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The Football Story is on the Precipice


So by now most of you know that there is a serious football story going down. The last 24 hours have seen what has become the norm for most stories in the internet age. The internet sites and the message boards are abuzz…the mainstream media is (understandably) silent. There are a lot of stories running around and some are false, some have grains of truth and some may be dead on. While there is still a lot we dont know, here is what I think can be said with some certainty:

— There was an altercation on Saturday night at Royal Lexington involving UK football players.

— Also part of the altercation were a number of Tennessee football players invited into town by another (secondary sport) female athlete at UK

— The UK and UT football players began talking trash to each other and things got heated.

— Something else happened and the police were called.

The “something else happened” is of course the devil in the details. While there have been no charges and nothing is certain, it does seem like a weapon was involved and it is likely that the one being investigated came from the UK player end. There are reports that UT players also had weapons, but I havent heard any confirmation of that as of yet.

Now the next question of course is which players? Lots of names have been thrown about, however most speculation is centering around Micah Johnson, who was at the party at the time. Micah commented on his Facebook yesterday that the “truth will come out”, which one assumes was referencing this event. There are other players who were there and while none of those names are confirmed, unfortunately from a fan’s standpoint, virtually all are prominent members of the team.

We will see how all this plays out. It is important to remember that no charges have been filed and no arrests made at this time. Most of the stories we have read attributing a particular action to a particular person are, at this time, still just rumor. But it is clear that an incident occurred…it is becoming clear that UK and UT players were involved…and I expect a media circus to develop soon. For now, cross your fingers and hope that we end up with the best possible option….which is a silly fight where nothing serious or criminal occurred.

Article written by Matt Jones