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The KSR P.H.B. – Round One – Joakim Noah vs. Tony Harris

In truly depressing fashion, Mike Dunleavy, Jr. completed the Duke sweep of Louisville by taking down Denny Crum. He’ll face Christian Laettner in the second round, which is slated to begin sometime in the future. Here is the pinnacle of your commenting greatness:

from SlickRick48:

Dunleavy is not even a speck on my radar. I can’t hate someone who is so insignificant to me. I nothing you Mike Dunleavy.

Now, onto the hatin’:

(1) Joakim Noah – The sight of Joakim Noah still, to this day, makes me madder than any other player…even him. No part of Joakim Noah doesn’t irritate the hell out of me. Even the double negative I just had to use to describe him. The chest pounding, the smirking, the dancing, the chest pounding, the jacked up free throws, the chest pounding, the shots and clips of his parents. Then, there was the swipe he took at our cheerleder. But you know what the worst of it was? For two years while Noah was a prominent member of the team (since as a freshman we only got to make fun of him for being ugly), Florida beat us mercilessly. They flat kicked us in the teeth, only once out of four games leaving us within 13 points. And Noah let us know about every second of it. He used to love to beat Kentucky and talk junk the whole time. Laettner may have given us all the biggest stomach punch in Kentucky history, but no team has ever given us repeated haymakers like Florida did during their two-year run. And the fact that Noah was the unbelievably annoying spokesperson for those Florida buzzsaws makes him pretty damned hateworthy.

(8) Tony Harris – The starting point for hatable Tennessee players of the last decade. Extremely proficient at chirping while lacking those pesky ‘skills’ that make someone a good basketball player. I could go on, but Bryan the Intern did a helluva job breaking Harris down on Tennessee hate day, so I’m going to let his words speak.

Try to decide which one of these guys sucks more without your head exploding, discuss your hatred in the comments and vote in the poll to the right.

Article written by Hunter Campbell

I used to write here.