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The KSR P.H.B. – Round Three – Christian Laettner vs. Mike Krzyzewski

We’re here a little bit early today because this one is a doozy. But first, in the last macthup, Billy Packer earned his rightful place among the most supremely hated characters in Kentucky basketball history, besting (worsting?) Digger Phelps to advance to the final four. Here’s the best comment from the last matchup:

from lexslamman:

I just wanted to say that Billy Packer looks like Mikhail Gorbachev on a Vicodin binge.

It’s sort of been the assumption from the beginning of this thing that Christian Laettner was going to win it, hands down. We had to include him, because it just wouldn’t feel right without the guy, but along with his inclusion came the understanding that he would probably waltz through each round and claim his place as the most hated without challenge. So that’s how this has progressed and, up until this afternoon, was how I assumed it would continue until it’s bitter end. But a strange thing happened on the way to the coronation. I started thinking about Coach K.

Really, I started thinking about Duke. About him, and him, and of course him. And he gets his own sentence. The parade of pathetic players is just the beginning, though. Without Coach K, there would be no Cameron Crazies, and no Mike Patrick to swoon over them either. There would be no floor slap. Duke Vitale might still be Dick, and we might be able to stand him. We might not be subjected to the unchecked stream of admiration for all the things Duke has given the world.  Apparently the combination of Coach K and Duke is a model of perfection so great that it could be trumped only by thoughts of what the land’s finest coach-institution marriage could do, if its collective superhumanity was applied to something other than basketball and being ugly/pretentious. When it comes down to it, without Mike Krzyzewski there would be no Duke as we know it, and if that doesn’t at least get you to pause before you hit the vote button, nothing will.

Of course, even in light of all that, Laettner hit the shot, and I still hate that shot more than anything.

So there you go. How do you choose between the devil himself and his most evil acolyte? I have two computers in my apartment, so I’m copping out and voting once for each of them. It’ll be up to you to decide.

Vote in the poll and comment in the comments, obviously.

Article written by Hunter Campbell

I used to write here.