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The Great Debate


Evan Turner or John Wall? The question has been debated over the internet and sports talk shows this week and the rumblings will continue until the final announcement. Sports Illustrated had two of its writers compose columns in support of each of the players and the John Wall one came out this afternoon.

The writer poses this question:

“If you were starting a college team from scratch and the only information you had to work from was what you’ve seen this season, who would you pick first?”

 He says he’s choose Wall, and “it wouldn’t even be close”.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to go into statistical analysis on this one, because let’s be honest all these post season awards are completely subjective. There is no statistic that guarantees value to a team and there is no common thread among past winners (except that they haven’t worn Kentucky jerseys).

If I were trying to  be completely objective in choosing my vote, I’d look at one simple question: If they switched teams and Evan Turner played for Kentucky while Wall suited up for Ohio State (keeping the same supporting players on each team), would their prospective teams be better or worse off. Even choosing objectiveness, I’d say Ohio St. would come out better than Kentucky in such a switch.  I don’t think anyone can deny that every team in America would be better off with John Wall on their roster, no matter what their current point guard situation is.

Out of all the things I’ve read debating these two players, I’d say this Slam article is the best. Now granted, they’re trying to sell their new issue with Cal and company on the cover, but I’d say his points make sense as to why it should be Wall over Turner.  Whomever they choose, there is sure to be controversy, but at the very least don’t you think that the most historic program of all time should finally be able to boast a player of the year? I think so.

Article written by Katie Martin