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The Future for Derrick Jasper


By now you have certainly all heard the rumors that Derrick Jasper will be transferring from Kentucky. The last 24 hours have been classic internet stuff, with everyone telling what their “source” was saying about the potential for the point guard from California who played on one leg for most of the year, to end up somewhere other than Lexington next season. Jasper, who has struggled with homesickness for some time at Kentucky, is said to be ready to leave or has his foot out the door already, depending on who you believe. At this point with all the rumors and tidbits, it is hard to get a real grasp on what is going on with the situation. Thus here is what I do know and what (at least to my knowledge) remains to be seen….

I was told that approximately two weeks ago, Jasper mentioned the possibility that he might head back to the West Coast at the end of the school year. From what I understand, the coaches talked to Jasper and most believed at that point he would stay. Earlier in the week, when I got a couple of questions about it, I assumed it was this old story coming up again and spoke with someone close to the team who told me that all was fine. Then on Tuesday night, apparently Jasper once again (at least according to my source) expressed an interest in going and brought the issue back up. I was then told that as of now, the status was “up in the air.” The reason is not the fact that he doesnt “feel the love” from the fans or somehow feels neglected, but rather just that he misses home and being close to his family. I do know that he worked out with the guys on the team yesterday and is still a part of the activities going on. But as for what the future holds, I am told that it still is not certain.

Apparently however others have heard more definitive statements. Larry Vaught, who is as good as they come, said on on Wed night that he heard he was gone. That may very well be true. Coach Clyde has a press conference scheduled for 10 am today….an odd time to say the least, considering these stories are out there. It would not be shocking in the least if he used that time to talk about the situation. Either way, even if that is not the purpose of the event, he surely will be asked about Jasper and a definitive resolution will be settled. But for the next few hours at least, the issue is up in the air.

Speculation is part of the internet and is one reason we are all attracted to it. Derrick Jasper was a key part of the resurgence of this year’s team and could continue to have that role in the future. However he may question the recruiting of a similar player at his position, in his class in Kevin Galloway and may simply want to head back to the West Coast. We dont know….but unless Coach Gillispie refuses to answer questions on Jasper today, chances are that whatever the case about Jasper may be, the speculation will soon be ended. By 10 AM today, the future of Derrick Jasper at UK should be known.

Article written by Matt Jones