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The Frosted One Continues His Support of the Players

I sometimes get asked, “why do you guys always talk about Maggard? We know what he is, so why continue it on the site? It is immature and just takes down the other things you do on the site.” And that is more than a fair point. But if Maggard didnt exist, one would almost have to create him, because virtually everything he does makes me laugh.

Take the latest Maggard-ism, pointed out to us by a couple of readers the last few days. You might remember Maggard being up in arms because we suggested that the reason Matt Pilgrim will not be at UK had a bit to do with off-the-court issues as well as the talent level on the team. Maggard retorted that Calipari thought Pilgrim was “too talented” to stay at UK and it was because of that talent that he was transferring. In addition, he lambasted this site for “not being respectful of players” on the UK roster and being “harmful to the program.” While I always love the last criticism (who was more harmful to the program…this site, who acknowledged the train wreck that was Billy Clyde, or Maggard defending him to the bitter end?), the question of respecting players is a valid one. We often joke on here and while we never try to cross any lines (in part because we know that this site, as opposed to a couple of others, is read by nearly every parent of a player on the team), questions about how we go about things are valid. I looked back and saw that we have never called any players names or made shots about them as people, but I still wanted to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. In fact, I thought to myself, “man that Frosted One…he really does have the best interests of all in mind.”

So imagine my surprise, when these posts went up this weekend on Demarcus Cousins:

mag1 mag2

WOW….a b***h and a punk? That strikes me as a bit disrespectful…but lets give the Frosted One the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he (like Michael Jackson) looked at the Man in the Mirror and asked him to change his ways. Maybe brutal honesty is the new theme of the day. So lets see what he says when questioned about his antics just a bit later in the same post:

I’ve been critical of players many times. As long as you are honest and respectful, you can criticize players.

It’s perfectly legitimate to discuss Cousins’ attitude…. I’ve been watching the kid for 4 years and have more than enough insight to accurately detail the issue.


Honest and respectful, eh? Now I admit that I am from the mountains and we often have a different standard of interaction than other places. But I dont remember learning in Sunday school that the way to be “respectful” included calling someone a b***h or a punk. Do you? But hey, maybe I am just old-fashioned. Maybe it is the case that saying there were “chemistry” issues with a player who has never played a minute for UK is worse than calling a current player names. Who knows for certain? But what we do know, is that when we need lessons on how to best judge the civility that is good for “the program”, the Frosted One will be there to lead us all…and it will only cost us 10 dollars a month.

Article written by Matt Jones