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The Courier Journal’s Thursday News and Views


I remember when we started the website five years ago, a conversation Rob Gidel, Hubby and I once had. We were talking about sports and Hubby said, “we need to do something that no one else is doing, but I dont know what that is.” At the time we thought it was making fart jokes and laughing at the high correlation between Turkey Hunter and fat girls. However from that strange beginning developed this site and it has become something we would have never imagined. Even so, I would have never imagined a day like today when the official Courier Journal Sports spokesperson would take a shot at the blog publically. In case you missed it today, the CJ official sports twitter page sent out a tweet today that said, “rabid fans of sports teams should not pretend to be journalists.” I assumed this was directed at me (likely for my slams on Thamel and Forde), and I was proven correct after my response “newspapers shouldnt pretend to still be relevant.” The CJ Twitter then made a comment back about how we cite newspapers when criticizing them, etc. The point is not to rehash the argument, but to marvel at how times have changed. This is the Courier Journal, one of the BEST newspapers in America for the latter half of the twentieth century. The CJ did journalism (especially in Appalachia and on racial issues in Louisville) that was as important as any done by a paper its size in America. And now, the sports department is left taking shots at fan blogs on its official Twitter page? The reality is that it makes sense…KSR and similar sites are a real threat to the outdated mode of information reporting done by the newspaper format. The reality is that this form of information transmission (done in a humorous, irreverent and fan-centric way) is what many people want and most newspapers are having a hard time adjusting and feel that criticism, rather than innovation, is their only hope. But to see it admitted by a ridiculous mini-Twitter war with a site that five years ago was conceived as an excuse to post two-bit radio shows on an 80s html format. Well it was one of those bizarre, head-shaking moments.

To the news (and/or views):

(1): The big story of the day came from Birmingham, where the landlord that was Pete Thamel’s source refuted the NY Times story as it pertained to Eric Bledsoe. She said to the Birmingham newspaper that she told Thamel she had received money from Eric’s coach but knew that the individuals paying the money were Bledsoe’s family members and close family friends. She said that she never wrote Bledsoe’s coach a receipt and always assumed he was delivering, rather than paying his own funds. Now whether this story is true or not, or has been changed since the time of the Thamel story is unclear. What is clear is that we dont know what the situation is and that it isnt now being said as originally reported. Thamel has made no comment on the report, and Cal haters like Pat Forde didnt tweet this out with the same glee they did the original story. So the lesson is learned again…good or somewhat name-clearing news about Calipari goes ignored. The reality is that Thamel’s story has been shown to be, at best, hastily put together, fluffed with very little substance and a great deal of innuendo with almost no facts. Yet, it received a great deal of attention and the follow up reporting that actually gets at the heart of the question…well it is primarily ignored. And people question blogger’s knowledge of journalist ethics…

(2): One thing that is clear over the last few days is that UK has probably lost the lead for Quincy Miller. I spoke with a source today who tells me that the hiring of Tim Fuller at Louisville has been huge for the Cards’ chances and that the relationship between Fuller and Brian Clifton (the AAU coach of Quincy Miller) may end up making him a Card or headed towards Baylor. Clifton’s name sound familiar? He was also the player connected with John Wall, who some Cards fans have claimed had an improper relationship with him…now they love him….life comes full circle. But as for Miller, Kentucky is still recruiting him, but at the AAU tourney in which coaches from all schools have been going after him, Kenny Payne spent half of one game watching him. The Cats would still love Miller, but the hiring of a Nike rep, may send him down the road…and take away all “Cal is dirty” lines that any Card fan can ever come up with.

(3): Big day for Joe Crawford in the NBA Summer League, as he had 29 points for the Magic in their game this afternoon. Crawford led his team in scoring and put on an offensive show, after not playing in the last game. Daniel Orton had ANOTHER bad day, scoring four points and grabbing no rebounds in 17 minutes of action. He is a nonfactor on the court, which is really unfortunate. Jodie Meeks had 16 points for the 76ers on 4-14 shooting.

(4) The other good story for a former Cat is that Demarcus Cousins signed his first NBA Contract today with the Sacramento Kings. He will make 7 million dollars over the next two years and the Kings have options for his third and fourth season. It is a standard deal in the NBA system (which unlike the NFL, doesnt reward players until after they have had success, and will give Cousins the ability to be in camp early and get his work in to become a top player. We wish Boogie well and I look forward to seeing him this weekend in Vegas.

Finally, an interesting afternoon as we had the introduction of two women onto the scene of very different backgrounds. Susan Shan, the reporter from New York who wrote the piece on her Kentucky fandom (linked in a post below) has been hit up on Twitter by UK fans and sent along thanks to everyone. She will be around for a KSR feature in the future. And on the other end of the spectrum, we found out that Karen Sypher has extorted in the past, this time an owner of “Auto, Glass and More.” The name writes its own jokes and also confirms that there may be no event more perfect for a blog than that trial this summer.

More all day….please make it get cooler.

Article written by Matt Jones