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The KSR P.H.B. – Round One – Marc Maggard vs. Larry Glover

We’re back folks, here with another round of hatin’ for all you ladies and gents. Last week, the venerable Jerry Tipton defeated the evil Bryan the Intern to move on to the next round. Your comment:

from AlohaStateWildcat:

Didn’t Tipton break the UK point shaving story back in the day? And I’m talking about the one in 1903 against Lexington YMCA.

As for BTI, I don’t hate him. Like with alcoholism: hate the disease, not the person.

(2) Marc Maggard – It’s been a while since we had a good old fashioned Maggard day, but fret not, it is here. One of the most frustrating figures to ever smack talk on the internet, he’s been annoying Kentucky fans for what seems like forever. Of course, he also works for a website that is far and away more popular than ours, unless you pay attention to, you know, actual data. Seriously, Marc is a, um, seasoned scout and great evaluator of talent. Sorry, I couldn’t even keep a straight face after I wrote that. When not annoying Bruce Pearl, Maggard and his fans patrol the interwebs, crouched in nerd-pounce position, looking for anything even remotely non-complimentary of the frosted one. In fact, all three of them will probably be here soon to make our day. We can only hope they show up to correct us in all fields where we are failures and they are experts. Like, how to be jackholes on the internet.

neither of these guys is Larry Glover

(7) Larry Glover – A list of actual responses when I asked people what they thought of Larry Glover:

“You mean those shirts that change color? I love those things.”

“Dude, Lethal Weapon.”

“Glover? Man, I like the girl, but I don’t know if I Glover.”

According to Glover’s absolutely hilarious Wikipedia profile, his career in broadcasting began when he correctly picked Duke to beat Kentucky in “The Game,” which would normally be enough to garner my vote. However, I’m mailing this one in because I don’t personally dislike Mr. Glover and because he’s up against Maggard, and the easier I take it on Glover, the worse it makes the tips look. And you all thought I didn’t have a plan.

So, by this point, you know to vote in the poll and comment in the comments. To be fair, however, Maggard reported six weeks ago that he indeed was the winner of this matchup. See, for only $9.99 a month, you could have known the news we’ll all know for free tomorrow, today! Have fun people.

Article written by Hunter Campbell

I used to write here.