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The day after

It is a dreary, snowy Sunday here in the Bluegrass and if I were a trite columnist for a local newspaper, I would say that it is a perfect metaphor for the feeling of Kentucky fans the day after the embarrassing defeat against the Hoosiers. However I would never say such a thing. Rather, I will simply say that going forward, or at least after we tape this week’s show, I am going to act like this event never existed. I have done this before, forgetting the Jim Breur years of Saturday Night Live, the second Caddyshack movie and that fact that Willie Nelson endorsed Dennis Kucinich. Yes, sometimes the way to get over a terrible occurrence is to act like it didnt happen at all.

Luckily for me, I am not really friends with any Indiana fans, so this loss did not result in a flood of my voice mail as last week’s defeat against UNC did. Rather this game actually just elicited pity from my college hoops brethren across this nation. Knowing that I take this stuff way too seriously, many just called to ask if I was ok….in a way that suggested they thought I might jump off of Chain Rock in Pineville at the sight of another Rondo turnover. I expressed to them my perpetual optimism (which is a lie) and just conceded that this team would battle back. I am not sure if I believe that, but as Tom Delay can attest, it is always better to project optimism, even while your world is falling apart.

Next up is a week of hand-wringing before the amazingly important game against the Ville. I have no idea if we will win, but I do hope that if we lose, Tubby decides that if we will be a bad team, at least we will be a bad team that runs through WOO!!!

Article written by Matt Jones