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The Free Enes Timetable’s Monday Notes


Over the years, Kentucky Sports Radio has seen the Big Blue Nation have to deal with a number of questions that get asked repeatedly. Whether it was “Will Gillispie be fired?”, “Is Matt Pilgrim a Beast?” or “Is Alan Cutler’s Moustache Real?”, I have gotten used to hearing the same questions repeatedly and trying to give my answers in as creative a fashion as possible. However not since the great “What is the deal with Lucas and Patterson?” has a question so dominated the UK fanbase’s mind as “when will there be a decision on Enes?” Whether it is on my radio show, on the blog, Facebook, email, Twitter, on the phone, at the grocery or even when I am standing in the voting booth on Election Day (not kidding), the Enes Kanter question has been asked to me (conservatively) 15-20 times a day. The Big Blue Nation is on the edge of its collective seat, waiting to find out when/if Enes will be freed and whether the Underkanter will get to be seen in the Blue and White. Everyone has a “source” on when it will be announced, and so far, every source has been wrong. We all continue to wait and the potential chance for this team to make the Final Four hangs in the balance. I personally believe that the Enes question is now third only to the Calipari hiring and the Patrick Patterson decision as the most anticipated moment for UK fans in this blog’s five year history and when it is announced, the internet may explode. I have spent hours upon hours trying to find out any tidbit about the decision and EVERY person I talk to says the same thing…”I dont know.” The NCAA is hush-hush, UK has no idea, Kanter is hoping and thus we all just wait, anticipating a tweet or blog entry that might finally give us hope. I dont know when the decision will come, but do know this…the MOMENT we have something to report, we will…and we will do it by every outlet we can…Twitter, blog, Facebook, radio and singing telegram, just to make sure you get the information as quickly as possible. In the meantime, just assume until then that none of us know the answer. If I had it, I would put it on the blog…not save it to tell a stranger while I am voting for a slate of losing candidates.

To some notes on the weekend:

— I was VERY pleased with the performance from UK on Friday night vs Dillard. I know that Dillard only has a few scholarship players and that UK should have handled the team. However I am still impressed by how fluid the team looked on offense and their ability to find open players and hit outside shots. That was the best offensive performance we have seen from UK so far and they looked dramatically better than even the team we saw in Canada. Terrence Jones finally showcased the mid-range game that will make him deadly, we saw good production from Jon Hood offensively and Brandon Knight/Darius Miller continued their consistent production. The Cats wont win another game by 68 points…but if they play the way they did on Friday, they will win more than many of the experts believed they would.

— On the football side of things, the game on Saturday was a collective waste of time. It doesnt make sense to me for a program to schedule a game like Charleston Southern in November. I know it gives the team somewhat of a breather, but it is a dead game for fans and caused some of the sloppier play that I have seen from a UK team in some time. Once again, you cant help but be disappointed with the Defense. We are ten games into the season and we still see missed tackled by the truck load, bland schemes that seem to not compliment the players on the field and the utter inability to stop ANY team from running the football, no matter how bad they are. Charleston Southern ran the ball on UK all day, proving that the problems arent simply “SEC” problems, but systematic to the entire Defense. The last two games will tell us a lot about the future of the program Defensively and if the bleeding can be stopped at some point.

Danny Trevathan is absolutely unbelievable. He is an absolute stud and I cant imagine where this team would be without him. The problem is that there are WAY too few players with his ability on the Defensive side. The reality is that Trevathan and Randall Burden are probably the only two players who could start for a top level SEC defense at this point. Some might add Winston Guy, but I have seen him miss WAY too many tackles and get beat too often on the deep ball to put him in the category. The talent has to be upgraded and soon.

— We will dive into Bowl possibilities a bit later, but The Music City Bowl still looks like the most likely option. Vandy is basically out, Tennessee must beat UK, Ole Miss and Vandy, which is possible but not certain and Ole Miss must beat 2 of UT, Miss St and Alabama. If UT and Ole Miss dont make it, then it is either the Music City or Liberty for UK. One would think that NO ONE would want UK at the Liberty since the game is the same time as the UK-UL basketball game. So I would still say Nashville is most likely…although next week will make it all much clearer.

Kelenna Azubuike tweeted out condolences to his father who presumably has passed away. Azubuike said he was in a “better place” and that he would be missed. Azubuike’s dad was often in the news while Kelenna was here and was known to the UK fanbase. We wish Kelenna and his family all the best and our prayers are with all those around him.

— Big props to Bellarmine for beating Xavier this weekend in a basketball preseason game. I love Bellarmine’s coach Scotty Davenport and the win is huge for that program, even in the preseason.

— The news of the visit from Archie Goodwin this weekend is very interesting. He is a top 20 player in the Class of 2012 and one of the best shooters in the class. UK hasnt offered yet but will probably do so in the next few weeks. The Class of 2012 is an interesting one to watch develop as UK has taken a different approach with these guys. Rather than put a big press early, they are waiting and being very selective, in the same style that North Carolina and Duke have done in the past. With Calipari’s success, I am sure it will work, but it is making the offer process much later for UK than the way it was previously done.

We have a big week ahead here on KSR. I am working on an epic length post (like 4000 words) of a running diary of the past weekend, which will probably run tomorrow night. We will finish the Halloween Contest, get down to 6 in the Blogger Contest (finally) and much more. Plus, it is COLLEGE BASKETBALL PREVIEW WEEK ON THE RADIO SHOW, with a lineup that wont be beaten anywhere in America:

Monday: Gregg Doyel
Tuesday: Dick Weiss
Wednesday: Gary Parrish and Jeff Goodman on together
Thursday: Mike Decourcy
Friday: Andy Katz

Also to be scheduled later this week, Seth Davis, Jeff Eisenberg and Bomani Jones…plus we hope to have Jimmy Dykes, Jay Bilas and Greg Anthony. That is a huge week and it is only on KSR Radio. Stay tuned…..

Article written by Matt Jones