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“The Great Barnum and Bailey show is about to begin”

Or so says Alan Cutler of today’s media day.  The John Calipari era is upon us and, prior to his official public unveiling tomorrow, the players and the coaches will be meeting with the media.  Matt live blogged the lunch festivities below (mmm lasagna) and we’ll continue to update this post as he texts me news and interesting happenings.  So, keep hitting “refresh” over and over until our ad sponsors are happy and feel free to talk all things UK basketball in the comments in the meantime.  Ladies and gentleman, basketball season is upon us.

– Miss Kentucky Maria Montgomery is doing interviews in her sash.  She’ll likely be wearing a tool belt laced with mace, tazers and road flares for Rick Pitino’s media day.

 – It seems as if everyone in the Kentucky media is there and Matt said it is the biggest crowd he’s ever seen at a UK media day.

 – The eye candy of the day so far is Alan Cutler, who is exposing several square inches of hair-covered chest.  Also, on the media sign-in sheet where you write your name and where you’re from, he simply wrote “Cutler”.  Recognize.

 – When they arrived, Daniel Orton and DeMarcus Cousins were playing HORSE and Orton hit a one-handed, underhand three pointer.  So, should you find yourself on the blue courts randomly with him, don’t think you can hustle him.  He’s a HORSE shark.

 – DeMarcus Cousins praised Patterson quite a bit and when asked about his goals, he said “to make history”.  When asked if they could go undefeated, Cousins smiled and said “we aren’t thinking about that”.

 – An early leader for a great quote, Cousins said he likes Bledsoe because they are “from the same dirt”.  I like that.

 – When DeAndre Liggins was asked about being the only guy in practice who could keep up with John Wall, Liggins looked up and said “Who said that?”.

 – Liggins did stress how different it was this year and called everything “exciting”.  He said that this offense is a much better fit for him than last year’s version.

 – Daniel Orton said he will return this summer to California to work with Hell’s trainer.

 – Some interesting words from Eric Bledsoe who said if Gillispie had stayed at UK, he would have gone to Florida.  I can’t recall a player publicly saying something like this up until today.

 – Also, Bledsoe told Matt that John Wall coming to UK made him want to be here more.  He said he wants to be pushed and wants “nothing handed to him”.

 – Matt said John Wall is a pro with the media and when Matt asked him about being named pre-season National POY by Goodman and Parrish, he said it was an honor.  Dick “Hoops” Weiss followed up and asked what Wall thought pressure was and he replied “That.  I didn’t know that”.

 – Harrellson says Patrick Patterson has become one of the best shooters on the team. He added that when playing pickup, he will hit 99/100 shots inside the three-point line. That’s Beisner-like efficiency right there.

 – We love DeMarcus Cousins around here.  This is no secret.  But, I didn’t realize it was fate until Cousins said his favorite band was Boyz II Men at media day today.

 – Later on in the day, we’ll discuss what Mark Krebs said about the differences between the treatment of the players under Gillispie and Calipari.  Lots of good stuff for later on.

 – Matt is getting set to live blog the Calipari press conference, so stay tuned for that….

Article written by Thomas Beisner