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The KSR P.H.B. – Round One – Seth Davis vs. Dick Vitale

In yesterday’s action, Digger Phelps edged fellow ESPNer Andy Katz by roughly 50 votes, advancing Phelps to the next round where he’ll meet John Feinstein. Here’s the best comment from yesterday:

from UKWildcat831:

Digger because you gotta vote for the man who hates UK more than most actual haters…That man is so dumb, its only a matter of time before he wears a black tie and has a sharpie to use as a “black highlighter”

This is the last matchup of the first round. I’ll post an updated bracket tomorrow and the second round will start on Monday. Try to contain yourselves for that long.

(4) Seth Davis – A late addition to the bracket, Davis has repeatedly proven he is wholly qualified to be the object of our scorn, mainly by repeatedly proving himself to be wholly unqualified to hold his position as a CBS studio analyst. Combining a lack of basketball knowledge (and skill, for anyone who saw the footage of him at the Michigan State camp) with a general arrogance only a Dukie could muster, Davis has grown from an up-and-comer in the hating on Kentucky game into a full fledged member of the club. In one famously fell swoop, Davis managed to garner the hatred of Kentucky fans and display his ignorance for the world to see. I’m referring of course to his hard-hitting halftime analysis of last year’s Georgia game, when he opined that Ramel Bradley really needed to pick up his play in the second half for the Cats to win. Somehow it went unnoticed to Mr. Davis that Ramel Bradley was counting fingers in the locker room due to the concussion he suffered early in the first half courtesy of Dave Bliss. Simply brilliant. And, more recently, there’s this.

(5) Dick Vitale – I hate to do this. I really do. Vitale has been good for college basketball over the years despite what people say about him. His personality, while insufferable to those of us who follow the game, has done more to attract mainstream viewers to college basketball than probably any one person over the last thirty years. All that said, I still can’t like the guy. Performing a frontal lobotomy on myself with a grapefruit spoon would be more enjoyable than turning to ESPN and listening to Vitale and his partner in lame Mike Patrick fawn over the Cameron Crazies. The four-year love boat ride that Vitale went on with JJ Redick was nauseating and turned him from mere annoyance to fully hatable. The deal was sealed, though, with his crusade against Billy Donovan taking the Kentucky job. To hear the man trying to actively undermine whatever efforts Kentucky was making to find a new coach was the end of the line for me. And, just weeks after his public plea for BIlly D, who could forget the infamous Jamal Bradley/Jamal Meeks column, which did little but stoke the flames of my anger towards Vitale and evidence his ignorance toward anything not involving a catch phrase. Or it might just prove that the intern that wrote his column did a poor job.  Either way, as far as Kentucky is concerned, Vitale has been far from a PTPer, or all Rolls-Royce, or whatever other BS name he could come up with. In closing, I’ll channel the response I was taught to give as a child any time Dickie V started talking, and probably speak for everyone here when I say, “Just shut up, Vitale.”

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Article written by Hunter Campbell

I used to write here.