the winner of today’s matchup. The best comment from yesterday:

from GummyBear:

To just say that Tipton is a jackass is to say that Everest is just a mountain.

(2) Marc Maggard – Well, here we are again. Let me start by saying that when Maggard is doing recruiting, he does it pretty well. Probably not worth paying for, but he does his thing and that’s fine. When Maggard gets into trying to be a reporter, well, this is what we get:

Marc Maggard will be surprised if Billy Donovan is not named as UK’s basketball coach withing 48 hours.

Marc Maggard is hearing that there is NEW LIFE for Billy Gillispie…..

March 27
Marc Maggard I fully expect Travis ford to be named UK head coach at some point in the near future now that Grant has accepted the Alabama Job.

Marc Maggard I am hearing from MULTIPLE good sources that Donovan to UK is done.

Marc Maggard There is now some saying the effort is underway to ANNOUNCE Billy Donovan as the new head coach at the 4:30 news conference. This is from one of my source.

Marc Maggard I’m not hearing anything on Calipari that makes me feel like UK gets him

Of course, all of this information was true at the time he heard it. I guess there are a few ways you can go about reporting information to the public. You could take every rumor you hear and report it, claim it’s all true when you hear it, then claim that some “things happened” that made 99% of the information false, then claim to be the first to report the 1% correctly.  Or, you could take the same rumors, research them to see if they have legs and then report only what can be verified. It seems you would get information the first way from a free blog and the latter way from a “Premium Site” with “Verified Sources.” But, in this crazy messed up world, it’s the other way around. Who would have thought?

And one final, personal note. There seemed to be some fun poked at KSR by some of the posters over at TrueBlue about the fact that our server was down the whole week of the coaching search. I guess you’ve got us there. But when you make fun of us to your friends, make sure you get all the facts straight (although it’s well-established that’s not a priority over there.) Yes, our site was near inaccessible. We had upwards of 11,000 people trying to log on at the same time all day every day. It was a feat our hosting company called the most impressive stream of constant traffic they’ve ever seen. We obviously suck. Bad. And we very well may need a new setup, server, etc. I thought about using this space to see if any of those fine folks at TBK have a contact for a high-traffic hosting partner, but considering their server only needs to be run by a team of earthworms to ensure it doesn’t crash, I doubt they’d be much help. Make fun of us for being hacks, losers, only good for a laugh, or whatever. But making fun of us for having half a million unique people on the site a day? My sources are telling me that’s just dumb.

(3) Jeff Goodman – By all accounts, Jeff Goodman is a really good sportswriter…as long as he’s not talking about Kentucky. I don’t even think he hates the Cats (although he wasn’t real fond of BCG), but I think he’s one of those writers that likes to push our buttons and knows just how to get us spitting mad, all while getting major traffic on his stories. Funny how that works out, huh? Keep in mind, though, that it’s all fun and games for Goodman now. But when he gets older and contracts “crabby-writer-stickinthebum-itis,” he could rival anyone’s combination of ability and experience when overcooking the collective grits of Kentucky fans, making him truly hateworthy. Truhtfully, Goodman is a friend of the site and it was my understanding he felt a little left out when the bracket was announced and he wasn’t a part of it. Well, buck up big guy. You’re in. Now do us proud.

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Article written by Hunter Campbell

I used to write here.