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The KSR P.H.B. – Round One – Rick Pitino vs. Steve Wojciechowski

As expected yesterday, everyone’s second favorite large rat charged with the duty of leading a band of teenage warriors crushed Francisco Garcia in to a finely ground, hard to understand powder to advance to the second round. Just like I promised, here is your featured comment from yesterday’s festivities:

from bguk: If Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, and Coach K were standing in a line, and I had 3 bricks in my hand, I would throw all 3 bricks at Coach K.

All in all, the comments were pretty weak (not you though, Clay Aiken) but I expect today’s matchup to bring out the best…or worst…or whatever extreme would be most awesome. On to the hatin…

(3) Rick Pitino – This is a tough case, Mr. Pitino’s. It’s difficult to hate somebody who hung a championship and multiple Final Four banners, brought a string of talent through Lexington that likely will never be matched anywhere, and took the program from its lowest point to arguably its highest. Now, that incredibly long sentence aside, I still find it pretty difficult not to hate Rick Pitino. In the same breath as one can describe his coaching acumen, one could use the words ‘sell-out’ and ‘traitor’ to describe Pitino and, at least with most Kentucky fans, there would be little argument. He was unbelievable when he was here but since he left, and especially since coming back to Louisville, he’s just become kind of a dick, for glaring lack of a better word. I am like a lot of you, as his speech about Mr. Wildcat definitely hit home, but I can’t look at those pictures or the rafters at Rupp and not wonder how different things might have been had Slick Rick not come equipped with a price tag.

(6) Steve Wojciechowski – Steve Wojciechowski is a chauncey-ass bitch. I’m not sure how to accurately define that term for you, and I may be one of only a handful of people who regularly use it, but trust me, Wojo is the personification of a chauncey-ass bitch. Like a walking example sentence, sent from dictionary heaven. Wojo occupied the timeline of annoying white boys following Bobby Hurley and has been a fixture at Coach K’s bedside for the last several years as an assistant. Honestly, knowing what Wayne Turner did to him in 1998 makes this a bit of an “awww…poor wittle Wojo” sort of hate. But the image of him squirming around on the ground still makes me sick. And, after watching the video again, it makes me pretty excited about the day it’s Billy Packer’s turn in this little party.

There you go folks. The battle to see who will face Coach K in the next round. Now…do your thing in the comments and vote in the poll to the right.

Article written by Hunter Campbell

I used to write here.