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University of Kentucky Basketball, Football, and Recruiting news brought to you in the most ridiculous manner possible.

The KSR P.H.B. – Round Three – Billy Packer vs. Digger Phelps

In action from earlier this week, he who we don’t speak of defeated Jeff Goodman to advance and will face Jerry Tipton for a spot in the final four. Here is the featured comment from Tuesday’s fun…

from Kige Is The Oracle at Delphi:

My $100/yr. would be better spent by giving it to the lawyers in London who are coordinating the transfer of my Nigerian lottery winnings. At this point, they’re more credible than MM and his posse. And trust me, I’m a “verified source” when it comes to the Nigerian lottery.

Now, onto today’s dinosaur matchup to see who will own the first spot in the final four…

(1) Billy Packer – Well, I’m gonna be writing about whoever wins this  again in a few days. Therefore, instead of wasting all my material (or proving that I don’t have any) I’ll simply direct everyone to Billy Packer’s page on Dickipedia, the encyclopedia of dicks. No, not like that.

(3) Digger Phelps – I must admit, Digger sports an impressive résumé in terms of dogging Kentucky and thus earning our hate. He did it from the sidelines and has made a miving doing it from his seat at the Worldwide Leader. However, I also must admit that most impressive is the fact that Bob Knight made it through the whole college basketball season without tying Digger up and making him watch as Knight shot skeet using those God-forsaken “tielighters.” I seriously had a bet with a friend this would happen, which I lost, but if the General hangs around ESPN for another year, keep your eyes peeled and listen for the “Pull!” It’s coming.

There you go folks. Two of the best of the best (worst of the worst?) when it comes to hating Kentucky, facing off for a coveted spot in the hater final four. Do your thing in the comments, vote in the poll, and, Billy and Digger, make sure and write an epic saga on the front page of your website explaining how much you don’t want to talk about us.

Article written by Hunter Campbell

I used to write here.