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The KSR Goes To Boston Wednesday News and Views


KSR is walking through that door!

If you know me, surely I have told you about this.  But for those of you that aren’t privy to my inane musings on a daily basis, my dad secured me a ticket to the Garden for NBA Finals game 4 as a graduation present. In other words, I now know what it feels like to be Bill Simmons.  Yet here we are, the night before the trip, and due to the new season of Who Wants To Be A Blogger, the KSR compound is burning the midnight oil and I’m bringing you the News and Views.  Roll with me, just for tonight, and we can knock these things out.

–Like I said, I’m going to Boston for game 4.  The plan is to take my flip camera and document the events, from Kobe’s after party to me seeing if I can pass for Brian Scalabrine.  Honestly?  I don’t think anyone will be able to tell the difference.  Still, we’re looking for ideas on places to go and things to shoot KSR style, so let me know in the comments what you guys would do.

–In Kentucky news, not too much is going on.  At this point, all the attention is turned towards former students who are getting pro contracts.  From Corey Peters signing a sizable contract for the Atlanta Falcons, to Bat Cats Chris Bisson, James Paxton, and Logan Darnell all getting drafted, it was a decent day for UK graduates.  On the other hand, both Drew Franklin and myself are still looking for jobs.

–And of course, the Draft Cats are still going hard.  As Matt noted, Patrick Patterson seems to be impressing everyone he comes in contact with, John Wall has already created a rock star following in Washington, Demarcus Cousins has ‘graduated from hungry and made it to greedy,’ whatever that means, Daniel Orton is taking a pottery class online, and Eric Bledsoe is burning up the phones at KLAW looking to sue whatever assistant coach was childish enough to leak a high school kids transcript.  In other words, not much has changed with our basketball heroes.

–The blogger contest has started off as all blogger contests do, slightly behind schedule.  But nevertheless, the finalists have been picked and you can view them below. Again, there was a vast number of entries, and as much as I wanted to pick the cute girl who only included a picture but no entry, we had to go with UKAndrew.  I mean it’s UKAndrew!  It should be a fun (and hopefully quick) contest this year, so stick around.  The winner gets their very own night on the town with BTI.  You’re welcome, cute girl.

–Speaking of going to Boston, the Celtics couldn’t quite pull one out tonight (the teachings of Rick Pitino have really stuck with that club.)  On the one hand, it’s not likely Ray Allen goes 0 for 13 again.  On the other hand, it’s not likely he goes out of his mind like he did in game 2 again.  Which would you think is more likely, he scores 30+ a second time, or less than 6 a second time?  Anyways, the Lakers don’t win this one without Derek Fisher, and the Celtics don’t lose without Ray Allen.  It’s still anyone’s series, and with another UK alum coming to Boston, Rondo won’t have to do it all on his own.

Follow me on twitter @wslentz, and I will try and have updates about the trip.  Also feel free to send me suggestions on there too.  Have a good one guys, I’ll be back soon.  Love you.

Article written by Will Lentz