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The KSR Mailbag, Vol. 1, No. 7

Welcome to the KSR Mailbag! The idea for this feature wasn’t born from the many, many mailbags associated with sports blogs and TV shows…oh, no, that’s way too cliche. The KSR Mailbag was born from the halftime break in KSR’s live blogs, during which I would take over for the guys while they went to use the bathroom or flirt with the lady in charge of the nacho cheese dispenser. During those halftimes, you and I talked about just about anything: life, love, the pursuit of happiness, Triscuits vs. Wheat Thins…you name it, we covered it. Heck, sometimes we even talked about sports.

So think of this as the “halftime” of your week. Starting on Thursday of each week, tweet your questions to me @MrsTylerKSR with the hashtag #ksrmailbag, and if they’re worthy, they’ll make the cut and will be posted on Wednesday’s KSR Mailbag, along with my response. Leggo!

Swimming for sure. I swam growing up (Go Aqua Ads!) and therefore tend to completely geek out over it. I’m wholly invested in the Ryan Lochte vs. Michael Phelps rivalry, with both feet solidly in Team Lochte’s camp. Michael has changed the sport and is still astounding to watch, but Lochte’s transformation over the past four years has been inspiring to watch. He’s no longer content to play second fiddle to Phelps, and while they both will make America proud, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t rooting for Lochte to hit the wall first in the 400 IM. Plus, he’s hot.

Other than swimming and basketball, I’m looking forward to track and field, gymnastics (not rhythmic, the ribbons freak me out), and even a few random sports, like trampoline and race walking. That’s right, race walking is an Olympic sport. In fact, it’s been one since 1904. Scoff if you must, but these are not your average old ladies power walking the mall on a Saturday morning. Race walkers are legit. The world record in the 20 km race walk is 1:17:16. That’s a 6.2 minute mile. Pretty impressive. If you’re like me and wonder how they tell the difference between a fast walk and a slow jog, here you go: race walkers must have one foot on the ground at all times, and the supporting leg must straighten from the point of contact with the ground and remain straightened until the body passes directly over it. If that’s not enough to convince you to tune in, just watch:


Although Anthony would definitely have the stride advantage, I don’t think he has the hips for race walking (how many sports can you say that about?). But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to see him try.

I don’t blame Maker’s Mark for donating money to UofL…Bill Samuels, Sr. and his wife did graduate from there after all. Besides, who’s to say they haven’t been interested in donating money to Kentucky at some point, either? However, I understand the ire that comes with a Kentucky brand shilling for the Cards, so if cracking open your collectors bottles soothes your anger, then go for it. Even better? Crack that red wax seal once Kentucky beats Louisville on September 2nd. It’s okay, Monday is Labor Day, so you can sleep off your hangover.

I can’t answer for Mr. Franklin, but I’ve always been a Woodford Reserve girl, or if someone else is paying, a Pappy Van Winkle lady. This does open up a good discussion though: what’s your favorite Kentucky bourbon?

You’re off to a great start. I think a John Short fathead, a pack of screaming kids, and maybe some of those Thunder sticks would do the trick. Sure fire way to get on the radio? Bring the real Nate to the show and have him explain why he hates Matt. That would be awesome radio.

You might expect a basketball coach to be confused when they find out the “Peach Schnapps Jam” isn’t really an AAU tournament, but instead a jam band music fest in Gulf Shores. Billy, however, didn’t seem to mind. In fact, he signed a whole team of new recruits, which were oddly, all named Amanda and specialized in body shots.

See above, after twelve peach daiquiris.

Ugggggggh, I’d have to say 49-49 against UofL, but it’s close. Know what I did when wedding planning got really stressful? Watched Kentucky highlights on loop. In the end, what’s more important: the tablecloths at the reception (that people will barely notice) or Kentucky bringing home #8? Exactly. It’s all about perspective. For those of you struggling through wedding planning, I’ll be releasing “Mrs. TT’s Wedding Planning for Kentucky Fans” this fall, which will include classy ways to incorporate the Cats into your special day, a breakdown of the John Wall dance for the reception, and proper C-A-T-S arm positioning for photos. Look for it on The KSR Shop!

Probably because you submitted their beloved coworker’s song up to KSR for everyone to see and make fun of. Trust me, you’re better off.

Awesome job this week. Keep the questions coming… @MrsTylerKSR.

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

No, I will not make you a sandwich, but you can follow me on Twitter @MrsTylerKSR or email me.

51 Comments for The KSR Mailbag, Vol. 1, No. 7

  1. Coach Durbin
    12:06 pm July 25, 2012 Permalink

    Pappy is tough to beat but also VERY difficult to find (and afford). My favorite of the more widely released bourbons is Knobb Creek. Tough to beat IMO

  2. Matt
    12:12 pm July 25, 2012 Permalink

    Willett bourbon or Jim Beam black label

  3. Rick
    12:16 pm July 25, 2012 Permalink

    Buffalo Trace is awesome but Blantons is hard to beat…..

  4. Karl Malone
    12:17 pm July 25, 2012 Permalink

    Kentucky Gentlemen.

  5. joe
    12:17 pm July 25, 2012 Permalink

    wild turkey rare breed…1792…blantons…heaven hill single barrel

  6. adam
    12:19 pm July 25, 2012 Permalink

    Eagle Rare

  7. MustacheMan
    12:21 pm July 25, 2012 Permalink

    If you like Woodford you should give Old Forester a try. Same maker, less expensive and damn delicious.

  8. Ieatmyboogers
    12:29 pm July 25, 2012 Permalink

    Booker’s, hands down.

  9. UK
    12:32 pm July 25, 2012 Permalink

    lmao at ms tyler thompson thinkin that dude’s hot lol. u must be pretty easy lol

  10. Coolioo
    12:32 pm July 25, 2012 Permalink

    Elijha Craig!!! Woodford is just Old Forester anyway! Pappy isn’t even made by pappy….

  11. BnBK9
    12:33 pm July 25, 2012 Permalink

    Brown-Forman, the distiller of Woodford Reserve, has donated a lot more money to UofL than Makers ever has.

  12. KT
    12:36 pm July 25, 2012 Permalink

    Kentucky Tavern is the bomb for 1/3 of the price.

  13. John W
    12:38 pm July 25, 2012 Permalink

    Tyler went to my former highschool?? She just got that much cooler.

  14. bbanks
    12:43 pm July 25, 2012 Permalink

    Four Roses Single Barrel and Small Batch hands down!!

  15. bg
    12:47 pm July 25, 2012 Permalink

    PVW 23. Best bourbon I’ve ever had. Took 18 mos of searching(I live in Nashville) but was finally able to score a bottle. Amazing.

    Also–I thought I remembered that the SEC forbids alcohol affiliations with the Universities(or at least the sports programs). Could be why Makers hasn’t done something for UK. I could also be quite wrong.

  16. UKUKUK1865
    12:53 pm July 25, 2012 Permalink

    Willett. Superior bourbon in a great pot still bottle.

  17. lexslamman
    1:01 pm July 25, 2012 Permalink

    I like Bullitt for recreational drinking, Pappy Van 23 year for special occasions.

  18. Vtak
    1:02 pm July 25, 2012 Permalink

    No love for Angel’s Envy? Hands down my favorite!!!

  19. Pu
    1:03 pm July 25, 2012 Permalink

    Four Roses small batch or Basil Hayden. Bulleit is good, too.

  20. kjbadge
    1:05 pm July 25, 2012 Permalink

    My local Houston Bourbon Club would argue there all good. Some are just better than others e.g. Woodford Reserve and Blanton’s. Hard to PVW in Houston. The local retailers only get two limited shipments per year.

  21. KentuckyBlue
    1:06 pm July 25, 2012 Permalink

    UofL support or not, Makers 46 is really good, has to be my favorite. Never had PVW, haven’t quite reached the Blanton’s $50 bottle status level yet.

  22. Blake
    1:08 pm July 25, 2012 Permalink

    23 Year Pappy Van Winkle is by far the best, followed by a close second of Eagle Rare 17 Year, as more of an everyday affordable social drink, Bulleit Bourbon is hard to beat. It is not as popular as most but it is on the rise!

  23. PortlandCat
    1:09 pm July 25, 2012 Permalink

    Don’t front on that Ancient Age! FKT reprezentin’!

  24. Lawrenceburg's Finest
    1:14 pm July 25, 2012 Permalink

    Wild Turkey!! Give ’em the bird!

  25. Guest
    1:14 pm July 25, 2012 Permalink

    Rowan’s Creek. 100.1 proof and as smooth as Ramel.

  26. FourRoses
    1:16 pm July 25, 2012 Permalink

    Four Roses Small Batch is tough to beat in that price range. S/O to Ole Basil Hayden, as well.

  27. CatGrad7072
    1:16 pm July 25, 2012 Permalink

    For 100 proof, go with Rowan’s Creek
    For 90 proof, try Old Fitzgerald Very Special 12 Yr.
    Both are @$33 a bottle.

    Like #7 said, Old Forrester is good also.


  28. UKBlue
    1:17 pm July 25, 2012 Permalink

    If you want to screw yourself over, open your Makers collective bottles. Those bottles still have value, if you open them, then they lose their value. So if you want to screw yourself over, knocking yourself out.

    Damn these people haven’t had good bourbon: Pappy Van Winkle. Bulleit, Woodford, & Blanton’s aren’t bad in a pinch.

    Did anyone figure out who the Real Christina is

  29. UKBlue
    1:18 pm July 25, 2012 Permalink

    Old Forester is just the cheaper version of Woodford

  30. Knows better
    1:19 pm July 25, 2012 Permalink

    I shouldn’t tell this, but Weller Reserve 12 yr is the best. I Am in the bourbon business and Weller 12 yr is pappy but only 12 years old!!! This makes it better because it’s not so much oak. Its hard to find because people in the know buy it by the case when they can find it.

  31. The Truth
    1:20 pm July 25, 2012 Permalink

    Only one family owned and operated producer left in KY, all the Heaven Hill Products! Four Roses (Japanese owners), Beam (Chicago based public company), Brown Forman (Public company), Bulliet (British), Wild Turkey (Italian), Buffalo Trace (New Orleans)……

  32. Kalan
    1:20 pm July 25, 2012 Permalink

    Found a bottle of George T. Stagg once and that was absolutely incredible. 15 year old, unfiltered, from Buffalo Trace I think.

    @19 Bulleit was the go to for Football games and Graduation! The pint fit perfect into the pants band.

    Go Cats!

  33. Maxbps8
    1:20 pm July 25, 2012 Permalink

    Try 1792 and/or Eagle Rare. You will be glad you did. Both are made by Thom. Moore Distilleries which is owned by Sazerac. And no, I am not an employee. Just a bourbon aficionado. One of my measures of a good bourbon is one that is good however you drink it: neat, on the rocks, splashed, or mixed – Sprite is my personal favorite.

  34. blitzedanddazed
    1:23 pm July 25, 2012 Permalink

    Who the hell cares about Bill Samuels or Markers mark ?

  35. theOz
    1:38 pm July 25, 2012 Permalink

    ChristinaN_BBB: /

    Sports chick, Libertarian, writer, finance & tech girl. I was born in 1989, but I’m an old soul – my father has seen to that. University of Kentucky alumna, finance professional, graduate student. #BBN (Big Blue Nation for the uninitiated)

    Could she be Christina Neda, Class of 2009?

  36. Hal
    1:42 pm July 25, 2012 Permalink

    you’re getting ripped off if you buy 15+ year bourbon.

  37. bg
    1:49 pm July 25, 2012 Permalink

    @33–1792 is one of the best on the market for it’s price. Don’t love it neat/rocks–just doesn’t have the depth I like, but for the $20/bottle or so that it is it’s great.

    @30–didn’t know Weller was a wheated bourbon as well. Thanks for the tip!

  38. john anson
    1:55 pm July 25, 2012 Permalink

    john say: makers has contributed $8,ooo,ooo (eight million DOLLARS ) to the university of kentucky from special bottles. this is a fact can be verfied by UK. I SAY THATS GOOD FOR FORMER TRUSTEE, OF UL AND LOUISVILLE RESIDENT MR. BILL SAMULES. BILL IS VANDY GRAD. KEEP UP GOOD WORK BILL.

  39. JDW
    2:20 pm July 25, 2012 Permalink

    KY is the Bourbon capital of the world, I sure wouldnt mind seeing a corporate sponsorship from a local distillery for a new football stadium. “UK’s Buffalo Trace Stadium” The beast of Bourbon teamed up with UK. I cant think of a better or equal corporate sponsor that says Kentucky other than Bourbon or Horses.

  40. TruthGirl
    2:25 pm July 25, 2012 Permalink

    ChristinaN_BBN is a fraud. Her first two avi’s on Twitter came from a MySpace page. Every picture she has tweeted since, even her current avi do not look the same. I really hope people get smart and stop following her.

  41. SexnNursinHomes
    2:26 pm July 25, 2012 Permalink

    Jim Beam 4 yr old.

  42. Dick Vitale
    2:51 pm July 25, 2012 Permalink

    Johnny Drum (15 yr Private Stock) Its the good stuff baby!!

  43. MIDDAY
    2:51 pm July 25, 2012 Permalink

    PVW 23 = best ever had

    Bookers = Best that’s easy to find

    Knobb Creek = best for every day partaking and bourbon balls

  44. Not Drew
    2:56 pm July 25, 2012 Permalink

    ChristinaN_BBN is Drew’s wife.

  45. Anthony Davis Has A Posse
    3:49 pm July 25, 2012 Permalink

    For just casual sippin’, Buffalo Trace is the best value in bourbon in my opinion. Better than Maker’s and a few bucks cheaper.

  46. Caliparty
    7:55 pm July 25, 2012 Permalink

    Kentucky Gentleman is the best. Easy.

  47. justlew
    8:34 pm July 25, 2012 Permalink

    Basil Hayden, namesake for a former cat.

  48. Smiley Pete
    8:55 pm July 25, 2012 Permalink

    George T. Stagg if you have the stomach for a serious bourbon, otherwise Basil Hayden.

  49. parkways
    9:54 pm July 25, 2012 Permalink

    Woodford Reserve is my choice for special occasions. On other days, I prefer to drink the bourbons that my friends have considered bargains: Weller and Old Forrester.

  50. filbert
    10:46 pm July 25, 2012 Permalink

    Evan Williams

  51. Jed Bartlet
    10:03 am July 26, 2012 Permalink

    #31 – you are correct, and they make Henry McKenna, a fine bourbon with a reasonable price tag (but hard to find in Louisville). Someone called the show this week and gave McKenna a shout out. Good stuff!!!